Sites Like PornHub (Some Are Even Better)

Pornhub is like an old friend, it’s reliable, always there for you, accessible and trustworthy. It contains porn galore, something for everybody with categories brimming with all kinds of videos uploaded and accessed by users worldwide. Pornhub is an empire for porn and with over 2.1 billion average monthly users mostly from the US, France, the UK, Brazil, Italy, and Japan, this porn site isn’t losing its spot at the top of the popularity table any time soon.

The only problem is, sometimes, like with all friends, we can get a little bored and need something to really spice up our lives occasionally. Pornhub is great but finding other sites that can scratch that same itch is important and today I am going to be sharing with you the ultimate list of naughty sites that are just like pornhub in their own unique ways.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular porn viewer, a casual streamer, or just want something new to look at next time you feel like jerking off, this list of pornhub alternatives has got you covered and will ensure you have a new and exciting porn platform to explore and get yourself off too.

What Is PornHub & Why Is It So Popular?

Most of us know the familiar sights of pornhub, that friendly black and orange hue, the catchy and telling jingle that plays before each video, however, imagine you had no idea about this site and the wonders it possessed.

PornHub is owned by the Aylo group, an adult entertainment conglomerate that runs some of the biggest names in the industry. PornHub itself is a HUGE porn site, with millions of free videos available, however, you can become a member and unlock the paid version of the site, which, is an incredible experience in itself.

Videos are found instantly on your homepage, you can see what is trending in your country, most viewed videos, popular categories, and new videos and you can even filter by pornstar, so you can enjoy porn filled with the stars you love. PornHub has everything from the vanilla to the hardcore, with full-length videos, hot snippets from the best porn sites in the world, and even live sex cams if you want a little live action too.

PornHub is a go-to for so many porn lovers, it’s free, easy to use, safe and there is so much porn, it’s unbelievable. However, for those of us who know and love the hub, we can sometimes crave a little something different whilst still maintaining that same buzz PH gives us and below I have found the most perfect alternatives to our glowing orange and black embers.

Alternatives To PornHub (Some Are Even Better)

list of pornhub alternatives in order of most similar to least similar.

These pornhub alternatives start from the most similar to pornhub and end with the least similar. All have their quirks and desirabilities, some may not suit everyone but finding unique and yet similar alternatives can be a challenge and we have certainly done that with this list, even including the popularity factor and the countries that visit these naughty sites the most.

Monthly User Date Sourced Using and is an estimate of organic traffic. The most searched countries are the countries where the site is most popular based on where the organic traffic comes from. The traffic and location are subject to change and might not be 100% accurate.

In Order Of Most Similar To PornHub:


Monthly Users: 83M

Youporn has endless categories to explore, with so many videos that you probably have never ever seen before. Aside from the glorious selection of porn, it’s free to use, just like Pornhub, and it’s such an easy site to navigate and find porn on. There’s no complicated layout, there are no tricky shortcuts, it’s just free porn right in front of you 24/7.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: France, the United States, Italy, and the United Kingdom


Monthly Users: 59M

With the same dark and erotic theme as Pornhub, RedTube is an ultra-popular porn site that rivals the giant. Although appearances are quite similar, this site contains videos not seen on Pornhub, and with unique differences in categorization and video selection, that’s what makes this site its own and popular in its own right. New videos are uploaded every day, keeping users happy and satisfied.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: The United States, France, Spain, And Poland.


Monthly Users: 21M

Comprising a huge selection of HD porn videos, this porn site has a catalog like no other with amateurs and stars from around the world posting their stuff for all to see. It’s easy to use, easy to navigate, and has so much to enjoy that running out of adult content to enjoy is completely out of the question.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: The United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, And France.

Monthly Users: 18M

With almost 20 million average monthly users, this porn site is one not to be missed. It boasts about its HD and VR porn videos and although the layout is different to pornhub, the overall feel of the site gives the same unique experience. presents categories differently from some of the other sites we have seen too and with so much variety it is an addictive porn one-stop shop.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: Brazil, the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Poland.


Monthly Users: 101M

The categorization of videos on this porn site is different from what we have seen before, it doesn’t necessarily have a category section more of a clever search bar and a way to categorize videos by hot, upcoming, new, and top-rated, the previews give you a nice teaser of what to expect from each scene and just like Ponrhub, it’s totally free.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, Japan, India, Brazil, Philippines, and Thailand.


Monthly Users: 649M

First founded way back in 2007, this porn site has continually grown and become one of the biggest in the entire world. With its selection of amateur and professional intense videos, this porn site is a guaranteed winner for many. With a likeliness to Pornhub that keeps it popular but has its own unique style of giving you porn, this site is a wonderful alternative.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, Pakistan, the United States, Malaysia, and France.


Monthly Users: 950M

Old videos, new videos, hardcore, extreme, soft, and sweet, anything can be found on this free-to-use porn site. With the ability to search for key terms and a category drop-down menu that makes finding the right video even easier, this popular site doesn’t look like Pornhuub but it has the same jaw-dropping videos and consistent greatness.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: Brazil, the United States, Thailand, And Japan.


Monthly Users: 63M

This site is either loved or hated, I love it but I can see why some people just can’t get on with it. The homepage doesn’t give much away (unlike Pornhub) and sometimes it can be confusing to find the video you want, however, once you find the right video and see the ratings and views, it makes it much sweeter and you find there are tons of videos to be found here.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, Egypt, Poland, Greece, and Serbia.


Monthly Users: 3.6M

Porntrex allows you to download videos (although you do have to sign in to do this) and watch all of their thousands of videos for free completely at your leisure. It’s easy to filter through videos here and although some of their stuff can be quite dated, it is still exceptionally hot and fun to check out for an exciting pornhub alternative.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: The United States, India, the United Kingdom, And France.


Monthly Users: 26M

Very similar to the site above, Fuq’s homepage contains its juicy categories, this can be annoying for some users but I like it and it’s not a reflection on the quality of the videos with so many uploaded and so many I have never ever seen on Pornhub. Free to use and straight to the point, just how I like it.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: Germany, the United States, Egypt, And the Philippines.


Monthly Users: 27M

Extremely high-quality porn videos await, all completely free. This site differs from Pornhub due to the quality of the videos that get uploaded here, there are thousands of videos and all pass the seal of approval if they are HD and premium quality.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.


Monthly Users: 36M

It can be a little tricky to find the video you want on this porn site but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze, and with over 36 million average users a month, it’s clear that it’s a great site. The dark and slick theme is very similar to Pornhubs and it brings a wave of different videos to your screen and has lots to offer.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the United States


Monthly Users: 2.1M

Pornkai actually has more videos than pornhub, it has a ton of categories, it’s safe to use, and it has a sleek design and an easy-to-use interface. Although it’s not as popular as some of the other sites that we have visited, PornKai has something for everyone just like Pornhub does and if you like something new every single time you come to jerk off, this site has it.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, Germany, the United States, Indonesia, and the United Kingdom.


Monthly Users: 16M

Something I love about this free porn site is the vast amount of pornstars showcased on their platform, you can easily find your favorite stars’ films. As well as using their popular category system to filter through your favorite category and type of video. Offering thousands of videos and access to other free porn sites, 4porn is a great alternative.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, France, Poland, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Monthly Users: 1.7B

A dark, rich blue adorns this site making it unique and easily identifiable against some of the other sites we have seen. With lots of old-school and newer videos combined, this porn site has close to 2 billion monthly users which just shows how great of a site it actually is. Don’t let appearances put you off with this one!

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United States, Egypt, Mexico, and Iraq.


Monthly Users: 30m

Although quite different from Pornhub, this popular adult site is worth checking out. Sort films by popular, trending, and even random, which is a lot of fun for more consistent porn watchers as it always brings you something different. It’s another simple site with lots to offer and with 30 million average monthly users you can see for yourself why it’s such a top dog.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: The Philipines, the United States, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom.


Monthly Users: 2.9M

Created in 2005, this dark and sensual porn site has some vague similarities to Pornhub, it’s sleek, it contains a lot of fresh and older porn, it’s free to use and although it doesn’t have as many categories as some of the other sites we have seen, there is still plenty to enjoy here.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: Germany, the United States, Mongolia, the Philippines, and the United Kingdom.


Monthly Users: 12M

With over 3.5 million videos to enjoy at your fingertips, thumbzilla is a fast, no-ads website that takes a lot of the hassle out of porn watching. It has the same volume of videos as Pornhub does but it is quite dissimilar in other ways, what do you think?

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: the United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.


Monthly Users: 5.5M

Funnily, Tube8 is part of the Pornhub network which does create some similarities, however, personally, I do find them to exude different experiences despite the obvious points that make this site a good alternative. Completely free to use, popular, and with so many unseen videos you will never get bored here.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: The United States, Italy, India, And the United Kingdom.

Monthly Users: 9.8M

Slightly different from some of my other suggestions, with videos uploaded from across the internet and shared on their popular and easy-to-use homepage. You can filter through the porn wall, the live stream, pictures, and more.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Italy.

Monthly Users: 4.9M

Launched in 2013, completely free and full-length movies are available for not a cent either. Filter through the most popular, categories, ethnicities, and countries flawlessly. Although there are plenty of HD videos, this isn’t a selling point for this site and older movies will be at the forefront of your experience.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, United States, Mexico, And Japan.

Photo/Gifs Sites Like PornHub

thumbnails and website names of the image porn sites that are most similar to pornhub's image feature.

I couldn’t make this list without including one of the oldest ways that people like to enjoy porn, porn pictures are still incredible and the favorite of many internet users. This little collection includes gifs too, which I must say, really turn me on as a viewer!

Monthly Users: 12.2M

If you’re familiar with TikTok or Instagram reels you will love this site, it’s a constant stream of hot women or men showcasing short clips of themselves doing very naughty and comprising things. I find it alike to Pornhub in how authentic and hot its content actually is.


Monthly Users: 23M

Seemingly endless sexy and hardcore photos are shared here daily, you can filter through categories or just enjoy and keep refreshing the homepage. It’s porn in its oldest form and we love it.


Reddit is an amazing place for porn, it’s free and there is something to suit everyone. I have made a lot of different lists on different Reddit porn subreddits, this is one dedicated to Amateur Reddit porn. You can find extremely niche porn topics on Reddit, find your community, and engage with real people.


Monthly Users: 4M

ImageFap is a one-stop-shop for all things porn picture related. Scroll through endless profiles of real people sharing their kinky pictures and gifs for all to see. There are amateurs, professionals, and everything in between, with this site it’s important not to judge a book by its cover because once you dive in you will be hooked. p

XHamster Images

The porn giant Xhamster, just like Pornhub, even has its own picture collection section, it’s filled with the best amateur and professional pictures that demand attention and creates lust like no other when you’re scrolling through.

Pornhub’s Biggest Competitors In America

pornhub's biggest competitors in America.

Although not all of these sites made it onto my list, these are Pornhubs biggest competitors (according to Ahrefs competition checker), this doesn’t mean they are all similar too (hence why they didn’t make my list) but they are all worthy competition and could be great alternatives for those who didn’t find a site they liked above!


Too Long Didn’t Read (Full Breakdown)

Pornhub is incredible and deserves its well-earned spot at the top of Porn rankings, however, sometimes we need something different, something to whet our appetite and get us out of a rut and my list delivers just that. My top three favorite alternatives to Pornhub are: Youporn for its categories and endless amounts of high-quality porn, second up is RedTube as the appearance is very similar to Pornhub, and yet new videos get uploaded daily, and third up is Eporner as their amateur selection is legendary and with such a huge collection of porn, running out isn’t an option.

Let me know your favorite alternatives down below!

I set this site up with my girlfriend to review adult content and dating sites. We take our time and really test everything we talk about. We have an open relationship which pushed us to test a lot of these amazing sites.

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