My SmutStone Review (Cheat Codes, Secrets & Alternatives)

SmutStone is played by over 8 million people and is one of the most famous adult games around. I’ve played it for ages now and decided to teach you about the tips and tricks and even what to do once you’re bored the all so famous SmutStone.

The Best Hentai Games I’ve Ever Played

hentai being played on pc

A list of the best Hentai video games I’ve ever played. This is one of the best resouces of hentai games you’ll find and there’s something for every platform (IOS, Android & PC).

I Shared My Wife On Watchers Web And This Happened

husband spanking wifes butt

I’m into hotwife and I love nothing more than sharing my partners nudes on a few hotwife/voyeur/cuckold sites and WatchersWeb has been a site I use often, so I felt like it was time to talk about my experience.

Amazing Sites Like ASSTR All Erotic Readers Will Love

stack of books

ASSTR is only one of the most famous erotic story blogs of all time and after many years of using it I wanted to talk about my experience. If you read this blog you’ll know I love erotica and ASSTR is one of my go-to erotic sites.

ManyVids Exposing Review (and some sites just like it)

woman in sexy lace top sitting on bed

Manyvids is another one of the biggest adult sites on the planet. I have been using it on and off for years and it’s a site you can’t avoid, esspecially if you like custom content and that’s why I felt it needed a little shoutout.

My Review After Playing Hentai Heroes For 50+ Hours

hentai heroes cartoon artwork

Is hentai heroes one of the best adult games ever created? I played over 50 + hours and here’s is my full verdict. It’s safe to say that I’ve wasted a lot of time playing this game, so I hope you enjoy this.

I’m Currently Hooked On These Amazing Adult Games

woman in panties

Have you ever wanted to play a video game with sex and real people? I did and that’s when I started reviewing these sex games and I’ve found some games so amazing I needed to create this article and tell you all about them. If you’re looking for a whole new porn experience then you need to try these games, seriously it’s next level.

Secrets About (Review)

tight butt in panties

Wifelover is a place for people to share their love for wives. It’s a community with loads of couples who swap pictures, share their sexual experiences and even look for hookups to share their wives with other men and women. I wanted to do a big review and share some other amazing hotwife and wifelover places you need to check out.