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Eroticon2Where I’m at: 
Mourning the loss of my baby sister who began this blog with me and stumbling through relationships.
I’m a professional and a mother. I’ve moved so many times in recent years due to being a military spouse that I reinvent anything further than these, it feels like. My ex husband and I had a rough break up, which he was gracious enough to let me share my perspective on.
While I was single after being married for so long, I still have a regular boyfriend in an open relationship, a play partner and friend who travels a lot, and I discovered my inner slut wasn’t quite as happy as I wanted with random hook ups.
I’ve been into bondage and knife play for quite awhile. I learned through my marriage (and during the time that I’ve been blogging) that I love many kinks. Most of the kink read about from me will include bondage (mostly rope) mixed with some power play dynamic, orgasm control, knife play, wax, deep throating, electricity play, spanking, and/or choking. Unless otherwise mentioned, it is about my ex husband if I wrote it (Cammies or M as the author). With him, I embraced submission. I am always in control, always the decision maker and boundary enforcer, in both my personal and professional life – I only relinquish control in regards to my sex life. I also switched for him, and learned after our separation that topping is just something I naturally gravitate towards and that my kink can be separate from sex.

2I have always loved sex. I’m quite capable of multiple orgasms. And climaxing different ways.

I’m an avid rope slut. While I continue to venture tentatively out in new communities after the separation from marriage, they tend to be rope centered. I’m quite often pictured in suspension photos. The unforeseen beauty of blogging is I have actually chronicled my journey in rope, something that I am grateful to have.

So I’ve now written about a few others – play partners, friends, and lovers.
 About MIn the Beginning:
One day, my younger sister and I were visiting each other and decided to write this blog. It began as more soft erotica, and has evolved to more BDSM. Over time, my sister found the love of her life and struggled with health issues, taking less of a role on the blog. She died towards the end of 2016. I still continue to write here, though the blog has evolved so much and I’m now clueless as to the direction.  You can also find me on twitter and  tumblr.
Random facts:
I insist that I am 5 ft (1.524 m) tall.
I dislike pizza.
I rarely use makeup – for that reason I really don’t know how to apply it.
I rarely do my hair in anything other than ponytail – and yeah, really don’t know how to style it.
I’m pretty lazy recently.
The first time I wore a corset was at Eroticon.
I love to read.
My favorite color is purple – which is obvious from my rope and toys.
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  1. when M from Cammies on the Floor asked Graydancer to show her husband how to tie her, I jumped in

  2. I hope you saw the award at: http://mysexlifewithlola.com/2014/11/bad-girl-bloggers-award/
    Please link back to it when you pass on the love!



  3. You’re random facts are interesting. damned shame to hear the military still bothers with such ridiculous policies.

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