Affiliate Disclosure

It’s about to get real juicy.

I’m going to talk about how this site makes money and how you can support us.

What Are Affiliate Links?

Certain companies we promote have a system in place that means if you click a link and buy something we get a commission at no cost to you.

We Use Affiliate Links

We use affiliate links.

We don’t use them all the time and a lot of the serveses we promote don’t have affiliate programs, however it’s a good idea to assume every link on this site is an affiliate link.

All Our Opinions Are Our Own

I don’t accept any products, not even a sign up for free.

I do this to keep everything 100% honest, so I buy it myself and test it as someone who has spent hard earned money.

This allows me to be completely honest and is why it sometimes takes us time to release content (it’s expensive).

We Test Everything Ourself (Testing System)

We also put every website we talk about through a process.

We check payment pages, make sure the content is good, we make sure the release regularly and do our best to keep onto of this.

Obviously, we don’t run or own the sites we talk about, so it’s impossible to always get it right, so we do recommend you to do your own research.

If you do have a problem with a site we mentioned, I’d love to hear about it, so let me know and I’ll make sure other people are aware.

We are a contact form away, so if you have any questions make sure you send them over.