The Best Anal & Butt Related Subreddits

Us humans are visual creatures and good butts are just one of the things we can’t seem to draw our eyes away from, especially when the butt fits our own tempting desires, round, perky and juicy? just incredible. Whether you’re into big round ass, flat ass, anal, perky ass, or just every single ass out there, I have you covered.

Finding good ass content can be tricky, especially in the Reddit world where there is just so much content to digest and so many places to look. I am an ass guy myself and I figured what better way to honor my fellow ass-lovers than to create an easy-to-find, jam-packed article filled to the brim with only the very best anal and butt-related subreddits, starting off with the most active to the least.

All of these subreddits are worthy of their spot on my list and if I have missed your favorite, let me know in the comments down below and I will check it out.

The Best Anal & Butt Related Subreddits (In Order Of Most Active)

list of anal and butt subreddits


Let’s kick things off with the most popular subreddit, this thread is dedicated to female butts, in all forms, in all shapes, colors, and sizes. There is so much to look at, so many asses to enjoy, and all with a constantly updating thread that never gets boring.

Members: 1.9m+


If you like big asses, you’re going to love this subreddit. The entire forum is all about beautiful women and big beautiful booties. With gifs, pictures, and videos to enjoy, big asses never got so easy to enjoy and there is always something new to look at.

Members: 1.5m+


This subreddit is a little more intense than the previous two we have just looked at, this one is all about anal porn, hardcore, amateur, and everything in between. There are gifs, videos, and pictures of anal escapades to enjoy, just remember it’s NSFW and will certainly turn you on.

Members: 1.4m+


Pictures and videos of female assholes await in this popular and exciting thread. Some people just like to focus on the ass cheeks, the aesthetic of the ass in pants or just the ass being fucked, showing some love to the actual cute little hole is what this subreddit is here for.

Members: 1.1m


For those of us who love butts and who have butts, this subreddit is for real women to share photos, gifs, and videos of their asses, no matter their shape or size. It’s spontaneous, filled with ass and everything you need to fulfill your ass-lover cravings.

Members: 1m+


Only slightly less popular than the previous subreddits we have seen so far, booty_queens is a place for verified users (one of my favorite features of Reddit) to share intimate photos of their perfect asses. Amateurs, professionals, and homemade content await and you will adore it.

Members: 851k+


A safe space for verified amateurs to share their ass photos, with those who appreciate such things. People like you and I who accept all ass forms love those who push their boundaries and drool at the confidence that we wish all beautiful ass-owners oozed.

Members: 842k+


Stunning, risky, and more-ish is how I would describe this subreddit, filled with original content only, its only motive is to bring its users hot and incredible assholes in any location or position and it certainly achieves its unique goal.

Members: 830k+


If you prefer smaller butts, this is the place to be. Real women showing off their cute packages for all to see. As always, Reddit is totally free, you just need to make an account to benefit from commenting, liking, and subscribing.

Members: 829k+


A different kind of aesthetic but one that’s totally worthy of its spot on this ultimate subreddit list. It’s packed full of women wearing and showing off their butt plugs, in the most compromising and arousing of positions.

Members: 685k+


This subreddit does actually what it says on the label, it’s basically just photos and videos of verified amateur women bending over and showing their asses, clothed and unclothed content awaits. It’s a popular and busy sub with so much to feast on.

Members: 677k+


Although quite a niche preference, this subreddit focuses on assholes, hidden behind panties and thongs. Taken from all angles, these assholes are the perfect addition to your collection and will have your pulses racing.

Members: 625k+


A nice healthy mixture of anal and women spreading their ass cheeks awaits you on this NSFW subreddit. Spread their cheeks and enjoy unbridled access into the beautiful assholes of thousands of active members.

Members: 611k+


Another popular niche subreddit, this time all about butts and bare feet, all in the same picture or video. The two combined make for delightful viewing pleasure and I am sure if you love butts and feet you’re going to find your people here.

Members: 563k+


This subreddit was created all the way back in 2012 and so if you can be confident in finding so much past and new content, all centered around bubble butts and cute ass in general.

Members: 561k+


A popular and unique subreddit for those women who have big asses and small tits, amateurs, and professionals use this thread to post their nudes and it is glorious.

Members: 551k+


Some say that this subreddit is known as the original butt thread, established in 2009, and a place to find booty pics from all kinds of women that will leave you aching and throbbing.

Members: 541k+


Self-posters share the most daring and intimate snaps of their asses gobbling up their underwear, yoga pants, skirts tucked in, and everything in between. If you enjoy seeing asses eating or partially concealed, you’ll love this.

Members: 488k+


Although not verified posters, the content getting shared on this subreddit definitely makes you feel very unholy. Ass and asshole that is so great they will make you stop in your tracks and unable to resist a second glance.

Members: 454k+


If you love anal and you love gifs, you’re going to love this subreddit. Its entire purpose is to provide you with high-quality anal gif postings and you can enjoy as much as you want completely free and without even making an account.

Members: 438k+


First online in 2018 this busy and ever-updating subreddit is for those who like to enjoy white girls who have a big asses. Content is posted by verified amateurs and it certainly satisfies those white girl, big-ass cravings.

Members: 431k+


This subreddit isn’t for beginners, it’s a place for those who enjoy a bit of a squeeze when it comes to anal play. Pics, vids, and gifs of anal fisting, rimming, rough play, gaping, DP and so much more.

Members: 429k+


The clue is in the name of this one and it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. Focusing on female asses being pounded roughly in gif, picture, or video format, this subreddit is ever-growing and immensely popular, and for good reason too.

Members: 399k+


Models and amateurs share their very best pictures of themselves in their cutest and sexiest thongs. Simple yet effective is how I would describe this sub and it works to satisfy the minds of those who enjoy thongs and ass in the same sentence.

Members: 349k+


Lifting the veil on our favorite female celebs, in this sub, we get to browse through countless postings of the hottest celebs and their butts. Capturing the best clips of their asses during movies or sneaky pics you will have never seen before.

Members: 328k+


A niche hangout but fear not, you don’t actually have to know anything about cosplay to hang out on this thread. It certainly adds some excitement but it isn’t necessary, a great butt in a costume is still a great butt in a costume.

Members: 309k+


This sub is a lot of fun and highly arousing. Seeing someone from the front and then from the back only to realize they had a booty that had been hidden all along. I love the unexpected and this sub definitely gives you that.

Members: 317k+


A sensual place for petite women to share their pictures, except with a twist! To qualify you must be petite and yet have a nice big or perky booty.

Members: 279k+


Intense and jaw-droppingly beautiful, this sub is for all things anal insertion, whether that be fingers, toys, penis, or just about anything else. Watch that hole stretch and squeeze for everything that comes it’s way.

Members: 277k+


If you enjoy the visual beauty of ass gaping or you’re just intrigued by this phenomenon, check out this sub. It’s filled with gaping content, featuring female assholes being stretched and gaped to the limit.

Members: 274k+


Straightforward and to the point, this sub doesn’t play around when it comes to giving you what you want and rough, intense, and captivating anal is exactly what you get in video and gif format. It is delightful.

Members: 275k+


Niche yet highly effective, this thread is about those big O’s from anal stimulation. A collection of the hottest videos and gifs of women reaching their climax through nothing but a good anal pounding.

Members: 249k+


This subreddit includes a bit of everything, hard anal, anal orgasms, gaping, big ass anal, rough anal, all in video and picture format for you to scroll through and enjoy whenever and however you feel like it.

Members: 243k+


Created in 2013, this well-established community comes together to appreciate the incredible act that is anal and here you get to enjoy anal in all forms from all different kinds of women.

Members: 240k+


Quite similar to another sub we have seen before this one but still immaculate in its own right. It’s dedicated to women achieving an ‘assgasm’ through anal stimulation only, without touching their pussies or enjoying vaginal stimulation.

Members: 218k+


Anime and hentai are hugely popular preferences and we see a lot of big, exaggerated tits from this genre, however, butts seem to be left out. Thanks to this sub though, butts are firmly on the radar and showcased flawlessly in this sub.

Members: 214k+


Bottomless is all about showcasing women wearing a top and no bottoms, the rules are quite strict in this sub, highlighting the need for women to have a covered and modest top half and a totally nude bottom half. It’s sexy and a lot of fun to browse through.

Members: 190k+


Tight and firm buttholes are not welcome on this sub, here it’s all about loose, gaping, and well-used asses that know what they’re doing and are completely broken in. The more it gapes and struggles to keep closed, the better.

Members: 180k+


Similar to the well-known ‘underboob’, the underbun is the ass cheeks, either peeking out of some panties, under a skirt, under a t-shirt, or any other item of clothing. It’s sensual, it’s suggestive and it is wonderful.

Members: 177k+


Fake butts just like fake boobs are a personal choice and in this sub we get to explore all of the best fake butts on the internet in all of their glory on this popular and free sub.

Members: 173k+


We saw the white girl’s fat ass thread earlier on in this list and now it’s time to shine some glory on black girls with bubble butts. It’s a popular thread with so much to enjoy and if you like black bubble butts, this is for you.

Members: 157k+


This is another variation of the white girl, big butt sub and it is spectacular. With so much to see and so many verified and non-verified users posting their intimate snaps, it’s hard to get tired of it.

Members: 140k+


Lordosis is all about the arch of the female back, a sensual movement seen in humans and animals. This sub includes highly erotic pictures and videos of women practicing the back arch and committing highly-arousing poses.

Members: 137k+


This sub is very exciting for hentai and anime lovers, its entire existence is an ode to anal in hentai and anime form. Enjoy well-known characters, cute scenarios, and only the best hentai anal.

Members: 133k+


Visually pleasing, aesthetic, and a total turn-on, anal creampies are incredible and here you will see the best and highest-rated anal creampies in pictures, gifs, and videos, along with benefiting from an active community.

Members: 130k+


Combining two of the best things, anal and squirting this thread is all about incredible ass stimulation that makes her squirt from her pussy. It’s more-ish, addictive, and a real jaw-dropping thread.

Members: 127k+


The act of hotdogging is rubbing a penis between the two ass cheeks, this can be done in several ways all of which are showcased in this thread in exquisite detail. Also known as an ass job or a butt job.

Members: 127k+


All black asses welcome, any shape, any size, although bigger is sometimes a preference here. If you like big black booty, you’ll love this subreddit, there isn’t a ton of original content but there is so much that it’ll be hard to see the same thing twice.

Members: 126k+


Love rough and deep anal penetration? then this thread is for you. With the best clips from across the internet, deep anal stimulation awaits in this popular sub with over 120 thousand users.

Members: 124k+


Body positive, open-minded, and a safe space for those with jiggly butts and those that adore them. Revel in videos and gifs of only the jiggliest and juiciest asses online.

Members: 120k+


A simplistic subreddit for women showing their butts to the camera. You will find so many amazing butt pictures in this thread, and although users don’t have to be verified to post, I do notice a lot of never seen before ass pictures.

Members: 118k+


Straight to the point and just what us ass lovers need. Plenty of pictures and gifs of anal porn, thanks to its active users we get a plethora of free anal porn daily and it is wonderful.

Members: 118k+


A natural phenomenon known as ‘back dimples’ are celebrated and encouraged on this sub, this is where a woman has two dimples at the very base of her spine, just before her ass. They’re cute and seductive and there are so many to browse through on this sub.

Members: 116k+


All kinds of female anal play are welcome here, rough, soft, hardcore, amateur, stretching, tight, everything you can think of when it comes to anal and the different variations of stimulation.

Members: 115k+


If you like twerking, you’re definitely going to love this sub all about cock twerking, it’s gifs and videos from across the internet of hot women twerking on eager and hard cocks. What more could you want?

Members: 112k+


We saw the butt plug subreddit but now it’s time for the public butt plug subreddit. Created in 2017, this sub has so much to enjoy, filled to the brim with women wearing their cutest and hottest plugs out in the big wide world.

Members: 110K+


Verified users can submit their most raunchy anal content here for all to see. HD quality is encouraged as well as pictures, videos, and gifs. If you like professional, high-definition content, this is the sub for you.

Members: 88k+


Filthy, steamy, and 100% gaping is what to expect from this raunchy sub. Focusing on the hardcore aspects of anal, you will find a ton of ass-gaping videos, stretching pictures, and intense anal sex.

Members: 83k+


Hot ass pressed up against glass is the premise of this sub. It isn’t something you would assume would be so popular but with almost 80K members and an ever-growing user base, ass on glass is certainly one to watch.

Members: 76k+


Dedicated to the position that is known as a ‘prone bone’, this is where the female lays completely flat on her stomach or with her face down and her ass in the air. Gifs, videos, and pictures of this fine anal sex position await!

Members: 76k+


Nothing vanilla is to be seen on this sub, it’s purely for rough anal sex, sodomy, hard sex, and all things intense and ungodly. It isn’t a super active thread but there is enough to keep you going and discovering.

Members: 75k+


Although there isn’t a lot of original content, this sub is a great place to enjoy if you like assjobs. Users are encouraged to share videos, pictures, and gifs of their hottest and most shareable ass jobs.

Members: 70k+


If anal sex videos are your preference, you will love this. It’s filled with just that- anal sex videos on tap, no catch, no sign-up fee, just the best and hottest anal videos that other users want to share with like-minded people.

Members: 69k+


If you like Asian women and you like assholes, this sub is going to be a real jaw-dropping thread for you. It’s not as hardcore as some of the others that we have seen but it’s

Members: 66k+


This is quite a niche one but it is so hot. It’s a place to post women with butts so small that their assholes are visible when standing up or laying down.

Members: 60k+


A little less popular than some of the others we have seen. Here you will find all things surprise anal penetration, where anal occurs when it wasn’t supposed to. It isn’t the most moderated sub but if you could back to the most popular posts you will find some golden nuggets.

Members: 54k+


A porn-centric place for users to post pictures, gifs, and videos of hardcore anal fuckings. Female anal penetration and porn only are allowed and yet it is still a great place to check out.

Members: 51k+


NSFW and hardcore, this sub is all about women tied up, bound and gagged, and then fucked in the ass. It isn’t for the faint-hearted but it is for the more extreme anal lovers.

Members: 49k+


We all know hentai can be kinky but this sub takes it to a new level, focusing on anal hentai play, you will find so much anal content in the hentai and anime genre and it is incredible.

Members: 42k+


Anal stretching is a big kink and although this sub isn’t filled with verified content, this is so much I haven’t seen. Assholes are being stretched and gaped whenever I need that kinky fix.

Members: 41k+


We have all heard of ‘come to bed eyes’ or the infamous ‘orgasm face’, well, what about anal eyes? The face and eyes made when pornstars are having their asses fucked? Enjoy a huge load of the content of just that and spoiler alert – it is sexy.

Members: 36k+


Popular, frequently updated, and hot? what more could you want? If you enjoy watching women inserting butt plugs of all shapes and sizes into their asses, this is going to be the spot for you.

Members: 35k+


An underrated sub, in my opinion, it’s for everyone, men, women, trans folk, and everyone in between to show off their gifs, videos, and pictures of sex, foreplay, and everything else whilst enjoying butt stuff.

Members: 33k+


They say BBW does it better and in this sub, we get to enjoy anal play from the perspective of a big beautiful woman, curvy in all of the right places and aching for an ass-filling.

Members: 29k+


Similar to some of the other Asian-related anal subs we have seen, yet still a worthy contender on my list. This subreddit is for those of us who enjoy seeing Asian women getting a nice ass stuffing.

Members: 26k+


Although this isn’t porn, it is helpful and a real eye-opener for some of us. It is a place for those who choose anal-only as a sexual preference, omitting traditional vaginal sex for anal play to discuss their techniques, experiences, and advice.

Members: 24k+


Anal with visible cum around the entrance is all welcome here, mostly videos and gifs plague this erotic sub, enticing its users and making you crave a nice ass with some cum droppings around it.

Members: 20k+

My Favorite Anal And Butt Subreddit

my favorite anal and butt subreddits. The Reddits mentioned in this illustration are r/ass, r/analgw, r/booty_queens, r/buttstuffwhilefucking, r/anal, r/booty, and r/analgonewild.

From my extensive list, it is hard to just pick one. However, if I really had to choose (remembering all have their pros and cons), it would have to be r/ass for constant updates, content, and interaction. The second would have to be r/AnalGW as I am a sucker for amateurs and this sub has just that finally, I would recommend r/buttstuffwhilefucking as I love the inclusivity and it is a real turn-on when I need something different.

Bored Of Reddit Anal Porn?

You know we are all about finding you the best porn and adult sites and of course, we have options if Reddit is making your eyes roll (in a bad way).

First of all, check out this massive list of free and paid anal porn sites, the ones highest rated are Tushy for amazing premium anal porn, for hardcore anal content, definitely check out, for insane VR anal porn make your way over to, and for amateur anal content check out our list of anal onlyfans list.

If I missed your favorite anal subreddit let me know or if you want to promote your account, leave it down below for all to see!

I set this site up with my girlfriend to review adult content and dating sites. We take our time and really test everything we talk about. We have an open relationship which pushed us to test a lot of these amazing sites.

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