A List of the Best Erotic Story Sites

Guys are visual learners, and they need all that hardcore action and kinky imagery to happen right in their faces. When it comes to us chicks, there are different ways to turn us on, some of which are much more powerful than porn pictures and videos. This time, I’ll talk about erotic stories, the kinds of dirty fun I have with them, and all the best places online to check this literature out. It’s amazing how wild my imagination can run when I’m heavily invested in a particularly steamy narrative. I’ve had some of my best orgasms from reading. And guess what? Sometimes even my boyfriend joins the fun.

A list of each popular erotic story site
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It’s hard to talk about erotic literature without mentioning Literotica. It’s many people’s first encounter with adult stories, and for a good reason. Literotica has been going strong for more than two decades. It’s a minimalist website where the whole focus is on content. I can’t even begin to describe how much content there is on this website. If you can imagine a kink, fetish, category, or scenario, you can be sure there’s a story revolving around it. Apart from the stories, there are also pictures, videos, sex toys, webcams, chat, and so much more, and there aren’t any annoying ads.

We created a review of Literotica that talks about the most popular categories, our favourite stories and gives you some other options.

Key Features: One of, if not the biggest collection of erotic stories you’ll find online. The design is a little weird how it goes from old site to new, but the amount of free content on this site is unbelievable.

BitchTopia.com (True Erotic Stories)

If Literotica feels too simple and outdated, then BitchTopia will be the place for you. The website looks sleek and modern, and even browsing it feels sexy. They pride themselves on having 100% real sex stories, which can be immensely helpful with immersion. Knowing that you’re reading real stories from actual couples is a turn-on in itself. The landing page has a bunch of categories neatly lined up to make your search much easier. Plus, the stories come with naughty images to spice things up. There aren’t any ads, but there’s a paid private membership that unlocks more content.

Key Features: Easily the best true erotic story blog I’ve ever read. There’s loads of real erotica and there’s even a membership with so much amazing amateur erotica and porn.


LushStories is another modern-looking adult stories website that’s an absolute joy to be on. The content is community-managed, and you can tell that right off the bat. Countless users upload new stories every few minutes. Some stories have just a few hundred words, while others have thousands. Browse these stories by their tags and categories, check out the latest uploads, or even write your own. There are some ads, but they don’t jump in your face and aren’t annoying. Plus, you can see every story’s rating, word count, number of views, and similar.

Key Features: Clean, modern design and this site has a really big collection of erotica.


JuicySexStories came to be in 2012, and the site’s design hasn’t changed since. It’s somewhat outdated, but if you’re looking for good stories, it’s the perfect place. You can immediately tell that this site is female-oriented as all the images on it are softcore and focus on eroticism instead of hardcore perversion. And I love that. It lets my imagination fill in the blanks. Some stories on this website have millions of views. The site also works on promoting their best writers, allowing you to follow their work further and maybe even buy their books.


Here’s something a bit different when it comes to adult stories on the internet. TamsinFlowers is a website managed by a single creative individual. The girl who runs this blog-like collection of XXX stories is called Tamsin, and she’s been writing for years before finally deciding to share her captivating work with the rest of the world. All of the stories on her website are free, and there are a ton of them in every category imaginable. Tamsin was even kind enough to post provocative pictures of herself, and, let me tell you, she’s a hottie. And don’t worry about ads. She makes money via premium memberships for people who want custom stories written by her.

Key Features: No ads, no outside promotion, and one of the cleanest designed story sites I’ve used. The content is all made by one girl called Tamsin, which for how many stories and how good the stories are this alone is pretty incredible.


Bellesa is not solely focused on erotic literature. It’s a full-blown porn site with many hardcore and steamy original videos that are aimed toward the lady part of the audience. As much as I loved those hardcore scenes, I’m here to talk about their literature collection. Bellesa.co is a premium porn site, and their story section is premium as well. It’s one of the finest-designed websites on the list. There are a bunch of original works that you can read for free. And if you want more, you can get a premium membership and enjoy a bunch of steamy e-books and novels.

Key Features: Bellesa is really well known for its woman-friendly content, it’s some of the best around. It doesn’t have a massive collection of erotica, but what they do have is really good.


FrolicMe is another XXX website made for us ladies and couples. They feature a variety of content, going from erotic films and audio to sex articles and stories. This place is like a whole new dimension of sex and erotica, and I love it. Speaking of stories, they are neatly crafted and grab your attention you right off the bat. To help you pick the right one for you, every story comes with a list of tags, names of authors, and the time required for reading. The great thing is that many stories come with their own films. The downside is that you can only watch the preview with a free membership.

Key Features: Similar to Bellesa, FrolicMe aims more at a female audience, but both me and my boyfriend love the content Anna produces, both the videos and the stories.


When it comes to enjoying porn (or any other interest, really) on the internet, one of the best places for it is Reddit. We have a whole article dedicated exclusively to sex story subreddits, but it’s still worth mentioning it here. There are so many different subs, some of which have hundreds of thousands of users, that you’ll find stories no matter what your kinks and preferences may be. Naturally, it’s all community managed, and let me tell you, these people are amazing at writing erotic literature. Plus, it’s all free!

This is a list with all the sex story subreddits.

Key Features: It’s completely free and even though most the stories are shorter than I like, there’s so much amazing content. The real good feature about Reddit is how easy it is to sort through the most popular content. You just sort by top, then by day, week, month or year and you can see some of the best content on the internet.


When you go to SexStories.com, you’ll feel as if you traveled back in time. This erotic literature website was founded way back in the year 2000! And that means two things. On the one hand, the site will look clunky and outdated. On the other, the fact that it has survived this long only means that the content it provides is amazing. There are all kinds of XXX genres and themes that go from alien and bestiality to interracial and latex fetish. It’s a gold mine of sex stories if you simply ignore the old-school look of the website.


Noveltrove is one of those feminine adult websites that you can tell was made for us ladies. Everything from that soft purple color palette to curly fonts makes me feel all warm and fuzzy while I’m looking for the next dirty story to get me going. The site has everything from romance to fetish, from fictional to true stories, meaning there’s something for everyone. You can check out the latest stories on the landing page, or you can go through the categories to find something there. Noveltrove is free for its users, but if you make an account, you can upload your own stories.


Nifty.org was established way back in 1992. With more than 300,000 stories present in these galleries, it will be a while before you’d need anything else to read. The main thing about Nifty is that it focuses on LGBTQ+ erotic stories. If that tickled your fancy, then be sure to check out their completely free library of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender stories that have everything from romance and adult friendships to SF fantasies. The site is free, and it mostly exists on donations, meaning there are only the tiniest bits of ads.


With BDSMLibrary.com, we’re getting into the rather hardcore category. As you can tell by the name of this website, it focuses on femdom, BDSM, bondage stories, and more. It’s another one of those places that have existed for more than two decades, surviving on all that quality stuff that makes us girls go wild. That’s not to say my boyfriend doesn’t give an occasional read to a BDSM story, either. Apart from a huge free library of BDSM sex stories, this site also features picture and movie galleries, a blog, a forum, chat rooms, toys and DVDs, and so much more.


MyErotica describes itself as a place for refined erotica that will ignite your deepest desires. And I can’t say otherwise. Their focus on XXX literature is something to be admired. There are stories that deal with sexual exploration. There’s the section dedicated to refined erotica that has some of the best stories I’ve ever read. They have a short story section, an LGBTQ one, and there are even podcasts. Plus, I haven’t run into any ads while browsing their libraries. Overall, it’s a neat little erotic literature place.


Now here’s something a bit different from the rest. CHYOA.com is also an erotic literature site, but it differentiates itself from the rest by offering interactive erotica. I’m sure you’ve read those novels where you get to pick and choose what to do or where to go next. Well, that’s precisely what happens here. You read a bit of dirty action, and then it’s up to you to make a choice. Let me tell you; it’s as immersive as it gets. All it takes is a little bit of imagination, and I’ve had some of my strongest orgasms at this place. The website might look somewhat bland, but there are tens of thousands of stories and just a few ads.


MCStories stands for the erotic mind-control story archive. It says something about an erotic literature website when the landing page features disclaimers that talk about how perverted the content is, that it’s fantasy only, and that stuff in there could be considered highly immoral in real life. Well, count me in. Once inside, you’ll find a simple-looking website that might prove somewhat difficult to navigate because there aren’t many handy browsing features. But, there are no ads, there are thousands of stories, and they are all amazing.

Which Of These Sites Do I Read The Most

cammies on the floor favorite sex story sites. The image has three sites tamsinflowers, bitchtopia, and literotica each site has a screenshot of the site mentioned

If I had to pick just three out of all the sites on the list, it would be a difficult choice, but I’d have to start with Literotica. It was my first, it does everything well, and it’s a perfect all-around website for erotic literature. After all, it’s in its name. Next up would be Bitchtopia, which is like Literotica’s modern counterpart. There are tons of different categories and plenty of pictures sprinkled in between blocks of text. Finally, TamsinFlowers is the one that I’ve been enjoying the most recently. There’s something about the fact it’s all written by a single horny girl that I find inspiring and a big turn-on.

I'm Tiffany and I'm the girlfriend of Chris, we run this blog together. We are both pretty open about trying new things in the bedroom and both share a love for great adult content and we are both always looking for new ways to spice things up.

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