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Tied up, teased with a little Lelo vibrator, he worked me up to more. He moved it with agonizing slowness, infinite patience, circled each nipple with the vibrations, kissed each globe, moving the vibrator down,





Edged at my lips, traced the plump folds, around and back and down again. Touched so softly, so gently that the vibrations were diminutive, and then pushed slightly inside, so slowly and yet consistent until embedded between my folds. In and out, faster and faster, increased the pace, patient to allow my body to adjust and welcome and build and peak.

After I came from that, he moved up and positioned his cock in my mouth. He didn’t give me much time to adjust, just slowly lowered his length as if he were entering my sex. I breathed slowly, in time to his movement, conscious of lips blocking teeth, slid my tongue along his length, flicked and glided, felt him grow as he reached the back of my throat. He pulled out, moved back down.

And holy fuck, out came the loud intimidating roar of the Hitachi wand. He pressed it against the side of my thighs, moved across first one lip and then the other, down the thighs, back up, taunted, teased, not quite touched.

I wanted him to move it just slightly to my crevice…I didn’t want that thing even near my sex.

Oh god, and then it pulsated and vibrated at my entrance, and moved up and down my folds from clit to sex, and I arched so abruptly, and tried to pull against my ties, that my lower back hurt from the effort.

I came despite the distraction of a sore back. He moved the wand off and my body released so much tension so suddenly that I screamed from that, and the bed seemed to sink around my form. His cock was back in my mouth, and he moved even more forcefully inside of it. When he hit the back of my throat, he kept it there, and positioned himself more over me, thrusting down into it.

I was concerned, I was helpless to stop his invasion; I was apprehensive about my small mouth accommodating the face fucking, as he seemed inclined to do. If my wrists weren’t tied, I would’ve used them to moderate how deeply he went; I had to trust him.

He thrusted a couple of times, and I was just a reciprocal for his mouth, offering my tongue and lips as my meager sacrifice, the back of my throat distracted me from breathing.

He twitched a few times, to the point where I was concerned that he would cum in my mouth – hoped he would.

Then he withdrew. His fingers searched out for my sex, and then his tongue. His glorious tongue that twisted and turned and curled in the perfect spot at my entrance since the first time he tasted me.

Both his fingers and his tongue had me back up climaxing. But he wasn’t done.

There was an attachment to the wand he wanted to try. It had three prongs and he asked if it was acceptable. I gulped and nodded, hoping it was, unsure if I was willing to try, unable to find my voice to protest at that moment.

And then it was sliding into my body as he slid himself into my mouth; the wand buzzed on, and holy fuck

it         was     fucking           ah-mazing.

I couldn’t stop orgasming. My core tightened to such an extent, my breath held painfully.

I fucked the machine so hard, came so hard, tightened so much, strained so much.

I wanted to get away, I wanted it to continue, I wanted him inside of me, I just wanted him to stop.

And then the attachment was gone, though the tip of the wand still stayed between my drenched legs. And his mouth was back to claim possession again. I moaned and kept forgetting to breathe around him, and he twitched and tensed and grew and relaxed several times against my tongue that I was sure that he would be pleased and I would taste the salty unique taste of him.

But he wanted to be pleased inside my body, and soon lowered himself down by my ankles, released first one, then the other, and watched my face as he slowly inserted a We Vibe. Once it was in, I felt close to reaching a peak already. He held his delicious head and teased it around my entrance, flicked it back and forth, and then leaned in and thrusted violently. The full length of him slid inside and hit a spot (why was he seamlessly hitting it?), the vibrations of the vibe pushed a strong orgasm.

And after a quick breath, I was pushed back up to a peak and kept there. I kept begging to be let down, for him to cum, for me to breath, to … hell, I didn’t even know what I begged for, at times just made animalistic noises and screams, needed to breathe and be let down, pulled and yanked on my wrist cuffs so much that my wrists hurt and my fingers felt strained. And finally, finally, after I was screamed on the peak for what seemed a lifetime, I heard his answered response of pleasure, felt his body slow the rhythm he found his own pleasure at, felt his thighs push and tense against me as if afraid of falling.

When he moved off, I muttered how terribly cruel he was to keep me at that point for so long. How it was terrible in its magnificence (actually I kept the magnificence to myself, and just complained). My eyes wouldn’t open, my body wouldn’t relax, but my mouth could complain. He wasn’t buying the complaints, told me I was welcomed.

*Wicked Wednesday is about firsts. This has been in drafts for a long time; it was my first time with a wand, and the first time my mouth was fucked without my control at all.  It’s nice when the first time is a gloriously fun time!

Wicked Wednesday

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  8 Responses to “A lot of patience”

  1. Smart man. I like that he simply said “you’re welcome”

  2. This is so f***ing hot. Having no control with him fucking your mouth, the continuous climax with the wand… this is just SO hot!!!

    Rebel xox

  3. *fans self* These are some seriously hot and delicious firsts. The line that really grabs me, though, is this one:

    “I wanted to get away, I wanted it to continue, I wanted him inside of me, I just wanted him to stop.”

    That beautiful and awful feeling of wanting more but not knowing if you can take it? Divine.

    Hot, hot post.

    Jane xxx

  4. Think I need to step outside in the rain to cool off lol

  5. “If my wrists weren’t tied, I would’ve used them to moderate how deeply he went; I had to trust him.”

    I’ve felt that. Exactly. Great post and so much Hotness.

  6. Wow that’s hot. And a great advertisement for each of those products. I could just read your sorry to some of my customers and watch the commission checks just roll in.

  7. I only recently realised that wands can be used really well for kink – they are torturously strong!

  8. That was very hot! 😉

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