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If you’ve ever watched porn on the internet (and let’s face it, who hasn’t), then chances are high that you’ve been to It’s one of the biggest and most popular free tube sites on the internet with it ranking number 15 on SEMRush’s global sites with over 3.5B monthly views. has millions of videos in its galleries. There are countless different genres and categories of porn to explore and enjoy. And even though the vast majority of scenes on XNXX are free, the quality goes up to stunning HD, the girls are as gorgeous as they come, and the action is top-notch.

The site also has a number of features that make your stay there and browsing easier and more pleasant. You can easily switch between straight, gay, and trans content. Plus, in addition to videos, there are pics, stories, live cams, forums, and more. It’s really one of the best places for free porn, but it’s not the only one. Here’s the list of XXX websites similar to that my girlfriend and I love to visit.

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Monthly User Date Sourced Using and is an estimate of organic traffic. The most searched countries are the countries where the site is most popular based on where the organic traffic comes from.

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Monthly Users: 1 Billion +

Starting off with a bang, we have XVideos. I know many people who are more familiar with this one instead of XNXX. XVideos is also one of the top players in the adult industry, and it’s a website that perfected the art of providing free porn to the masses. The landing page is nothing but high-quality thumbnails of trending videos that are hard to skip. You can simply scroll down and go page after page, exploring more than ten million scenes that XVideos has in its galleries.

If you’re looking for something specific, be sure to use its search bar, a comprehensive list of tags, or explore the channels, pornstars, and their profiles. The website works flawlessly, and everything loads fast. There are some ads, but they aren’t as intrusive as they can be, which is another big plus for a porn site of this size. Overall, XVideos is as good as XNXX in certain segments and maybe even better in others.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: Brazil, United States, Thailand, and Japan.


Monthly Users: 720M+

You can’t have a list of good free porn tubes without mentioning everyone’s favorite internet hamster. XHamster is one of the veterans in the adult industry, going way back to the year 2007. It looks similar to XNXX, and in some ways, it’s even more polished and updated to fit modern web design standards. While XNXX has thumbnails on the landing page that lead to popular categories, XHamster takes you straight to the newest and trending porn videos.

Next to the thumbnail section of the website, you’ll find a number of categories that are there for easy access. If you want even more features, check out the top bar that lets you go to the pornstar list, the list of channels, amateur and XHamster creators, and more. The site even has its own gallery of photos, and it has both live cams and its own dating platform. You can sign up for a free account that lets you leave comments, get special recommendations tailored for you, and even chat with other users.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, Pakistan, United States, and France.


Monthly Users: 32m+

YouJizz is another free tube where the action begins right off the bat. The landing page is littered with big, bright, flashy, perverted, and colorful thumbnails that beg you to click on them and play respective videos. Each thumbnail offers additional info about the video it represents. That way, you can quickly tell how long the scene is, what’s its rating, how many views it’s garnered so far, and whether it’s available in HD. Everything loads fast and works smoothly. The player even gives you the option to download any video that you want.

Exploring vast galleries of YouJizz, where there are more than four million videos, is fun and engaging. You can go page by page, marveling at those previews and randomly clicking on whatever grabs your attention. Or take a different approach and go to the newest videos, top videos of the week, month, or all-time, trending scenes, or even random ones. In addition to all that, you can find some captivating porn games on their website. Plus, there’s the option to create a free account and use even more features.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: Philippines, United States, Italy, and United Kingdom.

Monthly Users: 130M+ has more than fifteen million videos in its collection, and that number just keeps growing. Apart from the color scheme and some web design elements, the site looks and works almost exactly like XNXX. The homepage features a bunch of kinky thumbnails that lead to porn categories instead of directly to videos. That way, you can narrow things down right off the bat and only explore that which interests you. Every category displays the number of videos in it. Some categories have millions of videos, meaning you’ll never run out of fresh, hardcore action.

The main possible downside to is that it doesn’t host its own content but instead leads you to the porn sites that do. That’s precisely what allows the place to have so many videos. On the other hand, the websites you end up on might be littered with ads, so it’s sort of a gamble whenever you click on a thumbnail. Nevertheless, a couple of popup ads are nothing compared to the sheer amount of quantity and pure quality of this content.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, Canada, Brazil, and United Kingdom.


Monthly Users: 21m+

Eporner strives to be the best free tube site for high-quality videos. With almost three million professionally done scenes and more than six hundred thousand amateur clips, its collection of porn is massive. Still, those numbers are lower than what we’ve seen in many of the previous XXX sites. And that’s precisely because Eporner’s goal is only to feature top-tier stuff. You can still run into 720p and even 480p videos, especially if they are amateur production, but the vast majority of fresh uploads are either 1080p, 2K, or more.

There are even free VR scenes on Eporner that will blow your mind. If you want to see what 4K UHD imagery looks like, or if you want to see just how fluid hardcore fucking in 60 FPS is, but you don’t want to spend a load of cash on premium websites, then this is the place for you. If you make a free account, you get to upload content yourself, chat with others, and utilize their faster streaming servers.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, Philippines, United Kingdom, and France.

Monthly Users: 26m+

Apart from a color palette and font choice, is strikingly similar to XNXX in the way it functions and in the features that the site offers. You get a homepage filled with inviting thumbnails that lead to categories instead of videos. Each of these thumbnails shows how many scenes there are in the category, and some have millions of them. You can use FUQ to search for more than 55 million videos.

The site functions the same way as some of the others on the list. It doesn’t host its own content but instead leads you to the sites that do. And that comes with the usual set of pros and cons. On top of that, FUQ lets you effortlessly switch between new, popular, and top-rated videos. It’s also a network of sites that also features shemale, gay, mature content, and even a premium site.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: Germany, United States, Egypt, and Philippines


Monthly Users: 134M+

If you’re looking for a free porn site that offers a variety of content from some of the biggest premium producers in the industry, then SpankBang is the place for you. Right off the bat, the top of the home page is reserved for premium channels like HeyMILF, Her Limit, Adult Time, Evil Angel, PervCity, and others. Clicking on any of those leads you to their selection of videos. Some stuff in there is just promo content, meaning you won’t get full scenes. But that’s still premium fucking that you watch for free.

The fun with SpankBang doesn’t end there, as it also has the regular stuff that you get on a good free tube. There are different categories and pornstar lists, but also live cams and even adult TV stations. Plus, the website has a dedicated mobile mode, meaning it works flawlessly on any device. It’s a great all-rounder.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, Japan, Thailand, and India.


Monthly Users: 1.8B+

If there’s one porn site on this list that doesn’t need much introduction, that’s Pornhub. As a titan in the industry, Pornhub grew so big it infiltrated mainstream media and even became a part of the meme culture. Almost everyone knows about this free tube, and for a good reason. The website is sleek and modern. It has all the important tools and features to help you navigate its kinky galleries.

They have a whole host of performers who create exclusive content for Pornhub. And even though it’s a free tube, Pornhub has one of the best premium offers on the market. Their premium stuff is next to none, and you can see that for yourself as, every now and then, some paid scenes are offered for free. If there’s one website next to XNXX that’s a must-see for any porn aficionado; it’s this one.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, France, United Kingdom, Italy.


Monthly Users: 59M+

RedTube is a part of the Pornhub network and, as such, shares a bunch of similarities with the main website. RedTube is one of those sites that have been around for many decades, yet it kept getting updated to keep up with the trends, and it managed to stay relevant that way. RedTube has it all. The landing page gives you trending videos in your area but also recommendations based on your previous searches. You can also check out trending playlists and pornstars and find a scene that suits you that way.

If you ever decide to splurge out and pay for premium quality action, RedTube has one of the best memberships. There’s exclusive content from the likes of Brazzers and FamilyStrokes. You get only the highest-quality stuff. There’s VR action and DVDs. And, naturally, not a single ad in sight.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: United States, France, Spain, and Poland.


Monthly Users: 36M+

Beeg might have a silly name, but don’t let that trick you into missing out on an amazing porn site. This one is as modern as they get, and you’ll feel as if you’re browsing something made last year. There are tons of handy features, like the one where you can play the video from a thumbnail without leaving the page that you’re on.

It’s a website with a modern and minimalist approach to design that, in turn, has countless high-quality videos. My girl and I have been using it for some time now, and we’re yet to run into a single pixelated clip. It’s all just pure quality.

The Countries That Use This Site The Most: India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan.


Finally, it’s worth mentioning the biggest site of them all, and that’s Reddit. While not quite similar to, and not even exclusively a porn site, Reddit is still one of the best places for porn, regardless of your tastes and preferences in it. We’ve covered Reddit and its various subs in a number of different lists. You can find the most incredible amateur content there, and a lot of it will be exclusively uploaded by other Reddit users.

There’s a subreddit for any porn genre, kink, or naughty interest in existence. Sometimes, there are multiple subs per one kink. Depending on the number of members, some subs feature multiple daily uploads, meaning you’ll have so much fresh porn to jerk off to that you’ll never need another XXX site.

Too Long; Didn’t Read (The Conclusion)

TL;DR breakdown. The image shows the three sites that are similar to xnxx that I love the most. The sites are beeg, xvideos and pornhub. All of the sites have a screenshot of the websites.

To sum things up, is one of the most incredible free porn sites. The ones mentioned on the list compare to it rather well. There are usually some tradeoffs, depending on the site you visit. There are pros in some segments and cons in others. For the sheer amount of content, XVideos is one of our favorites. Naturally, my girl and I use Pornhub a lot, but then again, who doesn’t? When we want to feel modern and elegant, we go to Beeg and enjoy browsing as much as all that steamy content. And in the end, we probably spend the most time on various subreddits since there are so many of them, and the stuff you can find there is absolutely stunning.

I set this site up with my girlfriend to review adult content and dating sites. We take our time and really test everything we talk about. We have an open relationship which pushed us to test a lot of these amazing sites.

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