Nov 092016

picsart_1378804467020picsart_1395987291398It’s been two weeks since you died. I have flown across country to lend support to a man you chose to end your days with, the man that is devastated by your absence.

Two days later I viewed your body with him and our father, and I think that’s the most hysterical I’ve been, the closest I said goodbye so far.

It was real,  you were gone.

But you will always exist in our hearts, in our memories. I cling to the sounds of your laughter.

Your writings will continue to be permanently here, next to mine, this crazy idea that two sisters decided to endeavor upon and make it work together. And your pictures, a particular source of joy and pride for you, I will continue to discover and be in awe of.

  4 Responses to “Two”

  1. My heart is still so torn apart your loss.
    She was an absolutely great friend and an amazing person just overall. I can’t stop replaying all of the wonderful times we all had together. All the things you and her got me to try for the first time. That lead me wanting more. To the tears you both helped me see past and the challenges I had overcame with you both by my side. I am beyond happy to know I had the chance to experience her presence. The way she would light up a room with her smile. And her laugh oh my gosh I can hear it as if she was sitting next to me right now.

    We will forever share those moments and memories. I know I hold them very dear in my heart

  2. Still thinking about you daily, how terrible it must be to live with the knowledge that she is gone. Sending you hugs daily.

    Rebel xox

  3. Sending love to you both. Always.

  4. I wasn’t around in the blogging world much last year (because my mom was sick & then died a few months later), and I just read about your sister–I’m so sorry M. Sending love and hugs. She was a beautiful person–I was lucky I got to meet her.

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