The Best Cuckold Webcam Sites (and Models)

Ah, where would the world be without cuckolds? they make the world go round with their interesting stories, their kinky attitudes, and their general disregard for relationship norms. Now, a lot of cuckolds keep quiet about their cuckold lifestyle which is perfectly fine, however, I wanted to open the eyes of our readers and bring you some of the best cuckold webcam sites where being a cuckold is like second nature, and there is nothing to hide.

Exploring different cam sites and creating this bursting list of recommendations was so exciting for me, I may not be a cuckold but the thought of sharing my girl with another man really appeals to me, and although we are open and have some wild sex, being properly cuckolded seems like something we are definitely going to try.

Whether you’re a cuckold reading this, an interested bystander, or just found yourself here because you’re horny and looking for something totally different to get you off, you have come to the right place because the cuckold cam sites I have for you are unforgettable.

What Makes A Good Cuckold Webcam Site?

Let’s start with the basics before we dive right into my recommendations, what actually makes a cuckold cam site…good? We all know how much trash is out there, 30 seconds browsing the web will show you that so what is it that makes it good and allows it to make the cut?

First things first, it’s a site that understands the fetish, you can instantly tell when a site has no idea what it’s talking about and thinks that cuckolding follows the same rules as a threesome. For me, personally, it’s the cost, I don’t mind paying a little extra if what I am getting is worth it, this can be in the form of models, content, or usability, it just has to be worth its price tag and not charging a premium just because its a niche.

I like to also see a great selection of different personalities and different kinds of models, I don’t want everyone to look the same, I like the variety because we are not all the same and getting to flick between people and getting a different kind of experience is really important to me. Being able to interact in different ways is also high on my list, I like to be able to chat, tip, message, like, dislike, and everything in between, I don’t want to feel like a ghost on the other side of this person’s screen.

Finally, something that is super important to me and I know a lot of you will agree with me on this is when my tips lead to the cuckold or model being fulfilled. I don’t like fake reactions to tips (you know who you are), and I don’t like my tips not having any effect, it really diminishes the experience and makes it all feel a little pointless.

Now that is out of the way, let’s get into my favorite cuckold cam sites and why they have made it onto my exclusive list…

Best Cuckold WebCam Sites

list of all the webcam sites that are cuckold friendly.

Some of these sites are free to use and some of them require a fee to be used, whichever you choose is up to your personal preferences and the kind of instant cuckold content you enjoy. All of these sites are slightly different with varying features, promotions, and content, so be sure to check them all out and let me know down below your favorite cuckold cam site!


Chaturbate isn’t a primarily cuckold site however they do have a tag option where you can filter rooms and just be left with cuckold models. This is great and it allows you to really focus on what you came for rather than scrolling mindlessly through different broadcasts. When it’s quiet you will averagely see around 50 rooms active when it’s busy at peak times, you can enjoy anything from 100 to 300 rooms.

It’s the best cuckold cam site in terms of the number of unique and varying models that deal with the cuckold fetish, it’s also free to use, however, I do recommend purchasing some tokens for around 10 bucks starting price as you can tip your models, encourage them to perform and just show your appreciation. You can interact with the models by typing into the room chat (you do need an account for this however it doesn’t cost anything), you can also sometimes enjoy private rooms with models if they offer such a service.


SkyPrivate gives easily the best cuckold experience, it’s one on one Skype style cam sex with models who know exactly what cuckolding is, you can book them in just to talk about your fantasies, and let them know that you want to talk about how they have cucked other men and even have them cuck you if that’s something you’re looking for. It’s pricier than chaturbate and some of the other cam sites on my list as it’s a private experience but if you want a tailor-made cuckolding venture, it’s worth it.

There are a ton of models to choose from, all with different specialties, looks, personalities, and quirks. You can really trim down and find exactly what you need in an instant on this cam site. You do need to make sure you are searching for cuckold models as not every model knows how to explore this kink as expertly as those who advertise it and specialize in it. Once you have searched for your cuckold mistress, you can then filter once again by top-rated models, new models, and even more popular models.


LiveJasmin is super popular for a reason, with its exquisite category system (definitely my favorite for categorization), you can easily find the perfect match when browsing for a room to enjoy. You can make a free account to join in the live conversation and purchase credits (the system is so easy to use) to send gifts, talk privately, and pleasure the models you are watching.

You do need to tip to get a more tailored experience otherwise you could be sitting around for a while for anything to happen, especially at off-peak times. Tipping is a great to show your appreciation and of course, it pays the model for their work. Finding cuckold cams is so easy, you can just slide into the cuckold category at any time of the day and see all of the models online and start chatting. I like to browse around this site before committing to one room, it’s a lot of fun and highly arousing.


One of my favorite cam sites overall (check out my review here), jerkmate has a catchy and very true slogan ‘never jerk off alone’ and with their plethora of hot models it’s impossible to pick just one for some fun. Now whilst they aren’t just for cucks, there are over 3000 cuckold-related cams live at any given moment, you can find yourself scrolling and scrolling, searching through hot babes and couples endlessly. All you need to do is type ‘cuckold’ into the search function, browse until you find a cam you like the look of, and start watching!

Another thing I love is beneath the stream you can see interesting features about your model such as their age, weight, height, interests, bio, kinks, and other quirky bits, which makes it all feel a little more intimate. Now you can enjoy jerkmate for free, however, you will find yourself getting stuck behind paywalls from time to time unless you make an account.


Free to use, no need to make an account, and live cuckold cams online 24/7, what more could you want? You can find cuckold cams by searching the term and instantly you are met with live girls all wanting to make your day the best yet. You can talk publically or privately (for a cost) to your chosen model and even browse their profile to get a better idea of what they offer as well as their goal level, interests, hidden videos, and more.

Whilst its free to use, I do recommend buying tokens which are a form of currency as they start from as little as 0.5$ and these tokens not only help your model to reach their goal, which could be anything from squirting to sex or anything in between, they also allow you to go private, tip, request and just have a better general experience.


CamSoda is great for finding specific models doing all kinds of dirty things. You can search for cuckold cams and once presented with the cuckold-related cams that are online, you can then click on your favorite, and check their tags to make sure they align with what you want, for instance, some models specialize in JOI, cuckolding, domination, femdom, etc. You can watch streams for free, however, if you want to join in on the fun, I do recommend signing up for a free account just to give yourself access to more of the site.

You can tip your model to help her reach her goal, go private for a more intimate experience (the price of this varies by model) and you can take advantage of a ton of offers and discounts when you sign-up. At the moment CamSoda is offering 50 free tokens to its users, which will come very useful to you when you start jerking off.

Flirt4Free (Fetish)

With cam girls, guys, and trans people from around the world all camming 24/7, this fetish site is a must-see. All models have their kinky ways, whether that’s cuckolding, femdom, teasing, denial, or anything in between, you just have to read their tags, their bio, and their interests to get a feel for these kinky models.

Finding a cuckolding fanatic to help you out isn’t difficult here, you can enjoy the shows for free or tip for around 0.11$ a token and get the show you actually want. Things can get pricey here so be sure to check your limits and pricing options, otherwise just have fun and let the amateur and professional fetish models do their job and satisfy your cuckold cravings.

WildCard: Adult Friend Finder (If you want to find a cam sex buddy)

I had to include my wildcard choice as I know how much Tiffany and myself love AFF and how much it has helped us in finding other kinksters. If you want to watch your wife or partner with someone over cam sex you can use an adult social media site like adult friend finder to find many men or women who will cam sex with your partner.

This site is more for finding a couple or someone to cam sex with for free and is more for your wife or for you both to find another couple to play with. The people online aren’t professionals, they are 99% normal people with a kink or fetish like you who want to do something naughty. Finding bulls, hotwives, cuckqueans, cucks and everything in between is really easy here, everyone is horny, everyone is open-minded and it is great fun to enjoy something a little out of the ordinary.

The Cam Site I Use The Most (Plus Another Option)

My favorite cam site and the one I use the most has to be SkyPrivate, it feels so intimate and I have had a lot of great experiences on here with models who know exactly what I’m looking for and can tailor the experience to me. I also love chaturbate for something quick and instantaneous, it’s a lot of fun and there is always a whole ton of models online.

My final wildcard has to be this cuckold site ran by a kinky couple, they have their own membership and whilst there aren’t live cams there is a whole host of cuckold content including wife rates, hotwife porn videos, nude submissions and even cuckolding sex stories. It’s a really great site that scratches that cuckold itch marvelously. You can also see all our favorite cuckold porn sites here.

Let me know your favorite cuckolding webcam site below!

I set this site up with my girlfriend to review adult content and dating sites. We take our time and really test everything we talk about. We have an open relationship which pushed us to test a lot of these amazing sites.

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