List Of All The Reddit Big Dick Related Subreddits

You either have one or you love them and for me, loving them is just a way of life. Big dick is beautiful and although I am a lover of all shapes and sizes, there’s no denying that sometimes finding nice images, porn, and content that features big dick is a real turn-on, especially when I am craving something to fill me up and stretch me out.

I know there are plenty of people like me out there who just enjoy seeing a big dick in all of its glory either on its own, going into an ass, or squeezing its way into a pussy or throat and my list of popular and plentiful subreddits will keep you going into the next millennia. Have fun and as always, let me know your favorite subreddit down below!

List Of All Active Big Dick Reddit Subs

A list of all the Reddits that talk about big dick.

In Order Of The Most Active (Highest Members) Big Dick Subreddits:

black dash seperator


This is a super hot and arousing subreddit that recommend everyone check out. It’s all about pussy lips gripping that big fat cock as they’re getting dicked down. It has millions of followers and there is so much good content constantly linked and shared, it’s hard to get off of it once you begin to scroll through.

r/MassiveCock – 680k members

Inclusive of all genders and orientations, this subreddit is for those gay, straight, and everything in between to celebrate and share their big cock videos, pictures, and gifs. Verified users post their own cocks or their favorite findings and we get to enjoy along with the hundreds of thousands of other users.

r/BBCSluts670k members

For all of those who love BBC, this sub is the place to share stories, pictures, gifs, videos, and captions related to sluts enjoying their BBC fix. There is a lot to see and a lot to enjoy with so many different BBC postings and experiences to read and revel in.

r/amateurgirlsbigcocks615k members

Created in 2016, this sub does exactly what you need it to. With thousands of videos and pictures of amateur women taking big cocks in all of their glory. Upvote, comment and save your favorite posts and enjoy the perfection of this sub.

r/distension490k members

Hugely popular and for good reason. Watch women stretching themselves to their limit (anally, vaginally, and orally) with big cock, it’s great for those who love to see big things going into small holes, gaping lovers, and anyone who enjoys women being stretched to their capacity.

r/bigdickgirl490k members

Boasting inclusivity, this thread is bursting with trans girls with big shlongs. Enjoy the constant postings, active community, and thousands of videos, gifs, and pictures of Tgirls wearing nothing but their birthday suit, showing off their impressive members.

r/monsterdicks480k members

Amateurs and pros are welcomed on this sub with black cocks and white cocks all ready to be adored with open hands so long as it is big and excessive in its stature. There has to be at least one female present in the postings and you are free to enjoy at your leisure.

r/BBCparadise440k members

Interracial porn awaits you on this sub and it is incredible. Highly erotic and NSFW pictures, videos and gifs are all easily and readily available, all featuring white girls getting their BBC fix in any way and position possible.

r/cock404k members

This thread is for all things cock, mostly appreciation posts and insanely hot photos of cocks. You don’t always get the giant cocks we are looking for on this list but you do get a huge selection posted by amateurs and it is glorious!

r/buttsthatgrip370k members

We saw pussies that grip, now it’s time to enjoy assholes that grip that fat cock too. This thread is made for those who love to see assholes taking a nice big cock and gripping it as it enters and exits the tight area. It’s a niche one but it is certainly popular with hundreds of thousands of users.

r/penis 360k members

Distributing sensational pictures and jaw-dropping appreciation posts, the cocks found on r/penis are unforgettable, to say the least, and with amateurs showing off their straining members, it’s hard to contain yourself on this one!

r/ratemycock370k members

Make a free account and join in on rating and commenting on other user-submitted cocks and even post your own (remember to follow the rules and guidelines of the sub). There are so many cocks to rate and so little time!

r/ThickDick – 295k members

Beautifully crafted, this sub is a place to gorge on thick and long dicks. Ever popular and a real treat for us big cock lovers, this sub is a treasure chest of big dick creations and original content to enjoy.

r/omgbeckylookathiscock270k members

This sub has been around for a long time, created in 2014 you can be sure of endless amounts of cock content to enjoy. This sub is dedicated to that look of shock and awe as a guy presents his cock to the lucky girl. That glance and eye-widening reaction when we see something impressive.

r/throatbarrier267k members

A throat barrier is a phenomenon a girl has to push past when going balls deep in her throat and this sub is dedicated to gifs and videos of all kinds featuring a woman going past her own throat barrier to taking a big cock as deep as it will go in her throat.

r/bigdickproblems251k members

Although not a place to find porn, this sub is a great place to hang out if you have a big dick or just adore reading and learning more about them. With real people sharing their stories, advice, memes, and discussions on having and enjoying their big cock.

r/Shemale_Big_Cock270k members

Trans women with long dicks are what you’re going to find here, cute panties, pretty faces, and huge shlongs. It’s not for everyone but if a trans woman with a big, bulging member tickles your appetite, head on over.

r/TooBig 250k members

A subreddit filled with size queens taking huge dicks and sex toys, there are a ton of pictures, videos, and gifs on this sub, posted by other users who all have a shared love and adoration for size queens and their abilities to take huge things.

r/WhiteAndThick 185k members

For thick, white dick, this subreddit is for those unforgettable pictures and videos of women appreciating and adoring big white cock. It’s popular and a must-see.

r/softies180k members

Soft or semi-hard dicks is what r/softies is all about. A huge community of people who adore the sight of a floppy cock in all of its glory. Join thousands of other members in their conquest and even post your own if you dare.

r/HungTwinks140k members

I like this subreddit because there’s always a surprise. These horny twinks share their most intimate pictures and I am always shocked by the sheer size of their cocks, it’s a place for skinny guys to share their impressive cocks.

r/AmateurGirlsHugeDicks131k members

Our lists are always for everyone and this subreddit is the perfect example of that. On here you will find amateur girls taking huge shlongs in never seen before content, mods make sure to keep things as fresh and unique as possible and it is a real treat.

r/CockOutline120k members

One of the hottest and most seductive subreddits without any nudity, here you will find arousing pictures and videos of cock outlines and visible pant lines. The cocks are always impressive and leave so much to the imagination.

r/WhipItOut110k members

One of the best parts about seeing a guy’s cock is that moment as he pulls it out of his pants for the first time. This thread is packed with just that, videos and gifs of guys releasing their meat from the confines of their waistbands.

r/Perfectdick98k members

With thousands of followers, r/perfectdick is a place to showcase high-quality perfect dick pictures. There is a dick for every occasion and I can’t promise you won’t leave this sub with a throbbing between your legs.

r/bigdicklovers98k members

If you’re looking for somebody with a big dick to come and fill you up, try out this sub. Post your age, sex, and location, and a brief description of the cock or pussy you’re looking for, and await the bites!

r/bwc140k members

Couples, singles, men, women, and anyone else who loves big white cock is welcome here. It’s a place to show off that white meat and show off your body in search of big white meat too.

r/cockcompare110k members

I love simple things and this sub is just that, it’s a place for members to compare their cocks with other members by placing their cock next to an object for size comparison (bottles, fruit, landmarks, etc).

r/blackcock95k members

Drool-worthy is how I would describe this thread, filled with black cock being shown in all of its jaw-dropping glory. With thousands of active members, things never get boring here.

r/bigblackcocks105k members

Nicknamed aptly as an ‘oasis’, explore thousands of big black dick pictures videos. There is so much to see and so many BBCs to enjoy and appreciate.

r/tipsdonttouch75k members

Established in 2016, this thread is a real mouth-watering example of big cocks and small holes. With thousands of videos and gifs of women taking big meat in their mouths and struggling to squeeze it in.

r/grower69k members

A beautiful place for growers to show off their ability to grow! You must have a cock that doubles in length from flaccid to hard, there are no exceptions.

r/her1stbbc59k members

A place for amateur stories, pictures, and videos of white wives or girlfriends taking their first big black cock. There is a lot of good stuff here, it’s worth checking out for your BBC fix.

r/bigdickjoy62k members

Share joyful stories and interesting discussions about big dicks. It’s a place to honor, respect, and share the big dick love in a friendly and open community.

r/bellydistension74k members

When there’s an impressive penetration from a big dick, the stomach can do an incredible job at highlighting its size and girth by showing us visible distension and these gifs and videos highlight that phenomenon perfectly.

r/TrueBigDickStories41k members

A place to recount tales of big dicks, whether that’s from a girl’s or guy’s perspective, share your big dick stories and enjoy those of others too.

r/MassiveCockVids 36k members

Just video after video of massive cocks doing what they do best. Post your own favorite videos or just enjoy the plentiful selection posted by other big cock lovers.

r/BigDickBottom38k members

Specific and yet perfect for those of us who love seeing a hung bottom getting fucked by another hung cock. It certainly isn’t an SFW sub so be mindful when joining!

r/uk_cock38k members

British cock? Yes, please! This sub is a place for men in the UK to post and show off their cocks to anyone who wants to see them.

r/BigBlackDick31k members

Juicy, big, black, and hard is how this sub likes its cocks and with thousands of posts to scroll through and more added every day, you will never get through all of these big black dicks.

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