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Nervously, she approached the scale, her heels a staccato echoing, rebounding against the walls, booming to her own ears. Sure, it was her choice to proceed – but the decision, once she made it, would be taken out of her hands if she made the cut.

The room was a mellow blue color, stark, as if it was trying to calm the single occupant allowed in – until you saw the intimidating scale in the middle of the room.

Why did she feel that this was a good decision? She knew how she would be used for years, but she also knew that it was the shortest career in her community until she was allowed to lead a life of luxury and no one to answer to once she retired. She knew she would still be desired, and sought after by men and women alike.

Just the thought of how she would be used, how she would be desired after retirement, made her quicken her pace to match her increased heart beat.

20150130She stepped on the scale without hesitation, wanted to seem confident – that had to score her some points towards approval, right?

There was a faint buzzing sound in the room, a type of machine hum that was very to distinguish, and she was grateful someone had warned her that she would feel a little dizzy and a bit of queasiness. She knew every part of her was being analyzed, including her thoughts, and she expected to feel more violated than what she was.

She just stood there, awaiting judgment.

Thanks to modern technology – it wasn’t a long wait. A male chuckle was heard. “My, my, aren’t you naughty girl?” came over the loudspeaker. “Touch your toes, let’s see what we have here,” and suddenly she bent at the waist, her dress beginning to tingle against her skin before slowly dripping down, no longer solid. It was so cold against her skin, and she couldn’t help but stand up straight in surprise. “No, no, darling, you do as I say. You do as we all say from now on,” and her hands were forcibly put on her hips, her elbows pulled back, and she began to bend over again from some invisible force.

Her dress began disappearing and she felt the air on her ass cheeks, between her moist slit. She felt that she should feel ashamed, but she didn’t – she had been accepted!

She heard the clicking of shoes come near near but was unable to turn her head to look behind her, and suddenly a finger stroked up and down her exposed labia.”So wanton, already. You’ll make a lovely pet, or slave, or whatever else is demanded of you,” a woman’s voice purred, before a finger slipped inside of her. “But you really must learn to be better behaved. This room will be the only thing gentle, the people training you will use force.”

She felt her pussy clench in excitement at the thought of what the training included. By this point, her clothes had dissolved into nothing.

She has been accepted! She still couldn’t believe it. This was such a small field of work in her community, people used for the darker flavors of sexuality, for a safe haven for those who sought it out and did not wish for the most preferred methods in the community. She knew that if rejected, she could have been in another field of work, and come to seek the services in her down time, but that was expensive, and didn’t sound as exciting as offering those services.

She couldn’t wait to be used. “Come,” said the woman, and suddenly her body was released. She waited until the woman’s finger was withdrawn, already missing its intrusiveness, and slowly straightened up. She wanted to make this woman proud, she wanted to meet the man behind the voice a moment ago.

She fairly dripped at the thoughts racing, the anticipation.


Key Words: disappear
Banned Words: liquid
Word Limit: 422 words
Bonus Words: non-Newtonian

Flash Fiction Friday


I’m so over on word count, it’s ridiculous. 

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