Amazing Porn Alternatives To Brazzers

It’s hard to compare Brazzers to anything else out there, they have made a porn empire with their high-quality videos, hot models, and exceptional porn standards. Their videos are instantly recognizable, with so many different scenes and hot stars to enjoy, it’s hard not to love Brazzers, however, there does come a time when we do want something a little different and in this list, I am going to be sharing with you the very best alternatives to the successful and addictive powerhouse that is known as Brazzers. Some have tried to replicate in their own way, and others have gone in a different direction yet still ooze the same sex appeal as Brazzers, there are lots to choose from and something tells me, you’re going to love my pickings.

Sites Like Brazzers (Some Are Even Better)

illustrated list of sites like Brazzers

With eye-catching colors, an easy-to-use interface, and a huge selection of videos that play an automatic sensual preview that gives you just enough to keep you wanting more, Brazzers is extremely hard to compete with for other porn sites, especially with a name that’s so instantly recognizable globally. People who frequent this hub don’t worry about paying for their porn, all they care about is quality and so in this list of Brazzers surrogates, I am going to be giving you exactly that, quality, similarity, and insane alternatives.

I like to share with my readers the number of users on sites and the countries who use those sites the most, I find it interesting and a good source of information for my readers. The Monthly User Data is sourced Using and is just an estimate of the traffic these sites receive. The countries and traffic can change frequently, most of these sites are private so it can be difficult to get a truly accurate picture of users, however, it’s a fun guide on which country is watching what.

Monthly User Date Sourced Using and is an estimate of organic traffic. The most searched countries are the countries where the site is most popular based on where the organic traffic comes from. The traffic and location are subject to change.

In Order Of Most Similar To Brazzers:

Reality Kings

Monthly Users: 2.5M +

One of the most popular similar sites to Brazzers, reality kings is just as clickable, high-quality, and addicting as its alternative. Millions of users check it out monthly and are converted by its professionalism, new and well-known stars, and its plethora of content. You do have to be a member to join but memberships start at as little as a dollar and it gets cheaper the longer you join for. The quality of the videos on this site is to be admired and rival Brazzers which isn’t an easy thing to do. If high-quality, lots of arousing content and real porn stars keep you hard or wet, definitely check out RealityKings.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the United States, Pakistan, France, United Kingdom.

Adult Time

Monthly Users: 308k+

A huge streaming site that behaves similarly to Netflix, except it’s filled with filthy and erotic content. The reason I associate it with Brazzers is because of the high-quality films available to users and the interface system that works flawlessly and effortlessly once you are a member. Once you join you are free to browse any movie in any category, which is great for people like me who can never make up their mind and skip from one thing to another constantly. You can watch previews of their videos on some free porn streaming sites but nothing beats the real thing directly from them, much like Brazzers.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Brazil.


Monthly Users: 719k +

One of the main reasons TeamSkeet is so popular is not just for its premium, high-quality, and jaw-dropping porn videos (although that certainly helps), it’s also for how well-priced it actually is. With memberships at all budgets, it’s a great place to get your Brazzers fix without the price tag. Previews for videos are important to me and I find TS to do this in the same way that Brazzers do with just enough to get you hooked but not enough to ruin the magic of the whole video. Priding itself on having the largest collection of premium videos online, TeamSkeet is a worthy competitor to the big one and not to be missed.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, India, Turkey, Pakistan, United Kingdom.

Evil Angel

Monthly Users: 465k+

Specializing in anal porn movies, Evil Angel is similar to Brazzers in the way it can be extreme in some videos and more relaxed in others, with videos to suit everyone and every need, except this porn site focuses entirely on your anal desires, and most intimate wishes. With so many different scenes, models, and scenarios to enjoy, this easy-to-use site has so much love, the quality is out of this world and although much like the other sites we have seen so far, you do need to be a paying member to join, for the kinds of videos you get, it’s worth the membership.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and France.

Digital Playground

Monthly Users: 563k+

Digital playground has a huge production value, their movies feel as if they are shot with a blockbuster director right behind them. They don’t skimp on stars, sets, locations, or scenes and that is easily recognizable in their videos, much like it is with Brazzers. You can gain access for just a few dollars and with full-length porn movies, parodies, and more to enjoy, things don’t get boring easily here. Founded in 1993, this well establish porn production team has been going for a long time and they know exactly what it is their users want and they will deliver it, no matter the cost.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the United States, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, and France.

Naughty America

Monthly Users: 4.4m

Hugely popular and for great reason, this all-American porn site is not one to ignore. With videos in ultra 4K and ultra-HD quality, daily updates, and movies to suit every need, it’s easy to see why it’s one of Brazzers biggest competitors. Featuring arousing trailers and tantalizing sneak previews, Naughty America is a strong figure in this industry, and with its eye-watering crisp quality and user interface that makes it a breeze to use on computers, phones, and tablets, along with day rates and competitive monthly membership prices, there is nothing this porn site can’t do.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, and France.


Monthly Users: 606k+

Featuring amateur pornstars and well-known faces for optimal enjoyment, Mofos showcases its erotic films in a retro tile and exciting way, it knows how to make sure you are turned on before even signing up and makes sure the process of actually getting an account is flawless. They don’t give anything away before you join so you do have to be prepared for that, however as high-quality, highly produced porn goes, this porn site is effortless.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, Pakistan, Turkey, India, and Spain.


Monthly Users: 6.2M

Top pornstars and up-and-coming amateurs flood the highly converting front page of this extremely popular porn site. With quality that can only be captured on the most expensive and high tec cameras, the videos, scenes, and scripts in these movies are elite, and comparing it to Brazzers, it’s a clear tough competitor. I also love the previews you get on each movie, it really adds excitement before purchasing a membership.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and France.


Monthly Users: 228k+

Not as popular as some of the other sites we have seen on this list so far but worthy of its spot. Faphouse has a ton of different categories to enjoy with never-seen-before porn stars who are new and veterans of this exotic world. Its layout is easy to use, you can purchase a membership and pay using tokens for certain hot videos, and you can even watch live cams for free. It’s a great all-around site.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia.


Monthly Users: 32k+

Bellesaplus is the home of ethical porn, something I really appreciate in this industry. They treat their workers fairly, treat their performers with respect, pay them fairly, and make sure they are striving for standards unseen in many other networks. It’s well-priced, there is lots of really exciting content to enjoy and you’re doing something good for the industry when joining an ethical platform like this one.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Dog Fart Network

Monthly Users: 188k+

A porn site with an interesting and unique name but it shouldn’t be disregarded, this site hosts some incredible videos, and although I don’t find the site personally as easy to use as Brazzers, it’s still filled with so much interracial porn its difficult to pull yourself away from it when you need a break. You may know that Brazzers has an amazing collection of interracial porn and this site certainly rivals that aspect of the beloved porn site.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, India, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Monthly Users: 334k

This platform aims to show you the other side of porn, the kinkier and more corrupt version of your favorite scenes and movies. It’s not for the faint-hearted but it delivers the same sort of triumph as Brazzers does except to an audience who appreciates the more colorful and kinkier side of sex. The videos are authentic and high-quality and it’s so easy to sign-up too.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, the United Kingdom, India, France, and Canada.

New Sensations

Monthly Users: 78k+

An American porn studio founded in 1993, new sensations has thousands of unique porn videos that are completely exclusive and only available on this site. They are long-running and a pinnacle in the industry for exclusive content and high-quality production porn. They also do great trailers for their movies, however, you are limited to just five before you have to sign-up to continue browsing through trailers.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and Turkey.


Monthly Users: 602k+

If you thought Brazzer’s milf content was good, you need to check this out. With premium milf videos, shot in HD quality and featuring some of the hottest models online. There’s a delightful variety of milf porn and other scenes too, all as mouth-watering as the other and totally more-ish.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the United States, France, Italy, and Germany.

Adult Prime

Monthly Users: 1.9k+

Although not as popular, adult prime does capture the same classic porn essence as Brazzers, it’s lewd, erotic, intense, and highly arousing. With over twenty thousand porn videos to get through once you join, getting bored isn’t on the cards. I love how eye-catching this site is, it really sucks you in and turns regular jerking off into something much more exciting.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, India, and Italy.


Monthly Users: 408k

Fake hub is the home of great porn, except with a twist. Every scene is a fake set-up, fake cop, fake taxi, fake casting couch, etc. It’s one of my favorite genres of porn and they do it so right, with high-quality videos and trailers, hot models, and more. It’s not just a place to jerk off, it’s also a lot of fun, their videos certainly leave you thinking and keep you turned on even when the cameras have stopped rolling.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and France.

Too Long; Didn’t Read (Full Conclusion)

a too long didn't read breakdown with my top three favorite sites. The sites mentioned are reality kings, adult time and team skeet and each website has a screenshot of the site.

If you just want to jump straight into something that will take your eyes from Brazzers and onto something similar without reading the entire list, let me quickly break it down for you with my favorite alternatives and options. First up I would recommend Reality kings, I think it’s an incredible alternative to Brazzers whilst still having its own style and appeal, second, it would have to be Adult Time, I love its user interface, and it’s so easy to stream and enjoy adult films and it’s fun to browse through their movies and actually enjoy your fap, finally, team skeet for its low price and high-quality porn production. Let me know your favorite alternatives to Brazzers in the comments down below!

I set this site up with my girlfriend to review adult content and dating sites. We take our time and really test everything we talk about. We have an open relationship which pushed us to test a lot of these amazing sites.

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