77 Of The Best Cum Subreddits

Whether you swallow or spit, crave it in your ass, beg for it in your pussy, or prefer it all over your face, cum is a naturally sticky, tasty substance that we all know and love. Maybe you enjoy it as it splatters across your chest and warms your skin or perhaps your preferred way of enjoying cum is as it shoots deep inside of your date and you get to watch their face as your balls contract and squeeze out every last drop.

If you’re anything like me, the cumshot at the end of a porno is usually my favorite part, I love finding a great scene filled with cum and so, it got me thinking. Why not make a list dedicated to the very best subreddits that are all related to cum? That way all of the best posts, videos, pictures, and scenes can all be found in one place, whether you’re looking for a slut taking a cum facial or a cock loading up a tight ass with copious amounts of man juice. There’s something for everyone on this list, no matter your cum preferences, so sit back and enjoy these never-ending cum subreddits, all free and all for you.

In Order Of The Cum Subreddits With The Highest Active Members:

list of cum related Reddits

I have kept these subreddits in order of the most popular, I used the metric of the most members as more members equals more posts and more updates more often than not with Reddit. If you don’t know a thing about Reddit it’s a free website with a network of different communities (subreddits) where you can share pictures, videos, stories, and more. It works quite like a forum, you can make a free account and save your favorite subreddits. Now that’s cleared up it’s time for the fun, bring on the cum!

In my list, you will find cum fetish subs, cum porn subs, gay cum subs, breeding, femdom, cum eating, creampies, and more.

r/cumsluts2.8m Members

This subreddit is a place for any kind of gifs, videos, and pictures of hot women taking cum. This could be on their pretty face, on their tits, in their pussy, or just all over their body. It’s arousing, it’s filled to the brim with erotic cum content, and if you like seeing hot babes taking load after load of the hot stuff, definitely check it out.

r/cumfetish 1.4m Members

This sub is very open and welcoming to all kinds of cum content, you can swap cum photos, share your favorite cum videos, post cumshot gifs, share your favorite cum-related stories, and even share more of the wild stuff like your favorite pornstar, drinking cup of warm cum. It’s an inclusive community with a heck of a lot to see.

r/creampies1.3m Members

If you love creampies, you’re going to love this active and popular creampie subreddit. It’s a community for people who love to see women in video and picture format getting creampied, this can be 1 on 1 or even including two or more people. It’s hot, it’s sexy and it’s seemingly never-ending.

r/amateurcumsluts1.2m Members

A place for more amateur-ish content featuring sluts and their love of cum, share videos, pictures, and even gifs of hot amateur babes taking cum in all of the best ways. You can upvote, downvote, comment, and save your favorite amateur hotties if you make a free account too, which I recommend doing.

r/cumshots869k Members

For me, the cum shot is usually the best part of pornography, and getting to enjoy cum shot after cum shot on this page is just so heartwarming. It’s free, it’s inclusive and there are so many posts to enjoy all featuring delicious cumshots.

r/FacialFun835k Members

Prefer a facial? this sub will bring you all of that and more with endless videos, pictures, and gifs of sexy sluts taking facial after facial. It is NSFW and should be explored as you sit in private, jerking your meat and enjoying thousands of facial posts from amateurs and professionals.

r/creampie720k Members

Another delightful creampie sub awaits with this one. It isn’t as popular as the first I mentioned however, it is still insanely active and contains so much good smut, it’s impossible to look away. You can enjoy creampies in all of their glory here and never have to pay a cent.

r/Breeding 700k Members

If you like the breeding aspect of cum and creampies, this subreddit has you covered. All videos, pictures, and NSFW content relates to breeding in some way and discussion about being bred and fertile is heavily encouraged.

r/cumcoveredfucking619k Members

Niche and specific, however, not one you should just scroll past because the content on this sub is unforgettable. Explore pictures and gifs featuring cum on a woman’s body as she is fucked and relishing in the cumshot.

r/thickloads515k Members

If you like your cumshots with a lot of girth and a lot of substance, r/thickloads is a place to share and enjoy pictures and videos of hot girls getting laced and coated with thick and juicy cumshots. This isn’t a place for tiny sputters of cum, this sub is for thick, meaty loads only.

r/CumHaters474k Members

Love to see a pretty face of disgust as a hot chick takes a load she doesn’t like or want. this place is for just that. Women taking loads who aren’t super into it, maybe they have a face of disgust, maybe there’s a look in their eye, whatever it is you won’t see any smiling or begging for cum here.

r/creampiegifs454k Members

Created way back in 2013, this sub is a simple spot for those of us who enjoy cum to hang out. It’s a safe space for people who want to share and enjoy gifs of hot women getting creampied. There are clips from porn videos, homemade amateur gifs, public creampies, and everything in between.

r/forcedcreampie430k Members

A place for videos of women forcing men to cum inside of them, it’s busy and interactive, there are tons of videos to enjoy, and more are being uploaded by other users daily. This sub will seriously turn you on so you have been warned!

r/cumonclothes390k Members

Seeing it in public or the bedroom is hot and on this page, you can enjoy endless videos and pictures of women showing off the cum on their clothes, whether it’s a splatter or a huge thick coating, you can see the cum covered cuties here.

r/ThrobbingCIM380k Members

Featuring oral creampies except with a satisfying twist, this sub is all about videos and gifs of oral creampies except there must be a visible throb inside of the closed mouth. It’s unique but it sure is hot and a lot of fun to get lost in.

r/Facials 370k Members

Enjoy almost half a million active users on this sub that explores the wonderful phenomenon known as ‘facials’. Created in 2010, facial enthusiasts have been visiting this slice of the internet for their facial fix ever since.

r/ForgotToPullOut360k Members

Although I have noticed some repetitive content on this sub, it is a hot place to find pics and videos of creampies. There isn’t any amateur stuff uploaded here but if you love pornstar creampies and high-quality content, this is for you.

r/RuinedOrgasms340k Members

If you like orgasm control, femdom, and ruined orgasms, you’re going to like it here. Created in 2011, you can be sure of thousands of hours of fun as you scroll through this page of delightful ruined orgasm posts. Full list of femdom subreddits can be found here.

r/cum324k Members

A sub for all, this online horny hangout spot is a space for all cum lovers to unite and share their pictures, videos, and gifs. Enjoy gay cum, couples cum, cumshots, creampies, cum on clothes, public cum, and everything in between.

r/creampiegangbangs315k Members

What could be hotter than a collection of the very best videos featuring not just creampies but gangbangs too? A daring and intriguing sub filled with only the best videos, all bursting with cum and lots of sex.

r/CumFromAnal310k Members

With an emphasis on male cocks dripping with cum as they enjoy anal stimulation, this sub may not be for everybody but for those it does impress, it will keep you hooked. Enjoy countless filthy images and videos of anal orgasms along with dribbling cocks and male action.

r/pulsatingcumshots 297k Members

Love your cumshots to be passionate, intense, and utterly irresistible? Created in 2012 this niche subreddit is a honey pot of delectable cumshots all with the addition of a pulsating cock, pussy, and orgasm.

r/bodyshots290k Members

A place for all cum shots to be shared, the only rule is they must be below the neck. Cumshots in all forms are allowed, so long as the face is spared. With thousands of users and growing popularity, there are some seriously hot posts on this sub.

r/RedditorCum289k Members

Amateur videos and pictures are encouraged on this sub, it may not be the most popular or the most active but if you prefer amateur clips mixed in with so more well-known faces, all always enjoying hot cum, check it out.

r/AwaitingCum289k Members

You know that face a girl makes as she sits there waiting for your cum, her mouth open, her eyes wide, her cheeks flushed? well, this subreddit is a place to find pictures of hot girls doing just that, waiting patiently for a big load.

r/cuminsideme265k Members

Although not necessarily a sub for cumshots and filthy cum videos, this sub is for those of us who like dirty talk and most importantly told to ‘cum’, ‘cum inside me’, and variations of that. With links to porn videos all featuring ‘cum in me’ prompts, this sub is a lot of fun.

r/CumSwallowing260k Members

A steamy collection of videos all featuring actual cum swallowing, no facials, no creampies, no throatpies, just thirsty sluts swallowing cum and making sure it goes straight down their throat.

r/before_after_cumsluts240k Members

A unique and dazzling sub that takes a beautiful pornstar and shows you a before and after headshot, one before she is fucked and coated in cum and the other just after, as it oozes into her skin and makes her look like a cum-loving slut.

r/Creampie_Porn240k Members

A place for the best creampie videos to be shared amongst the thousands of users already a part of this huge community. Share your favorite, comment, upvote and join in on the creampie porn fun.

r/prematurecumshots235k Members

Amateur and professional videos are welcome here, the only rule is that they must include premature ejaculation, maybe this is him cumming right as he goes inside of her or during a blowjob when she least expects it.

r/CumshotSelfies228k Members

Selfies of cute girls as they’re covered or being covered in cum. It isn’t the most active sub out there but it’s fun to scroll through and as a cum-lover it’s very arousing too.

r/cumontongue222k Members

Very niche, this sub is for those of us who just love to see cum on her tongue, it’s a place for pictures, videos, and gifs to be shared by like-minded users who all love to see that white stuff on a pretty girl’s wet tongue.

r/CumCannonAddicts205k Members

An inclusive subreddit, although I would say it does have more of a focus on those who enjoy seeing men shooting loads on themselves or on other men. It’s filled with videos and gifs of big loads, shooting out and splattering long distances.

r/cumflation201k Members

Perverted, laced with warnings, and for those who have a particular preference, this subreddit is for those who enjoy seeing cum ballooning up the receiver, it’s usually in a cartoon-style of artwork as it features impossible scenarios and fantasy moments.

r/shesgonnacum190k Members

We all know what those sweet words ‘I’m gonna cum’ do to us so why not enjoy this subreddit with videos linked to that very moment as girls tell us exactly what’s about to happen and we try not to nut?

r/cumlube170k Members

Actual lube is overrated for the members of this subreddit, they prefer using cum as lube and as you scroll through this eye-wateringly hot page you will soon be converted and aching to use cum as lube every day of the week.

r/SloppySeconds170k Members

For videos, pictures, and stories of sloppy seconds, one dick leaving the vagina and another entering it, thus enjoying sloppy seconds of the highest degree. Insanely hot.

r/analcreampies 179k Members

Prefer your creampies in the other hole? the hole not always ventured? well, this sub has you covered with gifs and videos from across the internet of hot models taking it in the ass and getting a delicious hot anal creampie.

r/GFTJCreampie156k Members

Girls finishing off a guy with their pussies is highly underrated as we usually see the blowjob, the handjob, or just a typical creampie, what makes this better is the girls working to get him off, using only their vaginas.

r/coveredincum156k Members

As long as she’s covered in cum, somewhere on her body, a picture of it is welcome here on this friendly sub. Respect the rules and guidelines and post and share to your heart’s content.

r/ropes141k Members

Like your cumshots to be stringy and ropey? so does my girlfriend, and in this sub you can enjoy endless photos and videos of girls getting the ropiest cumshots on the internet.

r/CuckoldPregnancy140k Members

Not for everyone, but for those it does appeal to, it will certainly make you very happy. A place for cuckolds and their wives to share their pregnant and impregnation news all fathered by their very happy bull.

r/gloryholecreampie106k Members

A sensual and sexy sub with Gloryhole fanatics in mind, the videos and gifs posted here all have one thing in common a creampie through a glory hole, much to our delight and that of the thousands of users already members of this sub.

r/creampiesurprise130k Members

A subreddit for surprise and non-expected creampies inside the vagina or ass. The videos shared must catch the real event and a surprise creampie must be in the video. Enjoy!

r/FemdomCreampie123k Members

Female doms are a special type of creature and this page features femdoms riding men until they cum and not stopping until they say so. It’s intense, hardcore, and reminds me of a lot of the wonderful content seen on these femdom porn sites.

r/facialcumshots114k Members

Created way back in 2011, this subreddit is for girls showing off their sticky cum covered faces in either video or picture format. All are welcome and all are appreciated.

r/CumInHair97k Members

Plain, simple, and yet so effective at turning you on and fulfilling the already subscribed users, all this sub does is showcase pictures and gifs of women at home or out in public with cum in their hair and it is perfecting.

r/unexpectedcum96k Members

Slightly newer than some of the other subs we have seen, created in 2017, here we get to enjoy women surprised by cumshots. It’s one of a kind but it is a lot of fun to browse through.

r/cuminthroat90k Members

If intense and extreme throatpies are your thing, you will love this subreddit. With links to videos and hot gifs of women getting their throats filled to the brim with hot cum.

r/ForcedCreampies79k Members

Gifs, links to videos, and shares of the best videos await all crammed with the female taking the lead and forcing a creampie inside of herself, she wants it so she’s going to take it, right?

r/cumshotgifs 79k Members

Although not extremely popular there is still a vast catalog of juicy cumshot gifs to explore, make your own free account to upvote, comment and save them.

r/CuckoldCumsWatching79k Members

Love to watch a wife fuck another man, getting him to cum as her husband watches? this sub has you covered. It’s not for everyone but it’s certainly a treat for those who do love it. Be sure to also check out these cuckold porn sites for even more of this.

r/Jav_Creampies78k Members

A place to enjoy videos of Japanese adult stars getting creampied. There are quite consistent uploads on this sub so filtering through the best and awaiting new posts is bound to give you something new every day.

r/CumOnAss77k Members

Cumshots on nice asses make the world go round and this sub is purely for that exact thing, hot asses, coated in cum. What could be better than such simplicity?

r/BigCocksCumming75k Members

If you enjoy watching big, juicy cocks cumming and exploding with white, sticky seed, check out this busy and popular sub, made for everyone who enjoys the finer things in life like big dicks and plenty of orgasms.

r/girlslovecum66k Members

Something I love to do on Reddit is filtered by ‘Top’ of ‘All time’, especially if I know I am not going to be a daily visitor to the sub, that way I get all of the best posts that have ever been uploaded. This sub is for pictures and videos of girls smiling wide as they receive a delicious cumshot.

r/fakecreampie60k Members

A place to share videos, gifs, and pictures of only the hottest fake creampies on the internet. The creampies can be from sex toys, fake cum lube, fake homemade cum, and anything in between.

r/BestAmateurCumshots59k Members

Made as a place to share amateur and homemade porn cumshots, this sub features tons of amateur content all with tantalizing moments, and although it’s not all amateur or homemade, there’s a lot of exciting stuff to check out.

r/CreampieBBC51k Members

Simple, effective, and straight to the point. Discover creampie porn videos, gifs, and pictures of big black cocks giving out delightful creampies.

r/AccidentalCumInMouth 40k Members

First started in 2020, this fun and arousing page is for those of us who enjoy seeing accidental face shots or mouth shots, with videos and gifs galore of reactions as an accidental orgasm shoots into her mouth.

r/Condomsgonewild 39k Members

Although a specific fetish, this sub has almost 50 thousand users and it’s still growing. It’s a spot to share videos and pictures of condoms being used during sex or played with after sex, some people love condoms and this is the place to share that love.

r/CreampieCleanUp38k Members

Some guys love to clean up their own mess and for people that agree, this sub is for videos and gifs of straight guys cleaning up their creampies and other cum spills.

r/ActuallyHugeCumshots27k Members

If you want to post on this sub, read the rules and be sure to follow the guidelines, they are not playing around here when they say they actually showcase big cumshots, realistic videos, and real orgasms.

r/pulsatingcreampies25k Members

Watch cum ooze, throb, and pulsate out of its chosen hole in the uploaded gifs and videos on this page. It’s dirty and not a sub you want to open up whilst at work…

r/cumfast24k Members

Some of us like to be teased and here is the best subreddit to find videos and gifs of guys struggling not to cum. Anything from premature cumshots to edging is allowed and it is seriously hard to resist.

r/DualCreampies22k Members

Two women get creampied by the same guy and this subreddit is filled with videos featuring just that. It’s not the most active sub on this list but it’s fun to filter through the most popular and get off to some dual creampie action.

r/PulloutRuins 20k Members

Love to ruin orgasms? or love being the one having their orgasm ruined? if you answered yes to either of those questions, check out this sub. It’s filled with videos or ruined orgasms that will set your heart racing.

My Favorite Cum Subreddit (The One I Use and post on the most)

My favorite cum-related subreddits are plentiful, I like to browse, leave, come back, sort by most popular, and filter through the newest posts, however, my most frequented have to be r/cumsluts for its daily updates, incredible content, and how much it gets me off. I also head to r/amateurcumsluts a lot, I love amateur stuff, and commenting on this sub is a lot of fun. I also really enjoy r/ruinedorgasms for a bit of teasing and intense jerk-offs.

Other Amazing cum Porn Sites:

list of cum related porn websites

If you want even more because you just can’t get enough cum, be sure to check out this beautiful and intense blowjob subreddit list that features a ton of other cum reddits and most importantly, this incredible free and paid cum porn site list that is filled with only the best cum-related porn sites on the internet.

Let me know your favorite cum subreddit in the comments below!

I set this site up with my girlfriend to review adult content and dating sites. We take our time and really test everything we talk about. We have an open relationship which pushed us to test a lot of these amazing sites.

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