Cuckold & Hotwife Forums That You Need To Join

When you’ve just decided to open your relationship – meaning to try and see what it’s like to have sex with other people while still being in a committed relationship – knowing where to go from there may be a bit unclear. 

My boyfriend and I have certainly been in this situation. After almost a decade of enjoying each other and having fun by ourselves in the bedroom, we’ve decided to explore our sexual sides some more through various activities such as swinging and hotwifing (or cuckolding). 

Once we were sure that this was indeed what we wanted, we had some trouble figuring out what comes next.

Fortunately, the internet is a great place to start, and a simple Google search of ‘How to start swinging?’ set us off on a long, exciting road of all kinds of pleasures.

I decided to make this blog post to help you spend less time at the computer and more time working on those orgasms. 

In order to gather information about the cuckolding/hotwife lifestyle, there are a few sources you can turn to online:

  • Forums
  • Chatrooms
  • Blogs and articles such as this one
  • Reddit

As the title of this post says, here I will be focusing mainly on forums, as this is what my boyfriend and I use the most and where we have the most luck finding the partners that we need.

What Makes A Good Cuckold/Hotwife Forum?

cuckold forum checklist

Before I introduce you to my favorite forum and list some others that you can check out, first, I have to outline what makes a good cuckold or hotwife forum. 

If you stumble upon one that isn’t listed here, how will you be able to tell whether it’s a good place or not? 

There are a few things you should pay attention to. 

Cost of the Forum

If the forum you’re signing up for is asking for your credit card details or isn’t free in any way, turn away. Seriously, don’t even consider it. 

In this day and age, there are dozens, if not hundreds of forums and groups of all kinds where you can find the information you need and even the people you need without spending a single dime. 

In the same vein, while you’re signing up for a forum that advertises as free, pay attention to potential hidden costs. Read the fine print! Porn forums like to exploit their members by using tiny font near the bottom of the page or similar to note that they will start charging you in a few days or weeks unless you cancel your subscription in time.

So if it’s not free, there’s no reason for you to waste time on the forum. Chris and I have been swinging and wife-sharing for two years, and we’ve never spent money on finding good partners or resources online.

Number of Members (Frequency of Posting)

Subreddits, as well as various forums, will have the number of registered members usually displayed somewhere visible. The more members the forum has, the more chance there is that someone will know how to help you or answer your question or even offer to engage in sexual activities with you.

Similarly, watch for the most recent posts. If they were made in the last few hours and the posts are generally frequent, then the forum isn’t dead, which is exactly what you’re looking for. There’s no point in posting on a ghost town of a site, so make sure to check that first.

The tone of the Posts (The Atmosphere)

Lastly, while this may not be too obvious right off the bat, it is something I look for almost the moment I open the forum. Read through the most recent and most popular posts, as well as the replies on those posts. Try to gauge the atmosphere of the website, whether it is laid-back and supportive, encouraging and helpful, or kinky and dirty-talking. None of these are better or worse than the others, it’s just a matter of what you like and where you’ll feel comfortable.

It goes without saying that you should avoid places where there is no way to regulate rudeness, offensive or derogatory language or where you can’t block people who are being unkind or creepy in any way.

The key thing to remember here is that you are on these forums to have fun! Anyone who is getting in the way of that should be cut off and simply forgotten.

The Best Forum (The One I Use The Most)

adult friend finder

I price checked Adult Friend Finder to find the best deal on the: 04/10/2023

When Chris and I got our bearings after a couple of days of eager googling, we decided to make accounts on AdultFriendFinder, as that seemed to be the go-to place for anyone seeking partners for relaxed, no-strings-attached sex. 

And, honestly, we have never looked back.

Over the years, we’ve visited countless other forums for finding partners, each with their own pros and cons. And while AdultFriendFinder may not be perfect, it is still a place where we find other couples to play with, as well as bulls for our hotwifing activities, and it has never failed us.

Here’s what you can find on AdultFriendFinder:

  • Partners for casual sex
  • Partners for specific fetishes and fantasies
  • Couples for swinging
  • The option to start a blog
  • Live broadcasts, highly NSFW
  • Adult chatrooms
  • Adult videos
  • Groups based on shared interests
  • Sex Academy courses (these cost extra)

Making an account on AdultFriendFinder is completely free. It only takes a moment to set up your profile and you’re good to go. Throughout your stay on the site, you might want to complete surveys about your preferences and tastes, and you might consider clearly advertising what you’ve come to the site for so that it’s easier for other people to assess whether you could be a match or not. 

The downside to AdultFriendFinder is that there seem to be way too many straight males in comparison to females and queer people. 

This isn’t a problem for us, as Chris and I are usually looking for straight males anyway, but it’s not the best option if you’re interested in female or queer company. 

If you are looking for more dating options in the cuckold niche, then check out the hotwife dating sites that I use.

The Other Cuckold/Hotwife Forums I Love

my favorite cuckold forums

So, if you find that AdultFriendFinder doesn’t work for you or you want to explore other options, here are some other forums you can take a look at to expand your horizons.


SlutWives is a site that advertises as a place for ‘amateur cuckoldry videos’. However, it is so much more than that. Don’t be fooled by its somewhat dated and slapdash interface – SlutWives is a prime spot for all the wives out there who like to tease both their husbands and the general audience.

Here, you will find live sex chats, meaning live streaming cam shows for your pleasure, then images of all kinds, mostly explicit, of slutty wives. And we can’t forget the forum where you can advertise that you’re looking for a partner, ask for advice or help, or simply chat and enjoy your time among those who share your kinks. 

You do need to make an account for full access, but it is completely free and it takes only a few clicks. So get going!


If you’re not in the mood for making accounts – and thus not for posting anywhere – and just want to check out what the hell is happening in the worlds of hotwifing and cuckolding, then perhaps Our Hotwives is a place for you. This is a forum you can read through whenever and wherever regardless of if you’re a member or not. (But, same as before, registration is free, should you change your mind.)

You can read about stories from other people leading the lifestyle, about their escapades and issues, and it’s a great place to bond with veterans in this fetish. One of my favorite threads is Ask a Hotwife Thread, where guys get to ask practically whatever they want, and they get an answer from a Verified Hotwife! Amazing source of knowledge and information.


CuckoldPlace has over one hundred thousand registered members and is growing every day. It is a bit too simple in its layout, in the sense that it doesn’t impress at first glance, but you’re not there for the user experience anyway. If you’re just starting out in cuckolding, you won’t want to skip this website.

The topics you find here include Cuckold Stories and Cuckold Captions, then groups for Beginner Cuckolds and Advanced Cuckolds, then different fetishes like for cuckolds who like foot play, humiliation, old/young dynamics and similar. There are even international groups for fans of the cuckold lifestyle in Germany, France, Turkey, Spain, Scandinavia, and other corners of the world.


With around twenty thousand members, WifewantstoPlay is a decidedly smaller community than the previous one. However, what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. This is an amazingly active forum, with threads and replies posted every few minutes. It is also easy on the eyes and way more visually updated than some other options on this list.

The categories you will find here are General Talk – Hotwife Lifestyle, The Cuckold Experience Talk, Wives & GF’s Photos, Share Your Real Stories, New Member Introductions, and others. There are specialized categories for people seeking partners, and there is also an international element, as some members are from outside of the US and looking for company for their sex adventures.


As you might assume from the name of the forum, this is a specialized cuckolding spot with a focus on interracial aspects. You have topics like General Discussion and Introduce Yourself Here, but also Hotwife Lifestyle, Interracial Cuckold & Sex Stories, Extreme Alternative Interracial Sex, Interracial Lesbians, and others.

To read the text of the topics and posts, you don’t have to make an account. However, to enjoy pictures and videos uploaded by other people, you will need to log in. The same as at all the previous forums, signing up for BlacktoWhite is completely free. With almost three hundred thousand members, this is quite an active community, with at least a thousand members online at any given moment.


Good luck not getting lost in these stories. At almost eighty thousand members, this is isn’t considered a large community, but it is still one that posts frequently and enjoys helping other people. The CuckoldsForum is where you can share homemade video clips of your sexy adventures, as well as pictures of your girl or guy to show off to other members.

Reading the forum’s content is free and doesn’t require an account. Making an account is also free, so you shouldn’t worry about that if you suddenly get the urge to post something. On the CuckoldsForum, you can read about other people’s experiences, look for potential partners, discuss the concept of cuckolding and hotwifing in the media and so on. From what I’ve read, this is a tolerant place where new members are always welcome.

Okay, yes, it has an unfortunate name. No, it’s not a parody or a joke site of any kind. CuckoldFart is actually a great place to unwind online, share your stories and read those from other people, as well as their shared content, such as pictures and videos. There are online members almost all the time, meaning you won’t have any problems meeting new faces.

The general categories here are Cuckold Dating, Cuckold Talks, Cuckold Captions, Interracial Cuckold, Cuckold Stories, Cuckold Galleries, and News and Support. Within each of these, you will find glorious accounts of cuckolding, however, you will need to register and log in (for free) in order to see the attachments that other members post. So if you want to see those juicy pictures or clips of real-life hotwifes and their bulls (and cuckolds), why not sign-up at once!


Everyone and their mother has heard (and probably been) on Reddit, so I won’t go into too much detail on what it is. This social media platform hosts groups (called subreddits) about any topic imaginable, from cars to animals to global warming to politics to funny memes to porn. On Reddit, everything goes, as long as it’s properly labeled and secured against minors or those who don’t wish to engage with that type of content. 

It’s only natural that there are subreddits on the subject of cuckolding and hotwifing as well. I wrote an in-depth review specifically about the subreddits surrounding these communities, so you might want to check that out for more info.

In this post, I’m just going to mention two of the most popular subreddits when it comes to this kink.


Cuckold is a huge subreddit, with over three hundred thousand members. It is a place to talk about porn related to the cuckold and hotwife lifestyles. You can share your stories, pictures, video clips, as well as tips and ask for advice or provide it for someone else. Be warned that it is highly explicit in content, so don’t open the subreddit in a public place.


The Hotwife subreddit is even larger than the previous one. It is strictly regulated, ensuring only authentic, high-quality content, so before you make a post, make sure to check out their rules and guidelines for posting. Hotwife talks about all things wife-sharing and hotwifing, with spicy pics and videos to round out the experience.

I also did a full guide with all the best cuckold and hotwife subreddits, it’s one of the hottest things we’ve ever created.


Right away, on the landing page, you can tell that CuckoldMarriage is a site that means business. It starts off with the definition of cuckolding, a short explanation of why it’s a thing for so many couples out there, and with a brief history of the website. Which, by the way, went up in 1996, if you can believe it. Twenty-four years ago!

CuckoldMarriage is home to loads of resources and ways for you to connect with other people who live the lifestyle. There are definitions of the fetish you can read up on, as well as a guide on what exactly to do when you’re a newbie. There are a chatroom and a forum for you to get answers to all of your questions from real people who engage in this kind of sexual activity. 

If you’re looking for one single site to aid you in your cuckolding journey, it would definitely be this.

If chatrooms are your thing, I created a list of cuckold chatrooms perfect for cucks, hotwives and bulls.


FabSwingers is a ‘fun, free & fabulous’ place to spend your free time. It requires registration right away, seeing as none of its features are available to guests. However, signing up is free (because otherwise, the forum wouldn’t be on this list), and with a few simple clicks, you’re all ready to join the gang!

FabSwingers offers chatrooms, including webcam chatrooms, which can quickly become NSFW in nature. It has a forum where you can discuss all things related to swinging, cuckolding, hotwifing, and partner-sharing. It also allows users to organize events and meets, so you can get to know your favorite online people in real life, too!

Overall, this is an incredibly joyful community, and I’m sure you’ll feel right at home from the moment you access the site.

Where To Start From This Point

woman holding breasts over her bra

Now that I’ve provided you with some neat sites and forums to begin your journey, you may be wondering, okay, now what? I sign up here, and then…? 

And then you engage!

If you want to, that is.

Here are some things you can do on a forum of this type, depending on where you’re at in your cuckolding process:


Even though lurking has a creepy connotation, you know what I mean here: browsing through the forum, you selected and reading what people are posting. Familiarize yourself with the categories and groups, and perhaps a member might even catch your eye, either by their popularity or frequency of posting or how knowledgeable they are on the subject.

Even if you’re eager to start your fun hotwifing time, I advise quietly getting to know the community before you start communicating. It makes it easier in the long run if you understand the process, how long it takes to get a reply, and what type of posts are accepted and what aren’t.

If you find that you’re too impatient for this type of research, then at least read the guidelines to posting on each forum, so that you don’t get your post deleted or, worse, get banned from the site.


Once you’re sure you’re in the right place, it’s time to start talking to other members! Reply to some posts you like, either with a positive comment or with a similar experience you might have had, compliment other people’s pictures and videos, offer help if you can help someone. 

You will find that it’s amazingly easy to strike up conversations and even relationships on forums such as these. Other people are there for the same purpose you are, in the end: to meet others who share their interests, and have fun with them! 

Just remember to relax and take it easy. The beauty of forums is that the posts aren’t in real-time, meaning you can take a moment to think about what you’re going to write and how you’re going to phrase it. Don’t forget to be respectful and polite!

Setting Up Dates

Lastly, once you’ve spent some time at the forum, gotten to know a few people and gotten more comfortable in your hotwife or cuckold role, maybe you’re ready for the next step: meeting people in real life. Finding partners to actually fulfill your fantasy!

The key thing here that I’d like to emphasize is safety. It might be common knowledge, but it’s imperative that you don’t agree to meet someone, especially not in a non-public space, if you’re not sure who they really are. 

This is why most forums have the option of ‘verifying’ their users, meaning confirming their real identities. It may not be foolproof, but it’s a start. Before you set up a sexual playdate with someone, make sure to talk with them privately first, perhaps video call them, so you know what you’re getting into. 

And that’s really all there is to it! Find a forum you like, sign up for a free account, and start finding partners for your kinks immediately!

TL;DR: For Busy People Who Don’t Want To Read

a quick breakdown of the whole article

TL;DR: If you read this blog you’ll know that my current favorite site for anything cuckold related is AdultFriendFinder, however, I also use Reddit every day and cuckold place. The others mentioned I use a few times per week.

I'm Tiffany and I'm the girlfriend of Chris, we run this blog together. We are both pretty open about trying new things in the bedroom and both share a love for great adult content and we are both always looking for new ways to spice things up.


  1. CuckoldPlace is definitely NOT free. You can’t do anything on there without paying. My experiences with Adultmatchmaker have been largely disappointing or unpleasant. The guys I’ve found on there (we’re in Australia BTW) seem to be overwhelmingly young, arrogant, self-absorbed and at times even a bit rude. They strike me as the types I’ve been warned will likely flake. Maybe other people have had better experiences, but ours have been shit. Fabswingers on the other hand is bursting with great people and a healthy atmosphere. It’s also worth checking out Locanto. While there is a fair section of douchbags on there, they have a feedback feature that can help with that. I have to mention Locanto cos it’s actually where we met our awesome bull (and now close friend).


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