14 Amazing Alternatives To xHamster

Who doesn’t like free porn? I like it, and you do, too. And in the endless sea of free porn tube sites, there are not many that stand out as XHamster does. Over the years, this XXX website with an adorable name grew both in size and popularity. It’s now one of the best and biggest on the internet for a ton of good reasons. Everything from the number of videos to their variety and quality to the site’s layout and its ease of use makes this place a go-to for kinky and hardcore action. When you’re at the top, many try to copy you. And some did that with plenty of success.

Sites That Are Like XHamster (Some Even Better)

A curated list of 11 sites like xhamster. All the sites are in seperate boxes and rated on similarity.

XHamster figured out a winning formula for a free porn tube site. There’s a landing page with a ton of captivating thumbnails, useful features, lists of tags and categories, and more. The layout makes browsing easy and streamlined, and there are so many videos that you’ll always find quality stuff in a niche that you like the most. When it comes to ads, they’ve also struck a fine balance between showing them while not being spammy and intrusive. Countless websites tried to replicate that formula with varying degrees of success. And though many have failed, some managed to become even better than XHamster. Here’s a list of my favorite places that I love browsing both alone and with my girlfriend, beginning with the best and most similar sites to XHamster.

Monthly User Date Sourced Using Ahrefs.com and is an estimate of organic traffic. The most searched countries are the countries where the site is most popular based on where the organic traffic comes from. The traffic and location are subject to change.

In Order Of Most Similar To xHamster:


Monthly Users: 950M+

One of the first sites that come to mind is definitely XVideos. XVideos is famous for its minimalist approach to porn and for the hundreds of thousands of videos that it features. If you want an endless supply of free XXX content, you’ll hardly find a better place than this. The landing page is all about captivating thumbnails that instantly take you to the respective videos, and you can play them in a matter of seconds. And if you want something specific, you could always click on one of the tags or categories. XVideos is easy to use, it features countless different performers and an endless supply of porn videos, making it one of the best on the internet.

The Countires That Use This Site The Most: Brazil, United States, Thailand, And Japan.


Monthly Users: 1.7B+

Another website that comes to mind strongly connected to XHamster and XVideos is definitely XNXX. At first glance, this place might look a bit different from the rest due to its stark blue background. However, it’s as easy to use as the ones mentioned so far. It has almost ten million videos in its vast galleries. Plus, there are also countless different pornstars and categories to choose from. The landing page’s thumbnails lead you to those categories instead of playing the videos directly. That way, you’re more likely to find precisely what you’re looking for instead of satisfying with a random scene. And if free stuff isn’t enough for you, get XNXX premium, gold membership and enjoy the highest-quality porn.

The Countires That Use This Site The Most: United States, Egypt, Mexico, and Iraq.


Monthly Users: 26M+

FUQ is very similar in look and feel to the previous websites on the list. However, instead of being a standalone porn site, it’s a whole network of them. The network has content that focuses on trans porn, mature babes, female-friendly action, and there’s even FUQPremium. If you focus on FUQ.com alone, you get a simple and effective porn tube. The homepage is set to feature the most popular categories, allowing you to quickly go back and forth between hot moms, amateurs, homemade porn, and similar. With tens of millions of videos in these galleries, it will be a while before you need to go anywhere else for your dirty XXX needs.

The Countires That Use This Site The Most: Germany, United States, Egypt, And Philippines.


Monthly Users: 1.8B+

It’s hard to make any list with free porn tube sites without mentioning Pornhub. With its seductive black background and rather familiar orange accents, Pornhub is the kind of website that looks more premium than actual premium ones. It might not be a carbon copy of XHamster, but it’s better than it in many aspects. If you’re used to XHamster, it will take a bit to adjust to a different arrangement of sections and categories on the website, but that’s no big deal at all. In turn, you’re rewarded with amazing videos. Also, some creators are exclusive to Pornhub. My girl and I always have a blast watching some of our favorite creators fucking hard. And Pornhub’s premium stuff is unmatched.

The Countires That Use This Site The Most: United States, France, United Kingdom, Italy, And Brazil)


Monthly Users: 4.9M+

If you’re so used to XHamster and its layout, but you still want to spice things up and go to a different place, then check out TXXX. In appearance and features, this site is as close to the XHamster as one can go without being a complete copy. The landing page is all about captivating thumbnails of various videos. You can click on any and instantly play the clip, or you can switch to categories, channels, pornstars, join the community, and more. There’s even a nifty feature that allows you to switch to night mode, making a site easy on the eyes. There are seemingly a bit more ads than on XHamster, but nothing too annoying.

The Countires That Use This Site The Most: India, United States, Mexico, And Japan.


Monthly Users: 5.5M+

Tube8 is the kind of free porn tube that aims to look like a premium website. It behaves similarly to XHamster, but it sacrifices a number of features to give off a cleaner and more expensive feel. Just like with the rest of the sites on the list, the landing page on Tube8 is all about thumbnails that give quick access to incredible porn scenes. These thumbnails are split into sections that offer top videos and the newest ones. Going down further, you’ll run into top pornstars, categories, and channels as well. Signing up with a free membership grants access to higher-quality porn, while a VIP Tube8 membership unlocks a ton of additional perks and exclusive content.

The Countires That Use This Site The Most: United States, Italy, India, And United Kingdom.


Monthly Users: 83M+

YouPorn takes after XHamster but aims to improve and seduce with a more polished design. Apart from the website looking absolutely incredible, there’s also so much porn that you’ll stop to think whether you’ll ever need another porn tube again. There are thousands of pages of free high-quality content in every XXX category imaginable. Whether you’re into female-friendly action, cosplay, JOI, public fucking, romantic lovemaking, striptease, or gangbangs, YouPorn has it all. And if free stuff just doesn’t cut it, this place lets you upgrade to YouPorn premium for less than ten bucks a month, granting access to stunning, exclusive HD, VR, and DVD content with no ads.

The Countires That Use This Site The Most: France, United States, Italy and United Kingdom.


Monthly Users: 3.8M+

Motherless is one of the kinkiest mainstream porn sites that my girlfriend and I have ever been on. It looks similar to the rest free tubes on the list. But the difference is in the content that you get here. Plenty of clips, pics, and photo galleries are user-uploaded, meaning they are unique, exclusive, and made by a bunch of horny and perverted people just like you and me. You’ll find some naughtier, more obscure, and taboo kinks and fetishes on Motherless. If you truly want something different in the form of pics and videos that you won’t find on the usual porn sites, then check this one out.

The Countires That Use This Site The Most: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and France.


Monthly Users: 21M+

If you want nothing but quality in your porn videos, then Eporner is the place for you. They might not have most porn clips of the sites on the list, but the vast majority of stuff in their galleries is either HD, 4K, or higher in quality. And even then, there are almost three million professionally done scenes and more than half a million amateur ones. Go through their 60 FPS or 4K videos, check out the hottest categories with the most hardcore action, browse an extensive list of beautiful pornstars, or enjoy a massive collection of pics and GIFs. There’s no premium subscription, but you can unlock additional features by creating a free account.

The Countires That Use This Site The Most: United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, And France.


Monthly Users: 3.6M+

PornTrex is another porn site that’s strikingly similar to XHamster. It even has some better features, such as interactive thumbnails and the ability to see a video preview by hovering over them. You can also switch between straight, gay, and trans content in one click. Website sections are neatly arranged on a bar at the top of the homepage, and those captivating thumbnails being lining up right underneath. To the side, you’ll find popular categories that give you quick access to the stuff you might like most. It’s an amazing website, and the only reason that it’s not higher is that there are a bit more ads than I’d like.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, India, United Kingdom, And France.


Monthly Users: 59M+

RedTube is one of the older sites on the list, and as such, it has survived the test of time through sheer quality and dedication. This place belongs to the massive Pornhub network, alongside YouPorn and Tube8, so you know you can expect almost premium quality, even though it’s all free. RedTube comes with an incredibly polished website that is a joy to use. Everything is expertly designed and works smoothly. The browsing experience is almost as sexy as those scenes that you’ll be jerking off to. And if you ever decide you want more than countless free videos, get a RedTube premium membership and be amazed.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, France, Spain, And Poland.


Monthly Users: 12M+

Last but not least, we have another free tube in the Pornhub network called Thumbzilla. The website looks strikingly similar to XHamster, though it’s modernized and polished. There’s even a good logo, and a whole site’s theme revolves around Godzilla for some reason. With millions of videos to go through and plenty of tools to help you do that, Thumbzilla is as capable as the rest of the sites on the list. Some scenes on this site have hundreds of thousands of views. The bitches are hot, the quality is HD, and the videos are plenty. What else do you need?

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United Kingdom, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore.

Pic Sites Like Xhamster

Image sites that use the same system as xhamster.

In addition to countless free porn video sites that look like XHamster, my girl and I also like to switch things and go to a pic site now and then. These offer a different kind of dirty fun since it’s mostly short but steamy moments captured in those images or GIFs. Naturally, there are a number of pic sites that took after XHamster, so here is a couple that we like to use the most.


Monthly Users: 3.7M

ImageFap is a massive porn picture website that has existed for decades now. You can tell that this is the older place by the website’s design. It still has some features just like XHamster, and you can use those to quickly go from one gallery to another, check out blogs, and forums, upload content yourself or even browse their selection of XXX videos. There are millions of picture galleries to go through in every niche imaginable, whether you’re into amateurs, anime, anal, ebony, big tits, CFNM, creampies, and so on.

If you want to know more about ImageFap we created an ImageFap review you can check out, it will tell you how to use it, all the features and some sites just like it.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, United Kingdom, France, And Canada.


Monthly Users: 10M+

Sex.com is another famous porn image website that has gone through a recent overhaul. However, the older version of the site is still one of my favorites. It’s nothing but pure, unadulterated XXX fun. The homepage blasts you with the most hardcore and perverted pics and GIFs from the moment you get to it. You can keep scrolling and enjoying page after page of busty babes, huge cocks, sloppy deepthroats, balls deep riding, and more. While Sex.com does have a video collection, it’s those pics and GIFs that people visit them for.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, India, France, and Brazil.

Too Long; Didn’t Read (Conclusion)

A breakdown of the full guide with the four most similar sites. The sites mentioned are sex.com, xvideos, pornhub and motherless. The sites all have a screenshot above them of the websites.

If reading all this text feels too much for you, then know that you can go to every single website on the list and have guaranteed months of dirty fun. As for my favorites, XVideos is one of the simplest and easiest to use with the most content. Pornhub is there for that premium feel and its collection of exclusive videos and amateurs. Motherless is always there when my girlfriend and I are looking for something particularly kinky. And when we want to change things up and go for short but sweet GIFs and high-res pictures, Sex.com is there for us.

I set this site up with my girlfriend to review adult content and dating sites. We take our time and really test everything we talk about. We have an open relationship which pushed us to test a lot of these amazing sites.


  1. Thank you. Xhamster and pornhub has stopped uploading of videos from non premium users. I had uploaded many videos if me. But now I cannot because I am not a verified member. Which are the porn sites that I can upload videos. I am using xvideos and uploaded many. But now they block saying edit needed.


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