Apr 112016

For my A to Z Challenge, the letter I for Illusion, as suddenly rope seemed to be clothing slowly exposing me to him. It was also incredibly erotic to me, so I’m including it in Masturbation Monday.

At one point, sweaty and breathless, heightened by pain and pleasure, Mimir slowed down during the middle of a scene.

I stood with my chest tied to a suspension point (in case I lost balance or for added security for I couldn’t move?) and I had enough movement to grip and hug a metal pole of the suspension rig. He began to untie the rope at my chest, moved it slowly and sensually across my body with the unraveling. With one strand still around the underneath of my breasts, he cascaded it down, held it to caress my skin softly.

Suddenly, despite my being fully naked for quite awhile, it felt like he undressed me slowly. I became so aware of my heaving breasts exposed, I felt the kiss of the air in the wake of the rope traveling down around my waist, around my hips I had the urge to pull the rope up as if it were pants and hold it there, down my thighs; my sex tightened at how vulnerable I suddenly felt, next down my legs which no longer felt steady. I lifted one foot and then the other as I would with pants as he navigated the rope as such.

Masturbation Monday badge - smallAfter the scene, he also discussed how – just like me – in this part of the scene he felt like he was undressing me as well.

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  4 Responses to “Undressed Rope”

  1. nice

  2. This sounds sensual and sexy all at the same time 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. This is so good. More sensual than anything I’ve ever managed to write, that’s for sure. Well done!

  4. ‘Cool’ Thinking Your Being Undressed as Your Rope is Taken Off Your Body! Imagine How ‘Dressed’ You Would be, Wrapped in Rope From Head to Ankle!

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