The Full MyFreeCams Review And Sites That Are Similar

Cam sites can be found everywhere nowadays. If you’re new to this brand of porn, then you’ve come to just the right place. My name is Chris, and I am a cam site connoisseur. Over the years, I have watched thousands of cam shows all across the internet, either alone or with my gorgeous significant other, Tiffany. 

Since we are open, curious people who don’t shy away from new challenges, watching cam shows and tipping our favorite broadcasters – as well as paying for a private show or two – sounded like a great way for us to try something new. Cam shows are like porn but better because there is a special kind of excitement in knowing that the person you’re watching is actually naked and actually performing all those sexual activities as you’re watching them.

As you will see throughout this review – and perhaps you’ve already read some of my other cam site reviews – there are dozens, if not hundreds of cam sites to consider before you find one that you truly enjoy. Each cam site has its own pros and cons. 

Here, I will mainly talk about MyFreeCams, with a brief overview of some alternatives you may want to try out if MFC, for some reason, isn’t up to your standards.

What Is MyFreeCams/MFC?

before and after using mfc

MyFreeCams or MFC is one of the oldest cam sites that are still operational. In fact, it was the first freemium cam site to go live, ever. Freemium here means that you can watch some shows for free, while you have to pay for other premium features.

It is still one of the most popular destinations for those enjoying cam shows, and me and my girl are among those who regularly visit their favorite MFC models. (Scroll down to see who the best models are on this particular website.)

However, there is one obvious drawback to MFC that may put you off right as you open its landing page, and that is its aesthetic. MyFreeCams looks like an outdated MySpace page, and there’s nothing good about it. 

I know, honestly, I’ve been iffy about the site’s appearance, too. But once you scratch that ugly interface surface, you will find enticing scenarios that you couldn’t even imagine. 

Before I get to the detailed review of MFC itself, let’s first take a quick look at its competition and what you can find in each one.

Sites Like MyFreeCams

sites like myfreecams

I price checked for all the best prices and deals for all the cam sites mentioned in this article on the: 28/11/2020

I use these sites when I’m bored of MFC and they are sites you should check out before, just in case you think they are better.


One of the first cam sites I tried out back in the day, Chaturbate, really impressed me with its relaxed atmosphere and welcoming models, or broadcasters. Everyone here is friendly – or at least the models I’ve interacted with are, and they are easy to talk to and easy to arrange private shows with.

However, on Chaturbate, you don’t have the option to voice chat or share your video with the model, not even in a private session. Since my girl and I like to feel as though we’re having a threesome with our cam girl, this is quite a limiting feature that makes us reach for other cam sites more often. You can also check out the full review I did on Chaturabte.


The two biggest benefits of ImLive is that it is incredibly cheap – in my opinion the cheapest cam site out there – and that it hosts a high number of models. This, coupled with the fact that there is a limited number of viewers to each public show, means that there are never too many people in any given chatroom. The models can then chat with everyone relatively easily, making for a fun experience. 

On the other side of the coin, the video quality on ImLive is not the best. If you’re looking for that (Full) HD pleasure, then you may want to skip the cheapest site and splurge on something more extravagant, such as LiveJasmin, for example.


ManyVids is not just a cam site. In fact, its live stream section is still in its beta phase. Nevertheless, the site is quite intuitive, and it’s simple to chat with the models you like. The girls are open and friendly, and they enjoy putting on good shows and engaging with their audience. 

You can make a free account on MV, but to enjoy any of their other content – other than the public shows, that is – you’ll need to pay. Most models on MV start out by recording videos of themselves and then posting them online for you to buy. The live streaming bit is new and still developing, so I hope they add more free features in the future. I also did some sites just like ManyVids, for you to check out.


This cam site is a paradise for amateur models. You will find performers of all types and from all backgrounds, and everyone is featured in HD-quality shows. Cam4 is a great place to meet new people, both viewers and performers alike, and it’s home to a large number of feeds.

Cam4 also has a bit of a problem with ads that pop up everywhere, at any time, and that may disrupt your fun. (However, if you’re a Gold member, you can easily eliminate these ads on the site.) Additionally, private shows can be pricey, which is why you may want to check out a different site for that.


I don’t want to influence your opinion too much, but I am biased towards CamSoda and I personally feel that it is one of the best cam sites. My girl agrees because we have tried so many models and so many different shows here, and each time we’ve walked away with huge smiles on our faces. 

CamSoda is the best in terms of cost and value, meaning that you won’t pay much for the premium features you get. You can partake in cam2cam shows, public ones, private ones, special voyeur shows and more. The only problems I could point out with CamSoda (sites like CamSoda) is that not all of their models stream in HD, and their customer support leaves a lot to be desired.


Technically, VoyeurWeb is not a cam site. Rather, it is an extensive – and I mean extensive – collection of amateur porn pics dating back to 1997. Seriously, if you’re looking for real women exposing their real bodies for your personal pleasure, you won’t miss out on VoyeurWeb. 

That being said, they do have a live chat feature. It is free – or so they say – but it does require you to make an account. Unfortunately, my girl or I can attest to the quality of VoyeurWeb’s live streaming services, since we prefer sites that are cam-exclusive. 


Largely considered the best cam site, LiveJasmin is where most cam show enthusiasts gather. The reason for this is that LiveJasmin has high standards when it comes to their models. They have to look a certain way, their environment and shows have to meet specific requirements, and overall, LiveJasmin truly values that pornstar, professional feel.

I’ve mentioned this in my other reviews, but I prefer the more amateur approach when you feel like the model is down-to-earth and relatable. However, that doesn’t mean that you should overlook the magnificence that are LiveJasmin’s cam shows. Bear in mind, however, that this site is more expensive than many others. You can check out my full sites like LiveJasmin.


The other cam sites I talk about here have a strong focus on female models. This is what Tiffany and I prefer, however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t cam sites that feature other types of models more heavily. Flirt4Free is just such an example, a cam site that has become a staple in the gay community. If you’re looking for hot, seductive men who put on a good show, you’ve come to the right place.

Flirt4Free offers cam sharing and two-way audio in its private sessions, as well as neat categorization. There are both audio and video previews of each ongoing show, which is a nice bonus. The disadvantages to Flirt4Free are, as previously said that it’s low on female and couple models while being quite heavy on gay guys.

With a simple name that implies an abundance of steamy shows, earns a spot on our list of sites similar to MyFreeCams. For the most part, it is like any other cam site you’ll ever visit, except for one small detail called Connexion. This is a feature where, if you have a matching sex toy to the one the model is using on camera, you will get the feeling as though you’re actually having sex with them.

Tiffany and I tried it exactly twice. We bought Lovense Max to match a model’s Lovense Nora, and our mind was blown. It’s dual stimulation at the same time, and it is the closest to actual sex you will have with a cam model ever. Yes, it does cost extra, especially if you use Connexion with cam2cam streaming, but it is absolutely worth it.


When it comes to the visual appeal of the models, BongaCams paves the way. You may think that the hottest cam babes are found on LiveJasmin, but BongaCams gives them a run for their money. It is also a place with excellent video quality, free public shows, and even cam2cam options in those same free shows! (However, this last one is available only if you are a premium member.)

BongaCams is a haven for European girls, especially Russians. At the same time, however, it is more expensive than your average cam site. Not only that, but if you’re not signed in, the site will relentlessly push you to make an account even if you don’t need one to watch the free shows. These pop-ups ruin the vibe quite a bit, in my opinion.


On, the camming experience is reduced to its bare essentials. And I don’t mean this in a bad way. This site is stripped of all distractions and offers just what you need to enjoy a long, steamy session with a model. You don’t even have to make an account to purchase credit and start a private show! And the pay-by-text feature is also appreciated.

The bad sides of XCams are that there are relatively few models online at any given moment. Compared to the other options on this list, you can’t find an endless choice of shows here. This site has been active for 11 years now, and it’s still waiting for that boom to propel it up to the top of the most popular cam sites on the web.

The MFC Alternative I Use The Most

camsoda vs livejasmin

Now that I’ve laid out some other options that you have, it’s only fair that I point out the ones I use the most if I’m not thrilled with the selection on MyFreeCams.

Namely, the two cam sites that are always worth my time are CamSoda and LiveJasmin

The former is a great, relatively inexpensive option for when me and my girl want to unwind and relax after a long day. The latter option, LiveJasmin, is for when we’re feeling fired up and are willing to splurge on a particularly hot session with some of our favorite porn star quality models. 

That being said, if my personal favorites don’t work for you for whatever reason, make sure to try out the rest! We’re all made of different tastes and inclinations. Just because a cam site is high on my list doesn’t mean it will be on yours. So have fun and remember to use your money wisely!

MyFreeCams Review (Secrets you need to know)

review of myfreecams

It’s now time to teach you some secrets about mfc and give you the real, full review.


The main difference between MyFreeCams and most other similar sites is that MFC is heavy on the female models. In fact, it has no options for male or transgender models. While it can’t compete with the high-quality models on LiveJasmin, MFC certainly emphasizes quantity. There is a wide range of cam girls for you to choose from, and you can spend hours and hours browsing through the available streamers.

Other than girls, MFC does also have a couple of models. These are mostly lesbian couples, and not nearly as great in numbers as the female models. However, based on my extraordinary experiences with some lesbian couples on MFC, my advice is that you should definitely give these a try.


Here are the types of shows available on MyFreeCams:

  • Open Chat Show

This is your typical free public show that you can find on any other cam site. However, unlike in other places, MFC allows their models to drink alcohol and smoke weed on camera, so you might see the viewers asking (or even tipping) the models to take a shot with them. 

In my experience, American models tend to mute guests or those who are not signed into their accounts. They can also sometimes mute even premium members who have been rude to the model. This is yet another reason why you should always be polite and treat the broadcasters with respect.

  • Private Show

You will always hear me advocating for arranging the details of the private show before the actual start of the private show. This is no different on MFC, either. Here, private shows cost you 1 token per second (60 for the whole minute), and thus it would be best if both you and the model are on the same page when it comes to your desires. You don’t want to start a show only to discover that the model doesn’t want to perform what you’re asking of her. 

If you want a truly private show, meaning you don’t want anyone to spy on it either, then you have to pay 80 tokens per minute.

  • Spy Show

Spy show is when you enter an ongoing private show and watch. You can’t participate in it, you are only there to observe the model putting on a show for someone else. In a spy show, you can see and hear everything, but you don’t have access to the chat between the model and the person who ordered the private show.

A spy show also costs tokens, 20 per minute.

  • Group Show

On MyFreeCams, a group show is similar to an open show, only it’s a bit more exclusive. By clicking on the Group Show link, you are essentially extending an invite for a group show and waiting to see if any other viewers want to join. Once there are three or more of you, the show can start. (If the model is willing.)

Group shows cost less than private or spy shows, 10 tokens for a minute, but the viewers are also expected to tip the model the same way they should tip in open chat shows. So it’s really up to you to gauge whether or not this is worth your money. 

What makes MFC awesome?

The sheer number of models found on this site is enough to boggle the mind. I already said how MyFreeCams is all about the quantity, and it really shows. However, that is not to say that quality suffers. Because it is one of the oldest cam sites, there are plenty of veteran models on MFC. These girls are skilled and sexy, and they know exactly how to set their viewers on fire.

Additionally, MyFreeCams has a great mobile site that provides almost the same experience as the desktop version. This isn’t something you can say for all cam sites. Even though MFC is cluttered and outdated on desktop, its mobile version is actually quite streamlined and easy to use.

Finally, MFC is free (for the most part), and doesn’t bother you with too many ads and pop-ups as some other sites do.

What are some of the downsides to MyFreeCams?

The first downside is the one I mentioned at the very beginning: MFC’s design is stuck somewhere in the early 2000s, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In order to become a member and a regular visitor, you will have to get used to its unattractive and often confusing interface.

The other disadvantage worth mentioning is that MFC has varying video quality. Not all of their models stream in HD, which is a shame because some of the ones that have lower video quality can put on quite a good show.

Is MFC really free?

As long as you wish just to watch and not participate, yes, MFC really is free. You don’t even have to make an account to watch the open chat shows. (Although making an account is also free.) 

However, this only takes you so far. While my girl and I enjoyed being flies on the wall and simply watching cam shows, soon enough, we wanted actually to engage with our favorite models. So we made accounts, stocked up on tokens, and started tipping and chatting and even arranging private shows.

Remember that most American models tend to mute guests in the chat room. So if you’re unwilling to make an account, you won’t even get the chance to chat with the broadcaster.

Is it possible to get free tokens?

And here is the final thing which is actually a huge minus for MyFreeCams: it doesn’t offer any opportunity to get free tokens at all. While other cam sites provide free tokens once you verify your credit card or spending limit and hold giveaways every once in a while, MyFreeCams takes part in none of that.

In order to enjoy any of the premium features that MFC has to offer, you need to shell out cash.

The Best MyFreeCams Models

a list of my favorite myfreecams models
  • GingerMFC

As her username suggests, GingerMFC is a cute ginger girl, slender and elegant and with a penchant for masturbation and pleasuring other girls on camera.

  • OutrageousOne

This girl introduces herself as Olivia, and her ass is something to be revered. She is online each and every day, just make sure to check her schedule on her profile page.

  • AriaNina

AriaNina is a blonde bombshell who likes to dress up. Her shows are full of cosplays and body paint characters, and she’s not a stranger to oiling herself up and pleasuring herself.

  • AngeliqueSage

Angie hails from Canada, yet at the moment, she lives in Florida and streams from there. She is an incredibly open and welcoming model, willing to negotiate just about anything if you’re respectful and polite.

  • LexiVixi

If you’re into muscular babes (with large breasts at the same time), then Lexi’s washboard abs will definitely be up your alley. She is a bit of a pricey model, however, so have that in mind when you’re tipping.

  • TriciaFox

Tricia is a master at seduction. She is beautiful, she is sexy, and she knows it. However, she also hasn’t been online for a couple of months at the moment of writing this review, so I hope she returns to camming soon.

  • RocknRose

Luba likes to listen to and play rock music during her shows, hence her username. She keeps fit and always has a ton of creative ideas and concepts for her shows that everyone enjoys.

  • Kati3Kat

Kati3 is a feisty, opinionated model who likes to have a good time. She loves camming, video games, and sleep. Her profile page is full of guidelines for her chatrooms, so check out those before you venture inside.

  • Kickaz

Kickaz is not your average cam girl. She is a true artist. Don’t be afraid if you spot her in abstract body paint in one of her shows. It’s all part of the larger picture, and all you have to do is relax and let her take over.

TL;DR: For busy people who want a quick breakdown

breakdown of the whole article for busy people

I love MFC and I use it a lot, however, Camsoda and LiveJasmin have more variety, so I find myself using them a little more. But and there is a but, MFC has a lot of amazing models that you’ll not find on any other camming sites and for that reason, it does make it into my daily use sites.

I set this site up with my girlfriend to review adult content and dating sites. We take our time and really test everything we talk about. We have an open relationship which pushed us to test a lot of these amazing sites.

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