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Y: for our A to Z Challenge, Y is for Yes!

Molly poses an interesting question of writing about “not what makes you feel sexy but what is sexy about you?”. As I read, I tried to think if I could answer this challenging question. And I was tempted to cheat and read some things that make me sexy from my husband to incorporate it into my answer – but her point was a self reflection and validation, not an external source.

I find that when I question what I view as sexy in others and then apply it to myself, I can answer yes to a lot of same traits.

What makes me sexy?

I am sexy – though I don’t always feel so.

I am self confident – and confidence is ridiculously sexy.

I am strong – I have been through things in my life that make me never doubt my ability physically, mentally, emotionally.

I am creative – a handy tool for sexy play.

I am independent – to bend me to another’s will is sight to behold but I don’t need it, I can handle myself and normally others.

My body is soft and curvy – such a wonderful feeling to sink into, and curves…mmm.

My body is resilient – I have given birth, had injuries, lost and gain weight and I am aware of my physical limitations.

My body is active – I engage in rough (and not rough) sex, wrestle, hike, do yoga, lift weights, and a host of other activities.

I am curious – this makes me get out of routines and comfort zones and explore in an adventurous way.

I am decisive – I tend to know what I want and what I’m willing to compromise quickly.

I am vocal – I will tell what my limits are, what my happiness is, what has made me upset or frustrated; I don’t expect anyone to be able to read my mind. Someone will know when I am orgasming or is touching me in the right way.

I am intelligent – and that is such a sexy trait to me.

I am an active listener – and being heard creates a connection that few other things do.

I am honest – trustworthiness is an important factor in connecting to another for me.

I am positive – if something isn’t okay I will do my best to communicate that in a proactive but positive way. Likewise, I am likely to go up to a stranger and compliment them. Negative attitudes are the opposite of sexy (which isn’t to say that I am always happy).

I am an active lover – I will not lie down and passively let someone be intimate with me; I will take a very active part in the process.

I have a sense of humor – and laughter is sexy.

I am kind – because being a bitch or cold right off the bat isn’t sexy (unless that’s what someone wants).

  • Long Term Sexy Factors:

I let things go – I don’t hold grudges. I tell myself I can “get over it, or get bitter over it,” and why would I ever choose to get bitter? Big issues: I will remove myself from the situation, as I cannot get over everything, but I can choose to disengage.

Sex is my cure-all – having a partner who has a button that (when pushed) forgives, forgets arguments, releases anger, feels better when sad, and other such negativities is such a great feature; I wish I could find it on someone else. It’s sexy, and it lets a couple have a “time out” when needed to break any tension. The button is sex, by the way.

I am not these things because others view them as sexy. This is what I find turns me on and I also find it within myself; if given more time, I could add to this list, as I find many things sexy. In looking back, very few qualities are of a physical variety, and I truly do view physical as being a smaller part of the sexy puzzle.

I am not going to be everyone’s idea of sexy, not even close. I do not strive to change myself in such ways as to make everyone happy and no one could be desirable to all.

I am also aware of my faults and shortcomings (some days all too aware of them). But this post is about embracing what makes me sexy.

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  1. You are sexy indeed!

    Maybe one day I will sit down and write something similar, but at the moment I am kind of lost in myself and will be very negative if I attempt to write this now.

    Rebel xox

  2. I am so happy that I inspired you write about this topic. I think it is a really hard question to answer about oneself. I love that you made a list and I think your list is incredibly interesting because it totally focuses on your personality, which in my opinion is always where someones ‘sexy’ lays, rather than physical attributes, which are important but no where near as important as the other stuff.

    I shall have to ponder my own question a bit more and I think maybe I should try to write my own list.


  3. Lovely post and an interesting way to break it down. I agree with Molly as well, it is probably a difficult question for most to answer about themselves. For most, the exercise requires them to look past their flaws so to see their sexiness unblemished. Not an easy thing to do.

    Makes me ponder the question for myself, now…

  4. I love this. You are super-sexy. And, you’ve inspired me….

  5. N.Likes post brought me here to your post, and I will go again and re-read Mollys post. This is something that I will also do at some point. I do quite like to self-examine!

    Velvet x

  6. Thank you for letting everyone have a closer peek about yourself.

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