26 Top Affair and Cheating Porn Games

Are you looking for affair or cheating porn games that actually simulate cheating and dive deep into the sordid thrill of having an affair? If that sounds like something you’re looking for, I am pleased to tell you that you’re in the right place.

These cheating porn games are all absolutely worth playing, with something for all types of players and every type of cheater and cheating lover. There’s a great mixture of free and paid games below, so whatever your budget, your kink, or your thrill, there is a game here for everyone.

We (my girlfriend and I) try out and test all of the games I mention, making sure they tick all of my boxes and will appeal to the right audience. Finding games that revolve around cheating is a tricky task, especially when I have such high standards for porn games. You can find a great game and yet it just won’t feel kinky enough, perhaps it will lack in certain cheating aspects or just be filled with too many glitches, whatever the reason, the games below all passed my tests and they are all just begging to be played by some horny gamers.

The Best Cheating Porn Games I’ve Played

Affair and cheating porn game tier list from masterpiece to good.
My cheating game tier list ranked from masterpiece to good and follows the same order as the games below.

The best cheating porn games out there are:

NTR Dream | A Housewife’s Healing Touch | Cherubim | Black Paradise | Blind Date 3D Big Bang | Night With Veronica | Living With Britney | Living With Temptation 1 | Our red string | Customer Cums First | Sisters’ Sins | Lust of the Apartment Wives | Please Bang My Wife | Asian Caprice | Turning Bitch | Free Pass | Date Journal | Two Slices of Love | The Promise | Pandora Box | Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister | Cheating Wife | Nakadashi Banzai | Nakadashi Banzai 4 | Yozora Rhapsody | Elf Wives Cheat to Ride my Meat

It’s time to jump in and I’ll explain why each of these games is amazing and why as a cheating lover you need to be playing them.

NTR Dream

A casual visual novel adult game with a satisfying twist. You decide what happens as you play as a newlywed couple moving into their first home when someone comes along to disrupt the peace and you have an affair. It’s kinky and passionate but it should only happen once, right? well, in this game you decide, with multiple endings and highly erotic and intense sex scenes, having an affair never felt so good…

A Housewife’s Healing Touch

Your choices affect your fate as you decide whether or not to remain a faithful and adoring wife or turn into the village slut. With an NTR route too (a cuckold route for those of you unfamiliar with the Japanese terminology), you can really make this game yours with lots of choices intense and satisfying sex scenes and so much to uncover. If you enjoy NTR themes be sure to also check out these cuckold porn games too.


You play as a fallen sex Cherubim, and your task is to corrupt women and the townsfolk in the small village you are tasked with. This action-adventure is thrilling, filled with passion and most importantly cheating. You are invisible to the women but you can arouse and ignite dirty thoughts and actions within them and with your help you’re going to turn this boring town into sex-fuelled mayhem.

Black Paradise

This is an adult RPG with an exciting concept, will your girlfriend Alice be able to remain faithful to you during the most anticipated event of the year? There’s a guy who has taken her interest and she is finding it hard to resist. With hentai and cheating scenes combined, this porn game is a real smoke show, it’s extremely arousing and it keeps you guessing.

Blind Date 3D Big Bang

This dating simulator has multiple endings and a serious love triangle for you to navigate. Make your fantasies come true in this immersive game, with a great storyline and beautiful NSFW sex scenes. Fall head over heels for your best friend’s wife and navigate the consequences, enjoy other characters, stunning visuals, and a fully-voiced cast, this game is so much fun and equally as arousing.

Night With Veronica

Trying out a swingers club with your wife was never on your agenda but now it is and with the promise of lots of action and fantasies coming true, you and your wife head-on down with optimism and sex on your mind. Discover a unique storyline, a 3D environment that brings your kinks and fantasies to life, rooms adorned with possibility and highly arousing sex scenes that you can repeat again and again.

Living With Britney

It’s on you to reignite the love and passion between this kinky couple who have just lost their way. Woo your girlfriend, seduce her, embark on new fantasies and kinks, and keep her on her toes as you are challenged with making her fall back in love with you. Take care of yourself and follow her desires as your passion levels increase and Britney starts to see you as a stud once again. Will you make it happen? or will you give into fantasies and temptation along the way?

Living With Temptation 1

You and your wife Tracy are going through some stuff and whilst you try and be the perfect husband temptation is around every corner, your nanny is a temptress, and trying not to become aroused by her is a tough challenge. Give into your desires and play as a cheater, seduce, and enjoy your young nanny’s body whilst keeping your wife on her toes too. Date her, sleep with her, and have fun as you find women eager to sleep with you and get you into trouble…

Our red string

With a strong focus on player choice, this indie-developed game has branching storylines to offer as well as amazing character development. Play as Lisa or Ian as your lives become intertwined, with an emphasis on player freedom, twists, and turns, this game is a great way to experience a ton of kinks including cheating, foot fetish, anal, interracial sex, and more.

Customer Cums First

In a kinky game set in Japan, you receive a coupon in the mail telling you to head on down to the shopping district for a surprise after you recently got your ‘breeding license’. Once you are there the women working in these stores and restaurants want to keep you happy and get some of your precious cum so all you have to do is follow the story and do as you please, with lots of animated sex scenes and arousing narrative, this cheating inspired game is a real winner.

Sisters’ Sins

A kinky visual novel adventure game where you must crack the case and upon finding the house of the main suspect you find his two hot sisters instead of him, who are both total opposites of one another. With multiple endings, hardcore sex scenes, and lots of arousing narratives, this game leads you down an interesting path with both women, uncovering truths, lies, cheats and so much more.

Lust of the Apartment Wives

Lust of the Apartment Wives is a fun visual novel game with beautiful hentai artwork and a fun storyline to enjoy. You enter this game as a delivery driver, a lucky driver who must deliver parcels and dick to the lonely wives inside of the apartment block you’re assigned to. Seduce the wives who all have different lives, some are married, some are sex-crazed, and each with a unique personality for you to enjoy and entertain.

Please Bang My Wife

A sensual adventure game that’s told in 5 chapters, you are your young wife are on a rocky path and now you’ve found out she has been cheating on you but instead of getting angry you’re turned on. This erotic visual novel is immersive and arousing with so much to offer, with NTR themes and an undercurrent of cheating throughout this is one of the ultimate cheating hentai games out there.

Asian Caprice

This is a 3D simulation game, one where you spend an evening with a hot and sexy Asian woman who is there to make all of your fantasies come a reality. With hardcore sex scenes, prompts, voice-acting, hands-free play, and highly animated uncensored graphics, this kinky game can make your cheating dreams come true in a 3D world where nobody will ever know your secret.

Turning Bitch

Solve the puzzles to continue with the visual novel storyline, this fun clicker game has a fun narrative with with lots of uncensored graphic scenes and animations. Follow Ming Lee a hot Asian milf who unfortunately turns into a red panda when she is too excited, uncover the secrets, follow her story, and enjoy the beautiful visuals of this fun minigame.

Free Pass

This story-rich indie game is well worth playing, with a fun and immersive storyline, jaw-dropping graphics, and a ton of fetishes explored. Play as a happily married woman, except you’re not all that happy because you are tempted to cheat on your husband after years of being a good girl and you don’t know what to do. Will you go down a path or kink and passion? or will you play it safe?

Date Journal

A story-rich dating simulator, one where you date hot Russian girls in the beautiful city of St Petersburg. With visual novel-style interactions, meet and date 6 different and unique hot women and enjoy dating them and enjoying other fun things that come your way. Completely uncensored and a lot of fun, you can find yourself in a lot of sticky situations in this game.

Two Slices of Love

Combining visual novel and dating simulator themes, this game lets you decide whether to be a cheater or not. You don’t need to stick to just one route in this game, follow the fun and amusing path and see where it leads you as your hot girlfriend and her cute sister move into your apartment. How will you handle having two hot babes at your beck and call? The choice is yours and it is a seriously steamy choice at that.

The Promise

The Promise is a name-your-own-price indie game with so much potential. Your decisions matter in this open-world map, with different endings and stories depending on the routes you choose. Play as a family man, cheat on your wife, have affairs, meet different characters, and play this game again and again as each character can give different outcomes depending on your choices. Exploring a ton of kinks and with stunning arousing visuals, we love this fantasy game.

Pandora Box

Look through the eyes of both the male and female protagonists in this riveting indie game. Make important choices for them both, maneuver their relationship, decide which way their story should go, and make an impact on their lives. Will you be naughty, nice, kinky, or lustful? With incredible animations and more-ish narratives, this game is a must-try.

Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister

A forbidden love story filled with cheating, corruption, and romance. You begin by embarking on a secret affair with your wife’s sister, engaging in passionate and kinky sex behind her back. Follow this kinetic novel as you embark on an arousing journey through love, discretion, and heart-pumping adrenaline.

Cheating Wife

With heavy NTR and cheating dynamics, this adult game has you playing as a cheating wife, with a ton of different scenarios and scenes to enjoy, choices to make and sex to be had this indie game is a real wild ride and will satisfy those cheating wife cravings you may have.

Nakadashi Banzai

I love slice-of-life games and this one has it all, head to the big city and seduce girls into bed with you by saying and doing all of the right things. Follow the story, enjoy your love interests, and experience creampies galore, cheating, hentai and so much more in this visually arousing game that will keep you coming back for more.

Nakadashi Banzai 4

A follow-on from the game before, this slice-of-life sequel sees you dating and seducing a whole bunch of unique characters, with different endings, varied dialogue, and lots of choices to make, this erotic game focuses on creampies mostly with lots of cheating elements thrown in. It’s a great way to spend some time and find yourself highly aroused.

Yozora Rhapsody

This popular visual novel game will appeal to hentai lovers, with a magical and romantic story, you head to an island in the South with your wife for your anniversary, and once night falls you are blessed with a meteor shower but everything changes. With lots of sex, arousing narrative, and compelling characters this game is a lot of fun.

Elf Wives Cheat to Ride My Meat

The last cheating game on our list is this one. A fun Japanese visual novel with fantasy, NTRi, and creampie at its forefront. Working at the adventurers’ guild you want to create some havoc of your own and seduce the hot elves to come and sleep with you. Seduce them, woo them, and have them wrapped around your finger as you make these horny and married elves all yours.

Which Game Should You Play First? (The Breakdown)

Of all the cheating-inspired games on this list, there are some that should 100% be tried out first and so, first of all, I recommend trying NTR Dream, not only does it focus solely on an affair and lust for another person, but the narrative and story is a lot of fun and the player choice really allows you to tailor your own experience.

Second up, Cherubim it’s a lot of fun to play, it’s great to play as the corrupter, the one who must sway all of the horny housewives to commit adultery and it’s just a great way to satisfy all of those cheating cravings. My third choice would be Blind Date 3D Big Bang, you must navigate the consequences of your actions in this dating simulator, play in a love triangle, and commit adultery, it’s a great game with so much to offer players too.

If you like cheating and affairs you may also enjoy our pick of the top cuckold porn games and if you like the porn part of cheating then you should check out our list of must try try affair and porn sites with both amature real cheating porn and professionally filmed cheating porn.

If you have any questions or any games you wish to add to our list, let us know in the comments below!

I set this site up with my girlfriend to review adult content and dating sites. We take our time and really test everything we talk about. We have an open relationship which pushed us to test a lot of these amazing sites.

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