A Large List Of All The Sex Story Subreddits

When it comes to having dirty fun on the internet, one of the things that get me off like crazy is sex stories. If you’re into reading, you know what I’m talking about. A little bit of imagination goes a long way when you want erotic, passionate, steamy, or hardcore action. And considering Reddit is one of the best places on the internet regardless of your interests, it also features a bunch of subs dedicated to a variety of erotic literature.

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r/SluttyConfessions – Members: 969k

To start off with a bang, we have SluttyConfessions. It’s one of the biggest subs in the niche, closing in on one million members. It doesn’t have the usual sex stories but instead actual confessions from horny and perverted girls and guys who have done something incredibly naughty. As an example, one of the top stories is about a chick who got railed on stage in front of an unsuspecting crowd. Incredible!

r/AskRedditAfterDark – Members: 715k

If you ever feel curious about something of the adult and XXX nature, then the Ask Reddit After Dark sub might give you the answer. People go there to discuss all kinds of perverted topics. You might run into a casual conversation about whether it’s ok to masturbate out of boredom or what the pros and cons are to having bigger or smaller tits.

r/gonewildstories – Members: 696k

Finally, we get to the sub that’s somewhat about literature, and that’s GoneWildStories. Its stories are inspired by the popular picture sub, but that’s not important because the stories are incredible. I bow down to all those imaginative guys and gals who keep me wet and happy all the time. Plenty of the top stories have thousands of upvotes.

r/dirtypenpals Members: 474k

If you love to read erotic literature, and you also wouldn’t mind meeting someone and maybe turning them into a partner or a pen pal, then check out the Dirty Pen Pals subreddit. Males and females from all over the world and from all walks of life post their stories, tastes, and preferences in an effort to connect with like-minded individuals. And they are all as horny and naughty as you are.

r/dirtykikpals Members: 458k

Maybe you don’t want a pen pal but a Kik pal, in which case DirtyKikPals would be the subreddit for you. Just like the previous one, it’s all about guys and girls creating posts and looking to connect with each other for more dirty fun on a Kik chatting application.

r/sexstories Members: 385k

Sex Stories is a more general adult subreddit in the XXX literature niche. It features real and fictional stories written by men and women alike. The top story is about a chick who hooked up with a guy after others made fun of his penis, and if that didn’t grab your attention, I don’t know what will. There are also tales of flight attendants, blowjob contests, friends who turn into lovers, and more.

r/stupidslutsclub Members: 356k

Not every girl in the world loves pretending she’s all sweet and innocent. Some of us love it when they fuck our brains out. StupidSlutsClub is a sub dedicated to slutty chicks socializing and challenging each other to push things further. All of the stories are about the perverted adventures of ladies who can’t contain themselves, and I’m all for it.

r/eroticliterature Members: 238k

EroticLiterature has a rather self-explanatory name. Like many other similar subs, I often can’t tell whether the stories posted are real or fiction. And that’s what makes them that much sexier. One of the top posts is about two female college roommates who have an open-masturbation policy, and I deeply regret not having tried something like that back in the day.

r/Erotica Members: 172k

Erotica subreddit prides itself on being a community that encourages anyone and everyone to speak up about their dirty thoughts and naughty desires. Sex stories posted there feel like real confessions, and they always get me going hard. For example, one girl lost her babysitting job because she wasn’t able to contain herself. Another came three times while having an ordinary massage. This place is wild.

r/gaystoriesgonewild Members: 178k

If you’re gay and like erotic literature, there’s probably no better sub than GayStoriesGoneWild. The subreddit has 178 thousand members, and top stories have thousands of likes. I’ve read a bunch of them and masturbated more times than I can count, so take my word for it and give it a try.

r/cheating_stories Members: 151k

The Cheating Stories subreddit might not be the best one to get off, but it’s filled with captivating stories. There are some funny jokes and memes, but there are also plenty of stories where people talk about their experiences being cheated on or cheating on their significant others. But people love drama, which is why some posts have several thousand likes.

r/BDSMerotica Members: 89k

BDSMErotica is all about sex stories and erotic literature but in the BDSM genre. Compared to others, it’s a smaller community, just short of 90 thousand members, but that should come as no surprise considering it’s kink-oriented. The stories are a joy to read, especially if you like to dabble in domination, submission, punishment, and other BDSM aspects like my man and I do.

r/gaysexconfessions Members: 84k

If GayStoriesGoneWild wasn’t enough to satisfy your need for gay stories, GaySexConfessions might do the trick. Confessions are usually more fun to read and more immersive because they are either true or they at least feel that way. For example, the top story is about a guy who became gay for his weed dealer during a quarantine. It gets me wet just thinking about that.

r/SextStories Members: 80k

Sext Stories offer a different take on erotic literature as everything on this sub is being told through screencaps of chats like Facebook or Tinder. If you’ve ever had a steamy sexting session, then you know how big of a turn-on they can be. Of course, the majority of posts here are fiction, but I still reach an explosive orgasm whenever I’m browsing the place.

r/hotpast Members: 76k

HotPast is a subreddit where people share the sexual past of their partners. Some of the top posts are from husbands who talked about their wives fucking their exes or giving handjobs to their hung friends. If you’re into sharing, hotwifing, cuckolding, or anything similar, you’ll have a blast on this sub.

r/eroticauthors Members: 47k

Erotica Authors is more of an educational subreddit than it is of an adult nature. Erotic literature is the main theme, but the sub is there to help aspiring authors become better at their job. If you want to write your own perverted adventures, there’s no better place to start than this.

r/DirtyWritingPrompts Members: 43k

Dirty Writing Prompts is another subreddit that’s aimed at writers. People often post various prompts with the goal of inspiring others to see what they can come up with. Naturally, it’s all public, so even if you don’t plan on becoming an author, you can enjoy kinky posts, naughty writing, and even hot pics.

r/NSFWfantasytexts Members: 37k

NSFW Fantasy texts is another subreddit in the XXX literature niche that shows content through screencapped chat. It has everything from hotwives and cuckolds to cheating, m/f, f/f, and m/m action. A lot of the stuff is fiction, and it’s damn hot, but some posts are real, and these are even hotter.

r/TrueBigDickStories Members: 37k

True Big Dick Stories is a sub that gives you exactly what the name says. It’s all about hung guys talking about their experiences during various kinky encounters, or it’s about other guys and girls talking about how it felt the first time they had a massive cock. The top post has an audio recording of a stud making his girlfriend cum 14 times, but the story is just as good.

r/genderotica Members: 35k

Genderotica is an NSFW subreddit for transgender folk to share their experiences, stories, memes, and more. Some posts are about transformation, others are sexy GIFs, but there are also plenty of images with captivating stories as captions.

r/ChastityStoriesMembers: 27k

Chastity Stories is a subreddit with a self-explanatory name. As a couple who loves to try anything, my man and I dabbled in chastity as well. And I can tell you, some of these stories got me even wetter than I was while doing it live.

r/cuckoldstories2 Members: 24k

CuckoldStories2 was a backup for the CuckoldStories subreddit, which got deleted for being unmoderated. This sub is less than a year old, but it already has almost 25k members, and some of the top stories have hundreds of upvotes. If cuckolding and hotwifing get you going, this is the main place to visit.

r/BreedingStories Members: 22k

If you think creampies are hot, then wait until you’ve read about breeding on the Breeding Stories subreddit. Who would’ve thought that posts about making babies could be such a turn-on? There are all kinds of stories that go from fuckbuddies being accidentally impregnated to a Russian roulette approach to breeding.

r/gayconfessions Members: 22k

We’ve already had one subreddit that’s quite similar, but you can never have too much of a good thing, which is why there’s GayConfessions. With more than 22k members, this place has hundreds of upvotes on its most popular posts that talk about straight guys turning gay, friends, roommates, and more.

r/gwbooks Members: 20k

Here’s a place on Reddit that’s a bit different from others yet just as incredible. If you’re into erotica and nudity but also love reading, visit the GWBooks sub, where people from all over the world post pictures of them naked while reading books. GoneWild Books combines a passion for erotica and literature into one.

r/gonewholesomestories Members: 17k

As the name says, GoneWholesomeStories inserts wholesome elements into my erotic stories. Don’t get me wrong, there are still lots of fucking and plenty of blowjobs, but the stories are usually about someone’s first time, overcoming obstacles, and embracing fears. It’s equal parts lovely as it is perverted.

r/gaystories Members: 17k

Here’s another sub for you gay and bi guys and girls who love the stuff. GayStories subreddit might have a smaller number of members than other literary erotica subs in the gay niche, but the stories are impressive nonetheless. The top posts have hundreds of views and feature stuff like seducing someone’s boyfriend’s dad.

r/GuroErotica Members: 10k

With GuroErotica, things enter a dark, twisted, kinky, and fetish territory. The sub has 10.7k members because it’s not for everyone. But if you’re of those particular interests and would love to read about casual death, incest, skullfucking, gore, and more in your porn stories, then this is the place for you.

r/BallbustingStories Members: 9k

Ballbusting Stories is another smaller subreddit that refers to a particular fetish. All the literature on this sub is related to the ballbusting fetish. But don’t let that stop you from giving it a go. You might like stories like “Kinky Escape Room.”

r/Hotwifestoriesnew – Members: 8k

Hotwife Stories New is a newer page in the hotwife niche. A smaller number of members means that it’s a tighter community, so if you’re into cuckolding and hotwifing, read some of the stories and maybe even post your own.

My Favorite Erotica Subreddit

SluttyConfessions is definitely one of my favorites because I’m always looking for ways to push myself and expand my limits. I’m lucky enough to have a boyfriend who supports me in that and is just as perverted as I am. Apart from that, I’m a fan of classic r/EroticLiterature, but I also love spending time on Sext Stories when I don’t feel like reading walls of text, but I’m also not in the mood for regular porn videos. This sub is the right balance. Plus, it feels so real and genuine.

If You Want More Erotica, You Need These Sites

If this comprehensive list of erotic literature subreddits feels right up your alley, then check out the other post about the best erotic story sites. You’ll get a ton more stuff to keep you entertained. BitchTopia, in particular, is a website that feels much similar in style to these subreddits, but it has longer stories and posts that also come with images. Plus, there’s a premium membership with user-submitted nudes and stories. There are GIFs, videos, books, and much more.

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