Mar 272014

Bliss. Perfect happiness as to be oblivious of everything else. I know I am happy when you make me oblivious with your perfect fingers – fingers that wrap around my throat for a kiss or control, tangle and pull my hair to direct, sink into my folds and rub erogenous zones with amazing precision. Bliss is where you take me when I am overwhelmed physically that my mind is silent to compensate. Amazing.

*Ask my friend for one word. He gave me an easy one. 

Inspired by Blacksilk.


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  2 Responses to “Very Short Story – Bliss”

  1. Bliss indeed. Loved the 1997 movie w/ Terence Stamp
    reviewed her by Roger Ebert
    had a dream inspired by this movie last night. Wow.
    Yes, bliss. Surrender, falling, letting go, trust, out there…so many words come up.

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