Sites Like Fuckbook (Social Media For Sex)

Chris and I love Fuckbook, it’s like a Facebook for casual sex. It’s fun and carefree and everyone is looking for a good time there. However much I love it though, too much of anything can get boring at times and it’s okay to admit that sometimes you need something new and fresh to satisfy your urges. I will always adore Fuckbook and I always come back to it but we all need variety in our lives and so I have created this list of all of my favorite sites that are just like Fuckbook, some are free to join and some are paid but all have similarities to Fuckbook and I know there is going to be something for absolutely everyone so I hope you enjoy it!

What Is FuckBook?

Fuckbook is like a dating site except instead of focusing on love and connection, it focuses on casual sex and hookups. It’s free to sign-up, once you’re in it’s easy to make a profile, fill it with videos, pictures, and information, and then begin browsing in your area for other horny members who want some fun.

You have so many options to create a vivid and descriptive profile and this certainly helps when atracting other members as the more open and upfront you are, the more you will get noticed and stand out from the crowd. There are thousands of Fuckbook members, it’s super active and there are always new people joining, it allows you the ability, to be honest about your kinks and fantasies and encourages those who have similar sexual interests as you to get in touch.

Is Fuckbook Legit?

Fuckbook has been operating since 2009, creating an established platform for singles, couples, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, straight, and everyone in between, a place to find easy sex, hassle-free connection, and a place to express their desires and needs.

There are over 25 million profiles, with new people joining every single day and so finding somebody nearby isn’t a hard task. However, just like with all dating sites, there will be a small number of people pretending to be 20 years younger than they actually are, fake profiles, and people not being honest. Finding out the legitimacy of every single profile is impossible but so as long as you look for active people, with up-to-date pictures and you do all of your own due diligence before meeting a person it is absolutely fine.

Aside from some fake profiles, fuckbook has a great reputation for helping people find casual sex and although I do not own the site, I am an active user and I have found that it works great as a place to meet new and horny people.

Is fuckbook free?

It is free to sign-up too, where you can then create a descriptive and alluring profile (Fuckbook gives you guidance on this). You can then enjoy the site however to send messages and unlock other features, you do need to pay. There are different tiers of membership, you can unlock just a small amount of features for a small price and see how you get on or you can unlock them all and enjoy everything being a premium member has to offer.

You can try Fuckbook for free by clicking here. For free you can actually enjoy quite a lot of the site, you can see your matches, upload photos and videos, update your status, and see who has viewed your profile, you can search and you can enjoy other members’ profiles, however, you are limited on what you can do.

The Downside?

They do offer different ways to pay (monthly, quarterly, yearly) but you will find without paying for a membership, the site can be a little obstructing and frustrating. There are pop-ups, ads, and bots that remind you to upgrade your membership, which can be really annoying. I would also mention that when you sign-up, ensure you check the sites selected that you are signing up to as some users have reported an automatic tick on another membership site as well as on Fuckbook.

Also, if you’re looking for love and a meaningful connection to somebody, this probably isn’t the place for you. The majority of members are horny, thrill-seeking, and looking for sex. It’s not a romantic place at all, it’s smutty, dirty, and kinky.

List Of Adult Social Sites Like Fuckbook:

The sites like fuckbook:

  1. Adult Friend Finder
  2. NoStringsAttached
  4. BiCupid
  5. swingerlifestyle
  8. Badoo
  9. WellHello
  10. Fetlife
  11. Ashley Madison
  12. BeNaughty
  14. Tinder
  15. Snapsext

Now, let’s take a deeper look into each of these websites.

1. Adult Friend Finder

adult friend finder website

We can’t get enough of Aff it’s a tremendous site. You can find swingers, singles, and just generally kinky people in your area looking for sex and casual encounters. There are millions of users, it’s easy to navigate and for an alternative to fuckbook it certainly won our hearts.  

This site was founded in 1996 so it has been put through the test of time. It’s still hugely popular amongst the swinging and casual sex community and once you’re in it’s not hard to see why. If you have already tried out aff, check out Chris’s guide on sites like it. 

2. No Strings Attached

no strings attached

Perhaps a controversial addition to my list but deserving nonetheless. NSA is made for people who want to have discreet casual sex and for married people looking for some fun outside of their relationship. There are heaps of people online at all times, finding someone is really easy and fuss-free. 

If you’re looking for low-key and inconspicuous sex NSA is the place to be. Everyone on there understands discretion and privacy, knowing everyone is just looking for sex, nothing else, just someone to have fun with. 


Fling does something a little out of the ordinary when it comes to casual hooking up. It doesn’t have a matchmaker algorithm, instead, it allows you to post your photos, videos, wants, and needs for all to see and it allows people to then respond to you. It prides itself on being laidback around casual sex, allowing its members to explore and post freely to find what they want. 

This isn’t the place to find serious relationships, most people want something casual, a bit of fun and sex. One of the features we love is the ability to filter your results by age, country, gender, sexual preference, and even those that are currently online. For a bit of fun, Fling is a great place to try. 

4. BiCupid

screenshot of bicupid website

Bicupid makes looking for bisexual partners a whole lot easier. They cater to bi-curious singles, bi-curious couples, swingers, lesbians, and just about anyone else who doesn’t follow heterosexual norms. Their site is easy to use and you can find people looking for just a bit of fun all the way to people looking for a relationship.

Focusing on bisexuality BiCupid makes it easier to cut the BS when looking for someone new, whether you’re single or a couple. A swinger or a threesome explorer, this site has the right people out there who are open-minded and curious too. 

5. Swing Lifestyle


Being a swinger used to be mean keeping your kink repressed and fulfilling your fantasies quietly but now things are different, people are liberated and because of the sexual revolution sites like this allow swingers to actively meet and network. This is one of the most popular swinger community sites around.

Read swinging stories, join forums, meet other members, browse local swinging events and meet and talk to people like you. You will find everyone friendly and open, understanding of newbies, and some of the most open-minded and sex-positive people you can meet.



A worldwide site for those of us who enjoy alternative sex. People on alt enjoy BDSM and other non-vanilla kinks. People are really friendly and everyone is open about their fetishes, fantasies, and turn-ons. For fans of the unorthodox approach to sex, alt is one of our favorite places to visit. 

If you’re into BDSM and other out-of-the-box kinks and desires, alt is for you. Creating a profile is simple (you can do this for a single, couple, or a group!) and then you can search and find people into the same things as you are. You can read my full review here

7. Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan website

Another controversial option, Victoria Milan is aimed towards people who are married or in a relationship looking for something outside of that. That could be anything from a flirty chat or a full-blown affair. They are proud to promote discretion and anonymity which a lot of people really value. 

I love the anonymity tools incorporated into this site, being able to blur your face ad use other features to keep yourself private is something I think a lot of sites should include. Whatever your personal reasons for joining Victoria Milan, there are people out there looking for the same guarded fun as you are. 

8. Badoo


Badoo is a huge network, there are millions of users already signed up. It’s a fabulous dating community and the app works flawlessly. There are a ton of features such as incorporated video chat, people nearby, search, and even a feature like Tinder that allows you to swipe and match with other individuals. 

Something a lot of users love is the photo verification process which doesn’t completely eliminate but does a great job and stopping fake profiles from coming through. Badoo is also advertised as a way to meet local people as friends too but I would have to say from my experience most people aren’t looking for just friendship. 

9. WellHello


An adult dating community with people looking for all different kinds of outcomes. Some people just want a sexual outlet, some non-commital fun, others are looking for something a little more serious. On this site it doesn’t matter if you’re single, a couple, or something in-between, it’s a very open-minded space. 

The great thing about WellHello is that it doesn’t matter if you’re single, taken, or a swinger, there is a space for everyone and people looking for exactly for what you’re asking for. Setting up a profile is straightforward, all you need to do is verify your email address and you are good to go.

10. Fetlife

fetlife screenshot

Chris wrote a whole guide about Fetlife, which I recommend you read. However, if you want to just get straight into the juicy stuff, Fetlife is a site for the kinksters, the BDSM lovers, and those of us who have some un-conforming fetishes.  It’s free, it’s packed with other kinky people and it will allow you to explore your kinks and desires in an open-minded and tremendous way. 

Fetlife is a social network for people interested in the kinkier things in life. You can share and meet with people who have the same kinks as you, attend local events, flirt to your heart’s content, and even learn a few things from other horny members. 

11. Ashley Madison

ashley madison

Ashley Madison isn’t for the faint-hearted, it’s for people looking to have an affair, male or female. It’s super discreet, you have the ability to ‘virtually date’ and it’s a well-known, established site where countless people have gone before you to get their kicks in a slightly different way. 

If you have tried Ashley Madison you can see sites like it here. It’s easy to use, easy to set up your profile, and get talking to people. Not everyone on there wants to meet up and have sex and engage in an affair (although a lot do), some just want to do it online, flirt, and feel the thrill.

12. Be Naughty

benaughty screenshot

Meet singles from all over the world and in your area. Create a striking profile and have fun flirting with new people, putting yourself out there, and if the right person comes along even meeting up with them. BeNaughty isn’t just for singles it’s for couples too, it’s simple to use and has a fantastic messaging system,. 

There are a lot of women on this site which is always a good thing. The features are easy to use on mobiles and computers and although the profiles aren’t as detailed as some of the others we have seen on this list, the pictures you upload keeps things simple as you can instantly decide if someone is for you or not. 


match is MASSIVE, the community they have is indescribable. You can find people on match who are looking for something serious or just a bit of fun, be clear about what you want in your profile and browse through all of the singles in your area. 

This site is largely for those who are looking for something a little more serious as a lot of members are looking to date and possibly find something less casual and more concrete. However, there are still casual singles signed up, a process that is so simple and quite exciting!

14. Tinder

screenshot of tinder website

Tinder is the home of casual sex, dating, and even serious relationships. There’s something for everyone and the great thing is you can search in your area so you know you won’t have far to travel if the right person matches with you. A good profile is key, using your best pictures, fruitful bio, and honesty.  

The app is really easy to use and the simple design mechanism means you can just swipe through singles nearby and when you match (you both have to swipe on each other), you can get talking instantly. 

Wildcard: Snapsext

snapsext screenshot

If you like instant sexual gratification Snapsext gives that to you. Sign-up and begin browsing through the hundreds of photos and videos that come your way from other members. Share your own naughty images, flirt and chat with other members, and sext with hot singles whenever you want to. 

If you are familiar with Snapchat, it’s important to know that Snapsext is very similar to that except for nudity and adults. Sharing your erotic images with others and logging in to enjoy what everyone else has been sharing too. 

Our Experience Using The Social Sites Above

We enjoy a lot of different dating and casual sex sites, our experiences are varied depending on what we are looking for and of course, the kind of sexual appetite we have on that day. When we get a bit tired of fuckbook the sites above really help us to satisfy those cravings, all offer casual sex, the ability to flirt and sext with other members and push the boundaries of other dating sites.

Adult friend finder (the first site we mentioned on the list) is definitely our favorite, it gives you so much and allows you to connect with so many kinky and like-minded people. There are always members online who want to hook up either virtually or in real life and you will find so many different fetishes and desires out in the open that it can be hard to even log off.

You are always going to find time-wasters, fakes, and catfishes on these dating sites, it just comes with the territory of online dating and casual online sex. However, they can be quite easy to spot and we make sure to always receive an up-to-date picture (having them hold a piece of paper with today’s date on it) and we always meet in a public space if we do decide to take things further. Mostly, people are just looking for fun, there will be varied and interesting conversations had and stories you will enjoy re-telling but overall, we have had way more fun than displeasure from these dating sites.


Fuckbook is a tremendous site for quick hookups and online flirting however, we all need something new from to time and I listed all of our most-used sites that are most similar to Fuckbook and everything it boasts. Our three top favorite sites to use are: Adult friend finder for finding casual, kinky sex. Then we have no strings attached where hook-ups and strings-free hook-ups are the norms and totally encouraged and our third favorite site to use is Fling, it allows you to explore openly, talk easily to other members and tell the world exactly what you’re looking for.

We have had great experiences on all of these sites and can’t wait for you to try them out and see what you think. Remember to always stay safe online and do your due diligence on any members you want to meet or flirt with.

Let me know in the comments below which is your favorite site like Fuckbook. Is it on this list? if not, leave it below and I will check it out. Chris and I are always looking for new and exciting sites to explore. 

Tiffany <3

I'm Tiffany and I'm the girlfriend of Chris, we run this blog together. We are both pretty open about trying new things in the bedroom and both share a love for great adult content and we are both always looking for new ways to spice things up.

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