The Best Lesbian OnlyFans Accounts

Lesbian porn is universally loved, and I’ll be the first to admit it often gets me hornier than regular fucking. Nowadays, some of the best lesbian creators that make amazing pics and videos are on OnlyFans. Here I’ve compiled a list of the ones I’ve personally enjoyed, which are really hard to top.

OnlyFans has become one of the most prominent platforms for premium pornography. Forget about regular adult content websites. It’s on OnlyFans that you get top-tier stuff. As far as lesbians go, there are so many of them so prepare for a lengthy list that will have you masturbating to lesbians for months to come.

List Of The Best OnlyFans Accounts

a curated list of all the most popular Lesbian OnlyFans accounts
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To start off with a bang, we have hot and naughty Amethyst. This 22-year-old lesbian loves to try stuff out and explore various kinks while showing her flawless body with sexy piercings and tattoos. With 5.2k pictures and more than 600 videos, her subscription is so worth it.

Amount of Content: 630 Videos – 5.2k Images


Next up, we have an amateur lesbian couple, Elliot and Emma. These two aim to be all warm and friendly, giving off that next-door-neighbor vibe. They are kink friendly and can’t wait for people to tell them what to do. A subscription might be pricier, at $19.99 per month, but you get a lot.

Amount of Content: 370 Videos – 190 Images


SallyXMDVIP is a lesbian dominatrix and a girl of many talents. She’s fetish and taboo-friendly, so expect all kinds of perverted adventures with this girl. She loves toys, anal play, feet, she squirts, and, in addition to doing solo and girl-on-girl scenes, SallyXMD makes content with guys as well.

Amount of Content: 279 Videos – 1.3k Images


SallyXMD is apparently so good and popular that she has two OnlyFans accounts. This is her main, with 1.8k pictures and more than 380 videos. And if you want even more of this squirting lesbian who also does stuff with guys, she has a VIP account I’ve just talked about with even more content.

Amount of Content: 380 Videos – 1.8k Images


Jess is a breathtaking babe who deserves those 149.3k likes just because she looks like a sex goddess. However, she’s much more than a pretty face and a hot body. This dazzling beauty makes original sex tapes, lesbian orgies, and much more. And if you grab a limited offer, you could get a monthly subscription for a mere $3.

Amount of Content: 7200 Posts


Victoria is another one of those chicks that I fell in love with at first sight, so I can’t even imagine how effective her looks are on guys. She loves pussy play and sex toys. Lesbian threesomes are one of her favorite things, but she doesn’t mind an FFM threesome every now and then. The regular monthly sub is $9, but a limited offer might give you that for $3.15.

Amount of Content: 2900 Posts


Doutzen is a breathtaking babe who currently has an incredible 85% off her monthly subscription, so you get everything for $3! With more than 7500 posts, you’ll get plenty of solos and lesbian action, but also an occasional boy/girl scene or a threesome.

Amount of Content: 7500 Posts


Ravishing Izabella has eyes that stare right into my soul, and I can’t stop looking at her. This girl squirts like no other, and her lesbian content gets me wet in an instant. The cutie is no stranger to FFM threesomes as well, and there’s so much more that you can get for a whopping $3 per month during the promo period.

Amount of Content: 3100 Posts


Melissa Victoria is a petite Canadian beauty with blue hair and sexy tattoos. She’s bi, so in addition to girl-on-girl pussy licking and strapon fucking, lesbian threesomes, fingering, 69, and much more, she’ll invite boys over to make some straight, hardcore content as well. And best of all is that you can subscribe to her for free.

Amount of Content: 750 Videos – 2.3k Images


Miss Flora is into femdom, BDSM, and various other fetishes, in addition to being a naughty lesbian. She’s the kind of girl that you’ll watch for stiletto high heels, leather outfits, whipping, bondage, etc. And her subscription is just $9.99 per month.

Amount of Content: 260 Videos – 900 Images


Rosalia is another one of those gorgeous ladies that can get by due to their looks alone. Fortunately, she’s as naughty as she is hot. Her posts feature anything from solo play and lesbian lovemaking to boy/girl action, JOI, orgies, anal play, and more. And her subscription is at a discount at the moment, costing a mere $3.15 for 30 days.

Amount of Content: 2.6k posts


Jesse Switch is a bombastic, voluptuous babe with big tits and ass who puts out content like there’s no tomorrow. Her specialty is full-length scenes that aren’t just solo and lesbian but boy/girl with anal and creampies as well. And all that costs $12 per month.

Amount of Content: 2700 Posts – 5100 Media


Naked Fit Jai is not just a lesbian model but a fitness one, too. If that stunning combination got your attention, she has 215+ clips and 250+ pics at the price of $9.99 per month.

Amount of Content: 215 Videos – 250 Images


WonderGirlsX are webcam models who use OnlyFans as yet another platform to upload their dirty content and get people to masturbate to them. Their content revolves around lesbian kissing and teasing with lots of saliva fetish action. The subscription is cheap, too, at just $5.99 per month.

Amount of Content: 215 Videos – 600 Images


Avrora is a skinny fetish-friendly cutie with a bunch of tattoos and colorful hair. Her content is as interesting as she looks. She loves cosplay and creates lots of casual pics and videos. Like many other OnlyFans creators, Avrora isn’t exclusively lesbian creator, so expect boy/girl scenes as well, at a price of tiny $3.78 per month.

Amount of Content: 190 Videos – 1.6k Images


Bunny Bitchcraft and Daddy J are a lesbian couple that creates real porn. Their content revolves around feet, ass, and pussy worship with lots of casual nudity and various kinks. You can even ask for custom content if you get a subscription for $5 per month.

Amount of Content: 175 Videos – 580 Images


NSFW Mini is a lovely blonde lesbian 25 years old who looks cute with her nerdy glasses. She makes solo pics and videos, and you can see it all for $10 per month.

Amount of Content: 840 Posts


Naomi calls herself your new favorite slutty college girl, and she comes with a body that is to die for. Her subscription is 55% off and costs a mere $5.40 for 30 days. What you get is plenty of her pussy pics and clips, solo and lesbian stuff, but also boy/girl scenes, threesomes, creampies, anal, and more.

Amount of Content: 150 Videos – 820 Images


Hot lesbians Sophie & Eva are awarded by XBIZ for being the best cam model duo of 2020. Now they are on OnlyFans, creating solo and lesbian content for our viewing and masturbating pleasure. For $9.99 a month, you get 138+ videos and 400+ pics.

Amount of Content: 138 videos – 400 Images


Local CottageWh0re Lesbian is a petite and chubby cutie who is all about weed, video games, food, cats, lesbian action, and pegging. She’s a girl of many talents who regularly posts all kinds of kinky content on her OnlyFans account, and you can see it all for just $10 per month.

Amount of Content: 720 Posts and 2030 Media


Dana Diamond is a tattooed hottie from Australia who looks like a million dollars. You can subscribe to her for $11 a month or even less via a bundle. What you’ll get are stunning solo videos, intense squirting, lesbian fucking, and more.

Amount of Content: 610 Posts – 1000 Media


Witchy is a special kind of OnlyFans creator. She’s not just another girl who posts the usual lesbian content. Instead, Witchy is a BBW gothic domina and a fetish hottie who is into sub-training, keyholding, humiliation, and more. She’s a married lesbian with lots of pics and videos, and you get it all for $3.99 a month.

Amount of Content: 130 Videos – 630 Images


Rachel and Kate are lesbian girlfriends who do everything together, and they can’t wait for you to join them. If you subscribe for $4.99 per month, you get to interact with them and ask about their panties, custom pics and videos, and more.

Amount of Content: 125 Videos – 300 Images


Goddess Lynn is a breathtaking financial dominatrix and a luxury lesbian. She can afford that, considering those lavish looks. This babe is absolute perfection, and to gain access to more than 1600 posts; you’ll need to subscribe for $13 per month.

Amount of Content: 1600 Posts


Arielle Scarcella strives to provide raw content. She’s a single lesbian from NYC who claims her pics and videos carry a dose of risqué. Subscribe for $10 a month, and you’ll see exactly what this hottie has in store for you.

Amount of Content: 120 Videos – 1.2k Images


Aislin is an erotic model who focuses on beauty and sensuality. She’s a soft model, and her solo and lesbian content is as much art as it is naughty. Maybe the most important thing about this dazzling blonde’s OnlyFans account is that you can subscribe to it for free.

Amount of Content: 170 Posts


LESBIAN COUPLE are exactly what the name says. They are into squirting and 69, in addition to a bunch of other fetishes. You can subscribe to them for free, but they do require tips for things like genital rating. Even their live video chats are free to enter.

Amount of Content: 120 videos – 70 Images


Caramel Lesbian is a curvaceous BBW hottie who loves toys and other girls. Her subscription will take a mere $8 out of your pocket, but you’ll get a busty and exotic chick who makes captivating girl-on-girl stuff.

Amount of Content: 430 Posts


Lesbian Realness Free are as nerdy as they are hot and slutty. This blonde and redhead are into gaming, cosplay, and much more. So, if you want substance behind all that passionate lesbian action, they are your best bet. And the subscription is free.

Amount of Content: 750 Posts


Lesbian Kitties is an OnlyFans account of a real lesbian couple who shares their adventures online. They post daily, respond to private messages, and do special requests. You can get all of that and many more perks for just $5 a month.

Amount of Content: 85 Videos – 820 Images


Puerto Rican lesbian goddess is a Latina with an amazing ass and even better content. She’s an expert when it comes to custom videos, so be sure to check her out if you have some naughty ideas that include fingering or girl-on-girl action. However, be prepared to tip a bit more than just $13 for a monthly sub.

Amount of Content: 85 Videos – 240 Images


Laflakaxx describes herself as a sexting queen. She’s 18 years old with lots of lesbian videos, but she also does fucking, anal, and blowjobs. And it’s all for $4.80.

Amount of Content: 645 Posts


Dorothy Black dubbed herself the queen of lesbian movies. You’ve probably seen her in Playboy, Metart, Dorcel, and similar. Now she’s on OnlyFans for free, but she has another page there that’s premium and has even naughtier stuff.

Amount of Content: 75 Videos – 120 Images


Lesbian Wonderland is a couple of amateur lesbians who post all the time. There are full videos, nude pics, and shorter clips, and it’s all for $9.99.

Amount of Content: 40 Videos – 180 Images


If you want true lesbian amateurs on OnlyFans, then XXX Best Lesbian Couple is for you. They are real chicks jumping each other’s bones, and their subscription is just $5 a month.

Amount of Content: 45 Videos – 90 Images


Katie Salmon is a reality TV star who turned into a complete slut. She now does all kinds of perverted stuff on OnlyFans. While she’s famous on Instagram, this is her censor-free platform, and the subscription costs nothing. Katie Salmon does have another account, though, that’s boy/girl.

Amount of Content: 300 Posts


If you’re craving some real and passionate lesbian sexting, then go to Imtrisoko. For $15 per month, you’ll get everything from custom videos to anal, blowjobs, and threesomes.

Amount of Content: 275 Posts


Lesbian Fetish is a couple of lesbians from Spain. They post exclusive content that comes with a bunch of fetishes, and it’s all in their language. It’s perfect if you’re from Spain and have $6.99 per month to spend.

Amount of Content: 220 Media


Lay Luscious, also known as Lesbian Lil’ Kim, is a girl of many talents. She’s an expert at pole dancing and burlesque striptease. This girl’s content is on the next level, being much more of an art project than simple porn. That’s why the subscription is $20 per month.

Amount of Content: 145 Posts – 170 Media


Real Curvy Lesbians prides themselves on being a raw and real lesbian couple. These girls are perfect for you if you crave sucking, licking, and fucking. They cream panties and squirt intensely, and you can enjoy all of it for free.

Amount of Content: 20 Videos – 90 Images


If you’re looking for someone to dominate you, check out bombastic ALPHA LESBIANS. They are both into findom and femdom, and the hotties describe themselves as being professionals in mushing brains and wallets. The subscription is $12 per month, so check them out.

Amount of Content: 20 Videos – 90 Images


Lesbian Love is an OnlyFans couple who creates exclusive and explicit content, sharing their love life. That love life is filled with steamy sex and intense orgasms. The two are from Portugal, and you can subscribe to them for free, so there’s nothing to lose.

Amount of Content: 10 Videos – 120 Images


Stud and fem are exactly what their name says. One is a hot blonde babe, and the other is a butch cutie. They offer raw and authentic sex with everything from strapon fucking and pussy licking to double-sided dildo, domination, and squirting. And you can subscribe to them for free.

Amount of Content: 10 Videos – 60 Images

Bored Of OnlyFans? (Better Than OnlyFans Content)

If exploring OnlyFans for lesbian content feels too much of a hassle and you’d rather do it in a more traditional way, there are incredible porn sites that offer top-tier pictures and videos. Adult Time network creates Hollywood-grade lesbian movies, and there are a ton of them. is another marvelous website that’s perfect if you want BDSM elements with your lesbian scenes. There are more than 4000 of those over there.

There are also a bunch of lesbian subreddits that might show you things you’ve never seen before. Finally, we already made a massive post on the most popular lesbian porn sites (free and paid), which is a must-see if you want to get the most out of this genre.

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