Sites like No Strings Attached Perfect For Married Dating

Today I am going to be showing you all of my top sites that are just like if not very similar to No Strings Attached. We like to promote the importance of keeping things interesting on our blog. Maybe you like the idea of NSA and have never tried it out but still want something a little different or maybe you adore NSA but are growing a bit tired of it, whatever your reason for being here it’s important whether you’re single or in a relationship to try new things and not stagnate with same old routine and so with that being said I have a bumper list below for you. 

Full List Of Sites Like No Strings Attached


ashley madison

1. Ashley Madison

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Ashley Madison got my top vote for being similar to no strings attached. It is built on the same premise of having a discreet online encounter with someone who is married or in a relationship. The userbase is massive, it’s discreet and every user values the importance of subtlety and the sensitive nature of Ashley Madison. 

More About Ashley Madison:

Founded in 2001 this site has been around for a long time and achieved the goals of many millions of individuals. It’s an easy-to-use site, with millions of active users all looking for the same things as you. If you have already tried out AM I have a whole list of sites just like it


Victoria Milan website

2. Victoria Milan

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Designed for those of us who are married or attached and looking for something casual or serious, online or in person, Victoria Milan gets my second vote for being similar to No Strings Attached. I love the tools that allow you to remain somewhat anonymous on your profile, this includes photo blurring and a panic button, which for a site built with such a sensitive topic in mind, it’s a wonderful addition.

More About Victoria Milan:

At the moment there are around 6 million worldwide Victoria Milan members. There are always people online, people to talk too and people who understand your needs. 


adult friend finder website

3. Adult Friend Finder

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Adult Friend Finder is one of our favorite sites to frequent. It’s kinky, it’s different and if you want somewhere where open-minded individuals are looking for singles, couples, and even swingers, this is the place to be. AFF gives you the ability to chat, share pictures, flirt, and even cam with other members. A lot of great sex has been had through AFF, we love it. 

More About Adult Friend Finder:

Not as modern in design as some of the other sites I have mentioned but it works incredibly well, it’s easy to navigate and there is so much to enjoy with the millions of users that also love AFF. Check out sites like it if you want even more inspiration. 

website screenshot illicit encounters

4. Illicit Encounters

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Only available to those in the UK or Ireland, which is a big shame but nonetheless if you’re from either of those locations, you’re going to love IE. It’s a website made for married, divorced, separated, or widowed individuals, no singles are allowed. This brings a greater understanding between members, all of which are usually looking for some casual sex or online fun. 

More About Illicit Encounters:

You can be in a loveless marriage, divorced, or even just taken, IE is open to anyone who just isn’t single to bring a bit of spark back into their lives.  Making a profile is fairly straightforward and only takes a few minutes which I appreciate!

Seeking arrangements website

5. Seeking Arragments

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Seeking arrangements is a site where both parties get a good deal. An older, successful gentleman will converse with and potentially meet a younger woman in exchange for whatever they have pre-discussed. This can be anything from sex, money, gifts, vacations, or even just company. 

More About Seeking Arrangements:

Although it may same strange for some, this sort of exchange occurs a lot so why not do it somewhere secure with a big pool of people to choose from? Typically these people are called ‘Sugar Daddies’ and ‘Sugar Babies’, where both people benefit from something. 

heated affairs website screenshot

6. Heated Affairs

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If you’re looking for discreet, casual, sexual fun, Heated Affairs is wonderful. There are a plethora of sexual preferences you can choose when signing up, there’s also a small bio for you to fill out, and the option to complete questionnaires, a kink list, and a purity test.

More About Heated Affairs:

If you want to be clear with what you want from an affair or a discreet sexual encounter, this site offers up lots of options for you to open up and find the right kind of person. I love the fun and kinky details you can include, it makes creating a profile and finding other profiles you find interesting a lot more satisfying. 

Seeking arrangements website

7. Marital Affair

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A cautious website made for passion-seeking singles and thrill hunting married individuals looking for some casual fun. Whether you’re married or single, this subtle and unobtrusive site wants to inject non-commital thrills into your sex life and there is a huge community waiting to help you with that. 

More About Marital Affair:

Made for married people, Hush Affairs keeps everything hidden on its homepage this is to ensure low-key sign-ups. Once you join you will find people in relationships looking for an online affair and even offline encounters. 

hush affair website

8. Hush Affairs

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Hush affairs keeps everything about itself subtle. Even its homepage doesn’t share any of its secrets. However, once you sign up you will find a site made for married people looking for an affair online or offline. Like-minded individuals just yearning to fulfill their fantasies and hidden desires. 

More About Hush Affairs:

Its inconspicuous homepage is a huge selling point to many of its users. People here value their privacy, they understand the need to be subtle, and most of all finding people who understand and crave the same things they do. 

fuckbook website screenshot

9. Fuckbook

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Fuckbook caters to everyone. People with all kinds of fantasies, desires, and kinks find themselves here and thanks to its incredible design, it’s just like being on Facebook except it’s instead filled with horny, sexy people. Although not specifically for affairs like No Strings Attached, there are people on there looking, just be honest and open about what you want. If you like the sound of this site, check out these sites like it.

More About Fuckbook:

A social media site but for dating, Fuckbook is for casual hookups, living out your fantasies, sharing photos, videos and just flirting and conversing online with horny individuals. Signing up is easy and you can get straight into the action within a few minutes. 

gleeden website screenshot

10. Gleenden

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Gleenden is made by women for married or taken individuals who want to have an affair discreetly. It works like any other regular dating site except it is specific to those who want to do something outside of their relationship. The messaging function is flawless and the userbase is huge so there are always plenty of people to interact with. 

More About Gleenden:

Although marketed to women, Gleenden encourages both men and women to join in on the fun. Their website favors women to encourage them to not feel overwhelmed by unwanted male attention, which creates a really nice, inviting space for everyone. 



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Alt is one of our favorites. We love frequenting this site and so does everyone who uses it. It’s made for the kinksters, the BDSM lovers, and those with a fetish that isn’t vanilla. Everyone is welcome, nothing is too crazy and for meeting new people and having casual flings it’s the place to be. 

More About

I did a whole review on Alt because I love it so much. It’s alternative (hence the name), it’s ‘out there’ and it allows you to explore and experience things that you otherwise may never have done. 

fetlife screenshot

12. Fetlife

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Read my Review on Fetlife, It’s an inclusive site that caters to kinksters. You can talk with others, share pictures, fantasies and kinks. There is also a feature that allows you to see events in your area. Fetlife isn’t for affairs but you will certainly find people online who want to help you on your journey.

More About Fetlife:

Despite the dark, bondage-themed website, you will find that the people here are really friendly and very open-minded. Everyone just wants to get off, meet new people, and have some fun. 

google search for reddit

13. Reddit

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Reddit is a treasure trove that most people don’t even think about when looking for affairs. It can be done largely anonymously, it’s an inconspicuous website and there are so many active users that every day you will find something new to look at and enjoy. 

More About Reddit:

I have left below some of our favorite cheating and adultery subreddits. There are hundreds out there, you just have to find them. 






Make sure to also check out my favorite Gone Wild Subreddits.

signal app screenshot

14. Signal

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This isn’t a dating site, a forum, or anything similar, this is in fact a messaging service that is completely discreet, encrypted, and secure. You can still send files, videos, pictures, and voice notes but nobody is listening in and you know your messages are secure. 

More About Signal:

If you need something on the go, the signal app gives you encryption which is really important if you are trying to be discreet about what you are getting up to. 

jerkmate screenshot

Wild Card: Jerk Mate

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Jerkmate is my wild card, I included it because depending on your needs, it could be perfect. If you need a full review I have one here, but if you want a quick breakdown Jerkmate is a site that allows you to choose from a whole selection of beautiful models who want to give you an unforgettable one-on-one experience online through their HD webcams. 

More About Jerkmate:

Jerkmate allows you to really tailor your needs, the shows are incredible and you have the option to go private. It’s certainly a wild card but if you don’t really want a full-blown affair just someone who may be kinky or wanting to jerk off with you, it’s your place. 

Which Site Do I Use The Most? 

My boyfriend Chris and I like to shop around a lot. We go from site to site depending on the mood we are in and whether we are solo or together. However, if I had to pick the sites we are on the most from this list it would have to be: Adult friend finder, Fuckbook,, Victoria Milan, and Fetlife. 

Let me know in the comments below your favorite site like No Strings Attached and if you have any recommendations for us!

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